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G.O.S.S Chapter 433: Return!

Within the country of Fire, the beautiful forest seemed to stretch out infinitely, water was flowing in the rivers with crystal clear water.

Two beauties were inside the water.

Kurenai rose from the water, crystal-like drops of water slid down from her hair, moving on her waist.

Mei was lazily sat on a rock by the side while wearing something like a bath towel.

Watching Kurenai, her mouth raised to a smile as she said: “A few days without paying attention and you seem to grow up a little.”

Kurenai reddened as she slammed back into the water. She was a little younger, but she wasn’t small at all, however, compared to the current Mei, she was smaller indeed.


Mei was from the Mist village, she was like a fish that returned to the water, her hands moved gently producing a small wave that hit Kurenai.

Kurenai was caught off guard and was immediately hit by the water wave.

She was a little annoyed as she started a counter attack, both of them were at a level of Elite Jonin, they didn’t need to use any ninjutsu when playing like this, just a little bit of chakra to generate small waves.

Just when the two of them were playing around, the void seemed to sway suddenly, a distortion appeared followed by a figure appeared out of nowhere.

Because of this figure’s appearance, the two waves hit that figure.

Roja took a step from the space tunnel, and suddenly two water waves hit him. He suddenly wrinkled his brows, but he didn’t feel any chakra from the wave, so he just waved his hand.


The two waves rolled back and returned to their makers.

At this time, Roja noticed Mei and Kurenai and finally couldn’t remain calm.


After a glance, the two were being compared to Hancock in his mind, he immediately shook his head, how could these two compare to her?

“Get dressed and follow me.”

Roja casually moved while the two who were still dazed, and got out of the water, only his back could be seen by the two beauties.

The two of them finally reacted, their cheeks reddened before finally returning to normal.

“That guy actually…”

With Mei character, she couldn’t help being angry at that guy who saw them like this and even with her charm he ignored her. After a sigh, she was still irritated as she said to Kurenai: “Did you say that guy is a normal man? How come he isn’t reacting to us?!”


Hearing such a question, Kurenai didn’t know how to respond, but she couldn’t help sneak a look at Roja’s direction.

Hearing the dialogue between the two girls, Roja turned gloomy. He couldn’t help turn around and said: “It seems like you want to experience it again, the treatment I gave you when we first met?!”

At this time, Mei’s playfulness wasn’t hidden, but she still didn’t want to experience that again.

After a small talk, the two girls put on their clothes and asked Roja about what happened a few days ago.

A few days ago, the battle destroyed a fifth of the lightning land and also affected the Ryuchi Cave.

Fortunately, their battle didn’t spread that fast as they could retreat.

When they felt the power in that fight, both Kurenai and Mei knew that the situation wasn’t good, they immediately moved toward the land of fire.

The two guessed that the fight was caused by Roja. What actually surprised them wasn’t Roja’s strength, but his opponent’s strength.

“Who is… Who was it that fought against you before?”

Kurenai couldn’t help ask.

Roja looked at them, when he saw their curiosity, he said with a light tone.

“Six-path Sage!”


These simple words were like thunder in the girls’ mind, the two screamed and looked at each other to see the shock in their eyes.

“Six-path Sage? How is that possible? Isn’t he a legendary existence?” Mei looked surprised, wasn’t that the person who is referred to as the god of all Shinobi and the maker of ninjas?

“Legend’s existing.”

Roja looked at Mei and said: “Legends don’t appear out of thin air; they exist because some details from them are true.”

The girls felt unbelievable right now, although that Roja wouldn’t lie to them, the six-path sage was the won’t who created the ninjas from the legend. They still exist in the world and even faced Roja. When everything happened was like a dream.

“The six-path Sage still exists in this world, is he really a god?”

“Compared to you, he is indeed a god.”

Roja said deeply, the Six-path Sage and ordinary ninjas were from a different world entirely. Unless there is a Six-path power existence, even if a million ninjas attacked him, they would be easily destroyed.

This is the difference between them, nothing below the six-path level could fight another six-path.


Kurenai couldn’t help take a deep breath and mutter, and she suddenly thought of Roja who fought against such an existence.

How powerful is Roja?!

Before I saw him, I never saw Roja or heard about him, he seemed to appear in this world suddenly, and he even told her before that he wasn’t a ninja.

She couldn’t help but look at Roja, her eyes were sparkling, and Mei also thought about this and looked at Roja with shock.

“You actually… fought against the Six-path Sage, are you also…”

Roja smiled and said: “A God?”

He chuckled and looked up slightly and said again: “If you say it in your standard, then I may be… A Shinigami.”