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G.O.S.S Chapter 427: Recovery!

The entire world felt the battle between Roja and the six-path Sage since it started. The battle lasted for two days and two nights.

Whether it was civilians or Ninjas, all were frightened by that fight like rabbits.

The battlefield was located in the northern part of the lightning land, close to the sea.

After the fight, about a fifth of the lightning land was destroyed, and waves formed like crazy affecting the water land and the fire land alike.

Konoha and the Mist were still in the war, but now they were fighting against a Tsunami.

Facing these world-class fights, even the Kage and the elites would feel how small they were. Even Madara was still in shock.

Because in front of such power, he could only sigh.

The two of them were powerful, his battle with Hashirama could only be said to be a small scaled fight when compared to this.

The two figures constantly confronted each other. Each collision caused an explosion that made the earth shattering.


Roja roared. He didn’t have a human image anymore. He was like a tailed beast, his body full of black and white markings and his face was covered by a skeleton like a mask.

After a roar, Roja flashed in the air and arrived in front of the six-path. He didn’t have Sen Maboroshi in his hand and didn’t command the Truth-Seeking ball, he just raised his hand.

“Not good!”

Although the Six-path still held his scepter and saw Roja without any weapon raising his hand, his heart sank.

If a third party was watching this fight, one could tell that the six-path was unable to move well as if Roja was much faster.

Something that can cause this… is without a doubt Roja’s cold field.

Even Hagoromo was affected by the cold field, and his speed dropped by at least 70%.

Roja’s hands held extreme cold force as he tried to strike the six-path.

One hit would be extremely terrifying even for Hagoromo.

But Hagoromo was much more powerful than Whitebeard and Blackbeard. In this critical moment, ripples appeared in his eyes as a sudden force appeared.

Roja’s speed suddenly slowed down to the level of the six-path, and the latter was able to avoid Roja’s attack.

This was another ability of his eyes and the most powerful one he had… Slow down time.

Unfortunately, he was now just a consciousness inside another body, and he couldn’t exert the full extent of his power.


With the time slowing and the extreme cold field. If Roja’s attack doesn’t hit, the field will disappear as well as the time slow.

Roja’s mouth opened again, and once again horrifying energy gathered inside his mouth.

“This is another trick…”

The six-path had a headache. If it was just an ordinary tailed beast or even the Ten-tails, he wouldn’t be afraid to this point, and he can easily block the attack with the Truth-Seeking ball.

The Six flashes released by Roja isn’t just Reiatsu condensed, but also six path power as well. It reminded Hagoromo of his mother’s attack.


Roja’s attack was released, and the six-path didn’t dare face it head on, but if he escapes, the world would be finished. Even though it might not destroy everything, but the land of Lightning could be destroyed entirely.


The six-path waved his scepter, and the Truth-seeking ball around him came together to form a shield which faced Roja’s attack.


The six-path was smashed by the attack.

After hitting Hagoromo, the attack weakened a lot, and its direction shifted toward the sky.

But even though it exploded in the sky, the aftermath of the attack was disastrous. It caused waved after waved to raise from the sea and the earth below cracked.

“This monster…”

Hagoromo’s face was ugly. Roja’s destructive power was even stronger than the Ten-Tails. And the Ten-Tails can be controlled by the Sharingan but this can’t.

The Ten-Tails was a collection of natural energy which can be easily controlled by his eyes. But Roja even though he was unconscious, the Reiatsu in his body was constantly fluctuating which made it impossible for him to be controlled.

“My current state can’t control him at all. If this continues, I’m afraid I would need the power of the Ten tails.”

Hagoromo was sullen, if he could, he didn’t want to summon the Ten-Tails.

But in this kind of situation, it didn’t use it, there is no way to defeat Roja. He could mostly restrain him for some time, and it’s impossible to suppress him fully.

Just as the six-path made his decision and wanted to use the Animal path and summon the tailed beasts, Roja’s actions suddenly paused.


He discovered this and stopped his movement.


Roja stopped in mid-air, the bones covering him suddenly cracked.


Roja roared as if he was unsatisfied. The blackness in his pupil gradually failed. Suddenly a horrible power surged from his body in all directions.

Hagoromo’s face changed as he immediately retreated.

“What happened?”


After the roar, the light gradually dissipated and Roja’s body appeared in the center, but his whole body seemed to be broken.

Wouch! Wouch!

Another sound came, and his armor seemed to fall, and the bones covering him fell apart as well.

What appeared inside was a figure wearing a strange mast while being suspended in the air.

He gently grabbed the mask on his face, and his eyes flashed for a moment. He looked at Hagoromo as if he understood what happened, so he smiled a little and said.

“Nice to meet you!”