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G.O.S.S Chapter 430: Travel Together!

Whether to destroy the Rennigan or not, after some thought, Roja dismissed the idea. He didn’t fear Madara anymore, even if he was resurrected, he wasn’t afraid of the strength he would gain.

What’s more, his purpose was to obtain the chakra fruit from Kaguya, he had no conflict with Madara. Instead, they have many things in common.

However, for Nagato to be reduced to Madara’s pawn since childhood, everything happened and will happen planned by Madara, Roja could only shake his head and sigh.

To resurrect the Ten-Tails, the Rennigan was necessary. It can be that its resurrection was set on the place since Madara transplanted his eyes in Nagato.

In the rain, Roja walked along with Yahiko and the others.

“It’s not easy to survive with all the earthquakes and floods happening recently!” Walking around, Yahiko turned around and said to Roja.

Earthquakes and floods?

Roja felt a bit strange, but he didn’t show it on his face as he looked at Yahiko without speaking.

Seeing that Roja didn’t respond, Yahiko thought that there was a problem with Roja. He couldn’t help but sigh: “Nobody knows what’s going on, in this war, the world is chaotic, and it happened inexplicably in the last two days…”

Yahiko talked about what happened two days ago.

Listening to Yahiko, Roja felt weirder and weirder, because what Yahiko is telling was probably caused by him…

After the battle, one-fifth of the lightning land was destroyed. Such a huge battle naturally caused earthquakes and tsunamis.

The rain country was far away from the lightning land, but such earthquakes caused a flood in this country full of water.

Roja’s battle lasted for two days and two nights, and the earthquakes and tsunamis lasted the same period. This caused many floods and made the ninjas all around the world to stop fighting and concentrate on these ‘natural’ disasters.

In Yahiko’s eyes, it should not be easy for Roja to survive the floods and earthquakes which made him somewhat sad.

“But the floods ended, I just don’t know when the war would end.”

Yahiko talked, and suddenly the topic was changed to war. Immediately the atmosphere changed and both Konan and Nagato turned silent.

Now that the war was at its end, the ninjas fighting became less and less, and large resources were already used in this war.

There were no big fights anymore, at most, a few hundreds would fight, if not than a few dozens.

It is precisely because of this that the rain country was more chaotic.

In case of big battles, there would be many arrangement and restriction, but in small ones, the ninjas would act more freely.

After battles, some ninjas would go and loot villages, and they would deliberately kill civilians for fun.

The small countries were the scapegoat.

The war in this war is different from the one in One Piece, at least, the good and evil sides are apparent, and even if there are some good pirates like Luffy, there were few in number.

In this world, there is no distinction between good and evil. Its all about interest.

If the Akatsuki was originally established by Yahiko, it had some just position as to prevent wars. Unfortunately, in this world, no power could stop the war.

“In any case, I won’t abandon the idea of stopping the war. Konan and Nagato are the same as well.” After a while, Yahiko said with firmness and looked at both Konan and Nagato.

Both of them looked at Yahiko and nodded.

Yahiko smiled and suddenly thought of something, the yearning in his eyes intensified as he said: “I heard there is a ninja known as the Ghost, even when surrounded by thousands, he stopped them alone… If I can surpass him, it would be a simple matter to stop the war.”

Konan and Nagato looked at each other and showed a smile without answering.

“One day, I will do it.”

As he said this, Yahiko didn’t forget to glance at Roja and said: “At that time, no one would suffer from the pain of war again.”

When Roja heard his words, he couldn’t help smiling.

This kid just said he wanted to surpass me, if he knew that I just fought against the Six-path Sage, I don’t know what kind of reaction he will make.

Yahiko saw that Roja didn’t answer and assumed that Roja didn’t know the ‘Ghost’. He no longer talked to Roja, he instead started talking to Konan and Nagato.

Out of Roja’s expectations, his reputation was kind of good in this ninja world, especially in these three’s view.

Fortunately, Roja was already the king of the Pirate’s world, being admired by countless people, so even when hearing the discussion about him from the three, his expression remains plain.

Two days later, they finally reached their destination.

Coincidently, when they arrived there, a few Rock hunter-nin were also in town.

Yahiko and the other had a change in their expressions.

“Konan, Nagato, get ready!”

Yahiko took a deep breath as he watched the Rock ninjas looting the town with cold faces.

Both Konan and Nagato nodded and followed Yahiko.

Konan didn’t forget Roja while keeping up with Yahiko, she turned around and said to Roja: “It’s very dangerous here, you should find a place to hide, don’t come out.”

After that, she quickly followed up and rushed to the town.