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G.O.S.S Chapter 425: Rikujigen Roja Vs. Six-path Sage!

(T/N: Roja’s mode can be translated as Six dimensions, so i just made it japanese, but with Rikudou as an exmaple.)

Roja stood still in his place without moving.

The horrifying atmosphere spread around him. No creature dared to approach him. Every life form in a few Kilometers radius felt fear which originated from their souls.

“This… This feeling…”

A few Kilometers away, White Zetsu appeared from a tree and his forehead filled with cold sweat as his body shuddered.

Roja gave him a feeling more horrifying than Madara’s.

Not only Zetsu, even the six-path Sage, Hagoromo who was observing Roja from another space, was shaken by Roja’s presence.

Without waiting for the six-path to make a move, Roja who was quietly standing in his place suddenly held the scepter in one hand and Sen Maboroshi in the other and opened his arms and roared to the Sky.


He wasn’t conscious. Only his killing instinct remained. Roja’s body was stunned in the same place as he waved the scepter gently, and a mountain in the distance exploded while Sen Maboroshi made a huge gash in the ground that spread for several kilometers.

“not good!”

The Six-path Sage looked at this and finally yelled.

Although he didn’t know what happened to Roja, he could see that his current state was somewhat problematic. If he ignored it, maybe the entire world may be destroyed.

Zetsu could only think about leaving as fast as possible to report to Madara.

But before he could act, Roja appeared before him, suddenly looked at him with deep hatred in his heart.


After another roar, Roja smashed White Zetsu.

White Zetsu was trying to escape, but suddenly his body froze, terror-filled him as horrifying energy spread all over the place.

At the same time, a consciousness forced his into Zetsu’s body and occupied it, suddenly white Zetsu’s body transformed, as a Kimino appeared on his body along with a scepter made of the Truth-Seeking ball.

It was the sage of the Six-path.

It was an emergency, so Hagoromo knew that he needed to stop Roja. So he directly forced his way into White Zetsu’s body.

“Take this!”

In the face of Hagoromo, Roja released a full out attack. Hagoromo didn’t dare look down on this attack as he moved his scepter to stop it.


Under the collision of two entities with Six-path modes, the earth was moving and collapsing all the way.

Wherever they go mountains fall.

At this moment, not just the Lightning country, the entire world felt the force of the two of them fighting.

Whether it was the country of earth, fire, wind, or water, all of the perceptive ninjas stood as their faces changed. They were stunned.

All the Kages stood up, they were all shocked, even though they weren’t in the same place, all of them felt the same as they looked at the direction of the fight.

At this moment, no matter which ninjas were at war, in the battlefield, everyone stopped while looking at the horrified looked on the perceptive ninja’s faces.

Somewhere underground, Madara who was sitting quietly stood up with shock.

“This feeling… Who is it?”

Just with the first collision between the two, the entire ninja world was in shock, another attack arrived, which almost directly destroyed the nearby villages.

The entire land of lightning was shaking, it was as if an earthquake hit their land.


Hagoromo was horrified, as he held the scepter, he yelled at Roja in vain. He knew that if this continued, the world would be destroyed.

Roja’s power shocked him. He didn’t have the Juubi, and he wasn’t at his most powerful state. He found it difficult to suppress Roja.

The power of this outsider was actually so strong!

Hagoromo always felt that he could suppress Roja at any time. When he thought about Roja gaining the Six-path mode, he didn’t think he would combine it with the Shinigami mode.

Roja didn’t have his consciousness. His instinct made him only think about killing. On one hand he held Sen Maboroshi, on the other hand, was the Scepter. He attacked once again.


Hagoromo was angry, he made the scepter change into a black spiral sword.

Hagoromo no longer suppressed his attacks. Roja was blown back, but he didn’t stop, he once again stormed at him.

Roja completely lost his reason and was in a state of berserk if you may call it that. After taking a breath, Hagoromo used his eyes power.

Each eye held a different ability, and almost all of them involved space manipulation.


Hagoromo held his sword and waved it. The space in front of him was forcibly cut open.

However, at this time, Hagoromo was using Zetsu’s body and couldn’t use his power to the fullest.

Roja used Sen Maboroshi’s space and directly resisted this attack, and then he opened his arms. Suddenly Reiatsu and Chakra began surging madly.

“This is… Bijuu Dama? No! What is this?”

Hagoromo looked at this scene. His face changed, he could feel the energy fluctuations, and he could feel that if this attack was released, the entire world might be destroyed.

Without waiting for Hagoromo, Roja released the condensed energy which was the combination of chakra and reiatsu…

Six Flashes!

Of course, Hagoromo couldn’t let that attack fall into the earth or else, everything would be destroyed. He fought against it and used everything even his space ability trying to offset his attack.

Roja also used his space power. The surrounding space twisted and while the attack was on the verge of breaking, it was redirected and finally, it blew up.


At that moment, The sun disappeared as if darkness fell into the world.