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G.O.S.S Chapter 431: Making a move!

Wouch! Wouch!

Several Rock was stopped by Yahiko in the streets.

“Ninjas from the rain? Go away, don’t get in our way!”

Several Rock looked at Yahiko and the others and said coldly.

“That can’t be done, if you want to get this town, you need to pass by us first!”

Yahiko took out his sword and firmly said!

Several Rock looked at each other, and their expressions turned colder. Without anyone commanding, they attacked Yahiko.



The Rock figures flashed around and moved toward Yahiko and the others.

Roja looked from a distance and could see that the strongest from the group was a Jonin, and the weakest seemed to be a Chunin.

Yahiko and the others were Jiraiya’s students for three years. Not counting Nagato, the other two should be around Elite Jonin level, and they lived in the battlefield.

“Were unable to defeat them…”

After fighting for some time, the Several Rock ninjas couldn’t have the upper hand.


Seeing that they can’t win, the Rock ninjas decided to escape.

Seeing them retreat, Yahiko and the others didn’t pursue them.

At this time, Roja came over from afar and looked at the three people and said: “Why did you let them go?”

Yahiko looked at Roja and shook his head: “Do you mean we should kill them? But this will only make hatred spread, it doesn’t make sense.”

“They are powerful ninjas, it won’t be easy to kill them.”

Konan added.

Roja shook his head and looked at Yahiko, he said with a deep gaze: “Sometimes, things aren’t as simple as you think. If you think you are right, then wait and see.”

The current Yahiko was still to Naïve, Roja shook his head, and after he finished, he went into the depth of the village.

Yahiko couldn’t respond to Roja’s change, Roja finally disappeared into the streets.

“He is afraid that some other people would be harmed by the Ninjas, it’s normal to hate ninjas,” Konan whispered to Yahiko, and the latter nodded. But he felt that Roja’s words were very meaningful.

Yahiko and the others saved the people in the village, but they weren’t regarded as heroes, the villagers were still wary of them.

Yahiko and Konan comforted the people and helped in the repair and gradually gained the trust of the people.

A few days later, more than ten Rock ninjas arrived in the town.

“Is it here?”

One person with a huge sword scar on his face said while looking at the person by his side.

The man next to him nodded and said: “This is the place that we should’ve looted, but the three rain ninjas stopped us…”

The person who spoke was one of the Rocks that wanted to loot this village a few days ago.


The ninja with the scar was an Elite Jonin from the Rock.

“Don’t act rashly, maybe there are more rain ninjas here, let’s make a plan first!”

As he spoke, the man sent a ninja with a transformation jutsu into the village.

Half a day later, the ninja came back and reported that there were only three Rain ninjas and they didn’t leave yet, there weren’t any other ninjas.


With accurate information, the Rock ninja decisively ordered and the group directly entered the town.

The ninjas in this period didn’t aim for kills, they aimed for resources instead.

The arrival of the rocks alerted Yahiko and the others in town.

“This will be troublesome.”

As soon as he saw the people coming, Yahiko’s expression changed as cold sweat covered his forehead.

Konan and Nagato were also worried, the two of them didn’t know what to do and looked at Yahiko together.

“After taking a breath, Yahiko stood up and went toward the ninjas.

“There is no meaning in this fight, can we sit down and talk?”


A rock ninja who fought against them previously directly pulled a sword and looked at Yahiko as if he was seeing an idiot.


More than a dozen Rocks blocked Yahiko’s way, they wanted to finish Yahiko and loot the village quickly.

Yahiko and the other finally found out that there more Rocks this time and a few of them were the ones they let go a few days ago, suddenly they thought about Roja’s words.

Thinking about this, Yahiko still thought he was right. If he killed these people last time, more would still come, not to mention he didn’t like to kill people.

Wouch! Wouch!

The two sides quickly fought, Yahiko and Konan were good, but this time there were many Rock ninjas, and one of them was an Elite jonin as well.

Nagato was always refraining from using the Rennigan, because they were too powerful, once he used them, he won’t be able to control them.

Gradually, Yahiko and the others were in danger.


Yahiko blocked a shuriken, but it was too late to resist the other attack, he was directly punched by the Rock ninjas.


Konan exclaimed and wanted to go and rescue him, but other ninjas stopped her.