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G.O.S.S Chapter 429: Coincidence!

In the Rain village, Roja walked aimlessly in the rain, his clothes were a little tattered due to the fight.

His battle caused his physical body and Reiatsu to be exhausted.

If he could absorb some power from a tailed beast, you would return to his normal state in a few minutes. But a tailed beast wasn’t something bought by the side of the road.

At Roja’s level, whether it is a minor or major injury, it can be quickly healed.

Moreover, after mastering the six-path mode, and entering the new mode, his regeneration speed was boosted, even more, his recovery was no less than the six-path himself.

While absorbing nature’s chakra, Roja thought about what to do next as he aimlessly walked under the rain.

While walking, he felt a few gazes on him. He cast a glance in their direction, and his eyes flashed a little.


Roja thoughtfully said to himself as he continued walking.

In Front of Roja, three figures were rushing in the rain by the side.

They weren’t side by side as one of them was moving ahead while the other two were slightly behind.

The one in front was a young man with orange hair while the two behind, one was a girl with blue hair and the other was a boy with red hair.

Focusing on the red-haired guy’s eyes, you could see that his eyes held the Rennigan.

They were the three youngsters Jiraiya taught, Yahiko, Nagato, and Konan.

They still didn’t make the Akatsuki, they were focusing on protecting civilians from this war.

Wouch! Wouch!

Their pace wasn’t fast, it was the normal speed of ninjas. Their direction wasn’t that different from Roja, and they were somewhat close.

After some time, they discovered Roja’s existence.



As Konan noticed Roja, he stopped immediately and reminded Yahiko who nodded back at her.

Roja’s appearance wasn’t neat, his clothes were damaged, and he seemed somewhat weak.

He looked like someone who was hungry for days and had no power.

When they noticed this, both Yahiko and Nagato relaxed and looked at each other.

Konan took the initiative to come forward and said softly: “Do you need help?”

During this period, Yahiko and the others didn’t have the idea of making the Akatsuki yet, their only purpose was to help those in need.

What’s more, Roja seemed like a homeless wanderer at the moment.

However, when Roja heard Konan’s words, he looked slightly strange.

Since coming to this world, this was the first time that ninjas didn’t come to him to cause trouble and die.

However, upon thinking about what they experienced before, Roja wasn’t surprised.

“No, thank you.”

After Roja responded, he looked at Nagato. However, even with Rennigan didn’t attract his attention.

Hearing Roja’s response, Konan was a bit surprised. They didn’t meet a homeless man who would not ask for food, let alone reject it.

His attitude was calm when he rejected them as well.

“I will give you this.”

After Konan’s eyes flashed, she gently took a piece of bread and warped it and handed it to Roja.


This… she actually gave him a piece of bread even though he rejected her?!

Roja’s mouth twitched, he felt really strange at the moment, and he didn’t know what he could do, he finally reached out and received it, but his expression was unnatural.

Roja’s expression was seen by Konan who was thinking that Roja was embarrassed. She smiled and said: “You’re welcome, there is still a long way to the nearest village. It’s very dangerous on the way, do you want to go together?”

Yahiko and Nagato looked at each other and didn’t have any objection. They wanted to go to the nearest village because they heard that it was attacked by Ninjas.


Roja originally wanted to look at a place to rest, but after seeing Konan and the other, he didn’t object and decided to follow along.

Yahiko smiled at Roja friendly. He estimated that Roja wondered for a long time without eating, so when he remembered the past, he couldn’t help but sympathize with him.

“Don’t worry, we still have food.”

Seeing that Roja took the bread and didn’t eat it, Yahiko smiled.

Among the three, only Nagato noticed something strange. But Roja didn’t say anything, and Nagato wasn’t completely trusting him right now. He even used his Rennigan, but he still couldn’t see through him.

Hesitating for a moment, Nagato dropped the idea, and the three prepared to move. Their speed dropped as they though Roja was an ordinary persona and he couldn’t move as fast as ninjas.

Seeing them moving slowly, Roja didn’t say anything, he looked at their Chakra and noticed that Both Yahiko and Konan didn’t reach the chakra level of a Jonin.

But Nagato was different, the power contained in the Rennigan wasn’t simple. Nagato wasn’t the owner of these eyes so he won’t be able to use it to its full power.

If the six-path sage could use his eyes powerfully, Roja may not be able to fight against him even in his Rikujigan mode!


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