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G.O.S.S Chapter 426: Roja Vs. Hollow Roja


At the moment Roja’s attack broke out, black and white energy started swirling in the sky.

It’s as if the entire sun was swallowed.

At this moment, the lightning land which was more than 10,000 meters was directly swallowed into nothingness.

Everyone was stunned even Madara.

However, while Roja and the Six Path Sage were fighting, Roja was looking at the illusion of himself inside his consciousness.

Roja was standing quietly.

He looked in front of him at the copy that looked exactly like him, it was full of craziness.

His Shinigami mode was maintained for a long time, and he didn’t think that he could come across an even stronger mode. However, this Rikujigan mode is dangerous. Maybe if he remains here, he would lose his consciousness forever, while this copy would start killing everything in this world.

In addition, he got the information from Sen Maboroshi, that if he reached the ninth stage, this integration would be perfect. And before reaching it, he should never use it again.

“This should be good for you, Right?”

Roja glanced at Sen Maboroshi in his hand while the latter remained silent.


Sen Maboroshi screamed. It was vaguely getting disobedient. Which made Roja smile a little.

He already knew what this was all about.

In the world of one piece, Roja put everything in developing his Reiatsu, but after coming to this world, he was focused on Chakra which made Sen Maboroshi dissatisfied, especially after obtaining the Six path mode.

And after Roja tried to make the Shinigami mode submit to the Six path mode, Sen Maboroshi was completely annoyed or more like it wasn’t willing to be overwhelmed by the six-path mode, so it forced its power inside Roja’s body.

“What a mess!”

Roja didn’t have a good temper, but there was nothing to say because the fusion influenced his consciousness.

Sen Maboroshi refused to communicate with Roja any longer.

Is he being a Tsundere?

Roja’s mouth twitched a bit while black lines appeared on the side of his head. He wanted Sen Maboroshi to come out and face his copy with him. He knew that the world outside is a mess right now.

Roja took a deep breath and couldn’t help having a headache. Right now, Roja’s copy looked at Roja and smiled.

“Oh… You are too weak. I’m really worried about you… I will make you give everything to me! What Hashirama and Madara, I will kill them all.”


Roja’s copy attacked with its sword. In his hand, he was holding the same Sen Maboroshi as Roja. Roja also waved his sword, and the two attacks collided.


A humming sound spread in the endless dark space.

After Roja blocked that blow, he looked at his copy. He communicated briefly with Sen Maboroshi, and he knew the origin of this thing in front of him.

This was the product of all his negative emotions. Madness, arrogance, etc., they are all concentrated into this copy.

Only by defeating it can he grasp the power of Sen Maboroshi.

“It was really troublesome.”

Roja shook his head, but this had already happened, and he had no other way around it.

Since he must fight, then fight it is.

From the start in One Piece’s world, Roja practiced his swordsmanship and controlled flames, He gained Getsuga Tensho, Senbonzakura, then he killed Doflamingo, and after that, he only got even more powerful until he feared no one in there.

“Everything in the world, Turn to Ashes!”

In Roja’s heart, he was furious, He swept his sword and flames flew all over the place.

Roja’s copy looked at Roja with an evil grin as he did the same: “All things in the world, Turn To ashes!”


The two forces collided in the air. Two golden flames of different sources started burning inside this space.

And as the flame burned, a cold voice was heard.

“Bankai: Daiguren Hyorinmaru!”

“Bankai, Daiguren Hyorinamru!”

Almost at the same time, Roja’s voice and his copy’s sounded at the same time.


Two while lights burst in an instant and spread to the sky making the whole world white.

“It’s useless! I have all the power you have. You can’t beat me!”

Roja’s copy rushed at Roja and waved his sword and said: “Bankai, Senbonzakura Kageyoshi! Hakka No Togami!”

Roja looked at this scene indifferently. He didn’t release the same power. Instead, he waved his red sword at the sky.

“Ennetsu Jigoku!”


The Cold field was destroyed by the flames.

“Oh… Do you think only you can use such a trick? Ennetsu Jigoku!”

Roja’s copy looked at Roja and held his sword and used the same move as Roja.

“You think you can block me, you think you are better than me, so much nonsense, I will fight and fight.”

Roja didn’t say anything as his copy talked and talked. He just blocked the attack and rushed toward his copy.


The two collided and the strange thing is that his copy was at a disadvantage. He stepped back one step.


The light in the copy’s eye disappeared as he was full of anger. Int his world, they both had the same power. Whoever loses will disappear.

He wanted to use his words to distract Roja, only to be completely put in a disadvantage by him.


Roja’s copy shut his mouth. His face was full of sorrow and madness as he fought with Roja like crazy.

Roja’s face had no emotion, no craziness.

No matter who was in front of him, he won’t stop. Even if he was in front of himself. It’s exactly the same power he had.

He was stronger, he was not afraid, he had the strength, how can he fear anyone?

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Roja battled his copy. In this world without any space concept, both of them made the world golden-red some time and other time white as snow. Cherry blossom scattered now and then.

The battle continued, Roja’s power became more and more intense without any intention of retreat. Instead, his copy was getting anxious.

After all, it was a collection of negative emotion. Perhaps, in some cases, negative emotions were stronger, but now it was obviously not the case.

“You can’t beat e! Even if your instinct of battle is superior, if you have it, I should have it as well!”

When Roja’s copy spoke, he was struck down again, he finally couldn’t help curse himself for talking.


However, in response, Roja only looked at him coldly.

“Since you know, we have the same strength, and by saying I can’t beat you, then you are thinking that you can’t beat me as well!”

This was Roja’s first response since the battle started. And the last as well, because this sentence completely made the copy fall into the abyss.

Roja never thought that he can’t defeat this copy. And the copy never thought that Roja could beat it.

The face of the copy suddenly changed.

Roja looked at him as he waved his sword.


The copy was cut by Roja’s.

Obviously, when the idea of him not being able to defeat Roja made its way into his head, Sen Maboroshi fell from his hand.


Roja stabbed the sword in the copy.

The copy looked at Roja with complexity. Its body slowly changed and the madness in its eyes disappeared, and gradually, the same expression of Roja was drawn on its face. It smiled at Roja before disappearing in white smoke.


Sen Maboroshi screamed slightly as it softly landed in Roja’s hands and conveyed the happiness it felt.

Roja didn’t look at it, but as he couldn’t do anything, this was his Zanpakuto after all.

“Well, I finally mastered Sen Maboroshi’s power… I don’t know what’s going on outside.”