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G.O.S.S Chapter 428: Agreement!

Roja wasn’t just looking at Hagoromo, he was also trying to grasp the situation on the battlefield.

Nearly one-fifth of the land of lightning was destroyed. This kind of destructive power made Roja surprised. He estimated that if Hagoromo didn’t jump out to hold him off, the entire nation or even the other nations as well would be destroyed.

If the six-path mode was stronger than the Shinigami mode, then the fusion was something even more powerful.

The most important aspect was that both modes didn’t oppose each other, so the final fusion form wasn’t as simple as one plus one equals two.

Looking at the degree of damage along with the Six-path sage who integrated into White Zetsu’s body, Roja could tell without his interference, the world would’ve probably come to an end.

Hagoromo was powerful, maybe, he had the most powerful six-path mode of all those who possessed it. But now he wasn’t that powerful, maybe he was as strong as Madara when he reached the six-path mode.

The battle took 2 days and 2 nights, but Hagoromo still couldn’t completely suppress Roja.

Knowing this, Roja’s attitude when facing Hagoromo was calm.

Hagoromo looked at Roja with doubt in his eyes before finally saying: “If you go at it again, I’m afraid without me here, the world would come to an end.”

Hagoromo said with a tone full of anger.

Although it was obvious that it wasn’t Roja’s intention to do what he did, he was completely like a tailed beast who was consumed by his negative emotion becoming a monster.

After hearing these words, Roja wasn’t angry. Instead, he smiled and said: “So you think that ninjas should really exist in this world?”

The world of ninjas was currently in a huge mess because of the third war.

Even small countries and villages were destroyed by this war.

When the six-path sage wanted peace and created the ninja, he failed completely. But he still continued to observe the world and its development.

For many years, wars filled the world, but the six-path sage didn’t intervene.


Hagoromo knew what Roja meant, he not only failed to create peace, he created more power for the people to fight with. This led his expression to sink.

“The emergence of ninjas was not I wanted.”

Hagoromo looked at Roja as a dangerous person. But now after hearing his words about the origin of ninjas, he couldn’t help change his mind as he said: “Let’s talk about the changes.”


Roja didn’t fear Hagoromo unless he was resurrected and gained the power of the Ten-Tails, he couldn’t beat him.

It takes time to group all of the tailed beasts, and Roja could stop him when he tries.

Hagoromo nodded, and his scepter lit up, a white portal appeared, and he directly went inside.

After looking at it, Roja stepped inside as well.

After their fight, the third war stopped. Everyone returned to their village until the fight between Roja and Hagoromo ended.

The battle was unknown to all people except the fighters and Black Zetsu who was lurking in the darkness along with Madara.

No one knew that everything happened because Roja the famous ghost and the legendary Six-path sage fought.

Although they knew Roja could cut a mountain, destroying half a land was something they didn’t think he could do.

Because of this kind of power, they could only say that gods fought there.

As some people didn’t think that humans could cause such destruction.

After this fight, the third war reached its final period. The five great villages didn’t want to continue, but some forces still wanted to plunder some resources.

So now was the period of peace talks.

No one knew what Roja and Hagoromo talked about when Roja returned to the world, Hagoromo didn’t show up again.

Hagoromo knew that unless he gathers the tailed beast to recreate the Ten tails and become its Jinshuriki, he won’t be able to win against Roja. And even if he reached his peak, he won’t be able to make Roja leave this world. The most he could do is chase Roja everywhere in this world.

So he gave up on making Roja leave, but he made an agreement with him.

He won’t interfere with Roja’s action in the ninja world, and Roja can’t cause too much destruction.

And to that, Roja agreed.

Roja’s purpose here was to gain power and improve further not destroy the world. Of course, he won’t just throw the six flashes because he was bored.

Roja stretched his waist lazily as he showed a touch of exhaustion after solving the problem and regain control over his body. But he didn’t return to the peak of his strength yet.

In Fact, When he regained his body, Roja’s strength was running low. Chakra was almost depleted, and one-third of his Reiatsu was left.

But he fought Hagoromo for two days and two night, after all, if he wasn’t exhausted, then he really would be a ghost.

Hagoromo couldn’t go anywhere, and his power was also almost entirely consumed. Otherwise, he would’ve attack Roja directly when he regained his body.

Kurenai and Mei both had Roja’s mark on them when he tried to perceive the marks, he found that they were still alive and nodded slightly.

However, the mark was far away, if he wanted to teleport there, he would use some of his Reiatsu which he didn’t want to.

“Should I take a rest first?”

Roja shook his head and didn’t know for how many years was the last time he consumed so much Reiatsu, these times could be counted using his fingers.


Dropping from the sky, Roja left the place he battled in and came to a country that was constantly raining.

“Here… It should be the Rain Country!”

When Roja saw this, he roughly could tell, but he didn’t pay attention to it. He needed to recover after all.