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G.O.S.S Chapter 434: The Enemy.

Mount Myoboku, the golden sun rays shone on the huge lotus leaf, this leaf was much larger than a house as it stood up while bathing in the sun.

Under it, a Huge Toad was resting below lazily as other Toads were fanning it.

This Toad was the oldest high ranked toad in Mount Myoboku.

At this time,


Suddenly the toad screamed as if he saw a nightmare and woke up filled with cold sweat.

The toad beside him was also shocked by this and jumped directly to the pound.

Cold water poured on the old toad as he finally felt ease.

“Go call Fukasaku and Shima!”

The old Toad immediately ordered the toad in the pond.

He saw that the old toad showed a serious expression and after going out of the pond, he didn’t say a thing as he immediately went to look at the two elder toads, Fukasaku and Shima.

Inside their house, the two toad sages, Fukasaku and Shima were moving hurriedly.

“Don’t be anxious, he asked us to come over, is there something?” The toad that comes to call them said that the old toad had a very serious look on his face.

Shima looked at the atmosphere and said: “When he called us, I was cooking, so the lunch is only half done if there is nothing I should go back quickly.”

“It’s serious.”

The toad never saw the old Toad have such a serious expression before.

“I’m a little anxious, he asked us to come over, so there must be something, let’s forget about lunch now and go.”

Shima said: “What?! It’s hard for a housewife like me to consider what to cook each day you Know, you old toad!”

Fukasak was furious as he said: “Don’t talk like this in front of the Sage!”

On their way, the two were still bickering with each other until the atmosphere suddenly changed as they heard a voice.

“Stop, Shima, Fukasaku.”

The Great Toad Sage sat with his eyes closed, his attitude was serious, the two elders in front of him were somewhat loud, so he could only stop them. When they heard his words, both of them stopped, the authority of The Great Toad Sage was unquestionable in Mount Myoboku.

After the two stopped, the old toad said: “I called you because I just dreamt about the future… Do you know what happened to the Ryuchi Cave?”

As soon as they heard the word Ryuchi cave, their expressions changed.

Just a few months ago, the old toad saw the future of the Snake Sage, and he himself thought that his prophecy was wrong.

He didn’t expect that the Ryuchi cave would indeed fall.

Both the Snake Sage and the Old toad witnessed the existence of Kaguya and the Six-path Sage. They experience the time with Indra and Ashura and also the warring states period and so on…

During that time, countless ninjas fell, and many things changed, the reincarnation of Indra and Ashura happened many times, but the Sages continued to exist.

But now, the Snake Sage fell in the hands of a ninja.

After discovering this news, the whole mount Myoboku was shaken.

“What did you foresee?”

He took a deep breath, and his expression was serious to the extreme as he looked at them.

Mentioning the Ryuchi Cave’s disaster, does it mean it is a life and death crisis?

“The human that killed the Snake Sage… will soon come to Mount Myoboku.”

The old toad opened his eyes and very solemnly said; “His purpose is nature’s chakra, for us here, a little lack of Nature’s chakra is nothing, so don’t cause a conflict with him.”

“Fukasaku, Shima, the two of you wait for him at the entrance, when he arrives, lead him toward the waterfall.”

Roja killed the Snake Sage, and it was predicted by the Old Toad, when they heard his words, they didn’t say anything as they complied.

For an existence that could kill the Snake Sage, they didn’t want to be hostile toward him.

Actually, earlier, Konoha informed them that a mighty ninja might come to Mount Myoboku to cause trouble, they didn’t pay attention to it at the time.

Ninjas, even if they were strong, even as strong as Hashirama and Madara, they won’t be able to take Mount Myoboku easily.

Indra and Ashura were actually regarded as juniors to the Old Toad.

They didn’t expect that a few months later, Roja would kill the Snake Sage, this news was known in mount Myoboku and caused panic.

They determined by certain means that Roja was the troublesome Ninja who Konoha mentioned before.

“Understood, this matter will be handled by us.”

After taking a deep breath, the elder looked solemn as he nodded his head and left.

The prophecy of Roja coming over was head by all toads.

Everyone was concerned about this, and all movements they made was with extremely cautious.


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