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G.O.S.S Chapter 432: The Rock Ninjas.


Yahiko flew and crashed on the walls of the street.

“Cough! Cough!”

Yahiko coughed twice and barely stood up, but his mouth was full of blood.

He gritted his teeth and went to back to fight. Suddenly a figure came and looked at him.

Yahiko thought it was an enemy, he subconsciously he attempted to defend, but when he looked over, he saw it was the person they traveled within the past few days, the one who disappeared after they arrived at the village.

Of course, he was Roja, who wasn’t missing. He just found a place and rested for a few days. In the past few days, his Reiatsu and Chakra recovered.

“It’s you?”

Yahiko looked at Roja with amazement, and immediately saw him coming over, he couldn’t help yell anxiously: “Run away, it’s dangerous here!”

The ninjas noticed Roja and felt he was a bit familiar, but they didn’t care, they immediately launched an attack on Yahiko.

Wouch! Wouch!

The shuriken flew toward Yahiko as well as Roja, they obviously intended to Kill Roja and Yahiko together.


Yahiko didn’t feel good, he wanted to hide but he didn’t want to leave Roja alone, so he quickly made some hand seals to make mud wall to defend them. But it took time to complete the seals, and the shurikens flying toward them won’t wait for him.

“It’s too late!”

However, Yahiko directly tried to defend Roja with his body, Roja waved his hand.


The shurikens were directly blown away by this wave of his hand.


Yahiko was amazed, but these were iron weapons, not some papers, Roja waved his hand, and they were blown away?

Even if he was stupid, he knew that Roja wasn’t an ordinary person at all.

“When you don’t have absolute power, being kind to the enemy is cruel to oneself… Peace can only be made with blood and power, there is no peace with just words!”

Roja stood in his place after waving his hand, he turned around and looked at the Rock ninjas.

Several of the rock saw Roja wave his hand and blowing the shurikens. They were amazed, but they quickly reacted and prepared to continue their attacks.

But, Roja turned around, and when they saw his face, all of them were scared to death.

How can he be here? It’s actually him! It’s that monster!

In the rain, several Rock ninjas stopped, not only that, their legs turned soft and almost fell to the ground.

Roja’s existence was a nightmare for the Rock ninjas, perhaps many didn’t know Roja, but there were only few who didn’t know Roja in the Rock village.

Are you joking!

He faces an army of 10,000 along with the Raikage and won, everyone in the Rock had a nightmare about Roja, no one could forget him.

At this time, Konan and Nagato noticed the weirdness of the Rock and looked over. Just a glance from Roja was enough to make them threw their weapons.

All the Rock ninjas were scared.

Both Konan and Nagato were facing attacks none stop previously, but these attack stopped suddenly, which made the two horrified and didn’t know what happened.

There was only the sound of rain hitting the ground, all the faces of the rock were fearful, and their bodies were shaking.

The rocks which were closest to Roja were the most afraid.

Roja glanced at these Rock and shook his head without interest as he said.


When they heard this, all the rocks dared not speak as they quickly fled, no one dared to glance back.

Until all of them disappeared, Yahiko and Konan couldn’t react, and their mouths were wide open.

What is this…

At this time, the three of them finally reacted as they looked at Roja. He could scar the rocks and make them leave with just a command. Who is Roja?!

Roja looked at the three of them and sighed in his heart. Even if he didn’t arrive, Nagato would’ve probably saved Yahiko, if Nagato wasn’t here, this naïve Yahiko would’ve died dozens of times already.

Roja didn’t conceal his identity from Yahiko when he learned that Roja was the ‘Ghost’ who made countless man in the world tremble, his eyes were looking at Roja with worship and awe.

Although it was unbelievable, probably only the Ghost would be able to make Rock ninjas so scared of him.

When he remembered that he said he wanted to surpass Roja in front of his eyes only to be saved by him, he didn’t know what to say now.

Finally, Roja left one sentence, with absolute strength, you can make peace in the world, step by step he disappeared in the sky.

“The Akatsuki is about to be formed, and the third ninja’s war is almost over, but there is too much time left before the fourth ninja war…”

Roja muttered to himself as he thought about Madara’s plan.

There is still some time before the war, there is still some time for him to improve even further.

“The Shikkotsu forest shouldn’t have recovered yet, I should go to Mount Myoboku as planned… Well, I will first pick Mei and Kurenai first.”

Roja perceived the Spatial coordinate he left on Mei’s and Kurenai’s bodies, after a bit he mobilized the Spacepower and a space channel opened in front of him as he stepped into it and disappeared.