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G.O.S.S Chapter 424: Six-Path Mode!


Immediately after the Truth-Seeking ball appeared, Roja’s body changed dramatically.

The Truth-Seeking ball was the purest power the six paths had, the power was above ordinary chakra, it was even higher than nature’s chakra.

Obtaining the Truth-Seeking ball made it possible for Roja to gain the Six paths mode.


In a moment, the residual nature’s chakra in Roja’s body along with his own chakra all merged together and transformed into six paths power.

Roja’s clothes transformed and a white Kimono with six black magatamas appeared on his body while the Truth-seeking ball was rotating around him.

Roja’s hair also turned white.

“This is… Six paths mode.”

Roja opened his arms and felt the change of power inside him. He couldn’t help mutter. Entering this mode made him feel that he entered the Shinigami’s mode.

This was a qualitative improvement!

“Truth-Seeking Ball!”

With a thought, the Truth-seeking ball flew over. He reached his hand and held it. Suddenly the Truth-Seeking ball turned into a scepter in his hand.

The power of the Six-path and the Shinigami mode are two different forces, but since the six-path mode involve spiritual energy as well, they can be said to hold some similarities.

The six paths mode was indeed stronger than the Shinigami mode currently.

Roja’s six paths mode is based on his own power, so it was different from Naruto.

After entering the six-path mode, there are three kinds of strength. One is the strength of the six-path, the other is the six paths body, and finally the power of Reiatsu.

The strength of the six-path is reflected on his chakra and so on.

The Truth-seeking ball was a power that can be kept normally without the need for this mode.

Since Roja depended on himself to reach this state, his powers were in the initial state, and it limited the use of the Truth-seeking ball currently.

Roja’s six-path mode is slightly better than when Obito obtained the juubi, but Naruto was better, and don’t mention Madara.

And when he thought about the expanding Truth-seeking ball that Kaguya released which was enough to destroy a world, Roja couldn’t help narrow his eyes.

If we talk about the power of the six-path mode, Kaguya was without a doubt the strongest.

In theory, with her powers, Kaguya wouldn’t lose to Naruto and Sasuke, but unfortunately, she didn’t have enough battle experience. She fought twice, one against her sons, and then later against Naruto and Sasuke. Otherwise, both of them wouldn’t stand a chance.

In addition to the six-path mode’s power, Kaguya was a true immortal, her body was above that of a sage.

“The Sage’s body was strong, it was resilient. Just like the snake sage who could even recover when his body was half destroyed.”

“However, it seems like this only appeared on Kaguya, Madara and the Ten-Tails Jinchuriki. Even Naruto didn’t have such a body.”

After muttering a few words, Roja concentrated on his body.

He found that he may be different from Naruto and Madara and so on.

Because he used his own strength to reach this mode, although he wasn’t as good as Naruto and Madara, all of this was his own power.

His Sage body, under the nourishment of the six-paths power, is getting to a higher level. Although slow, it was an extremely stable process.

What was the higher level of Sage’s body?

There is no doubt, it’s the immortal body or the six-path body!

“it seems that under the influence of the six-path’s power, the sage’s body would change to the six-path’s body.” Roja touched his chin with satisfaction.

Becoming the Jinchuriki of the Juubi felt weird to him, he didn’t want external help, he wanted to become strong on his own.

The Ten-Tails was like Kaguya herself; it would be easy for Kaguya to control its Jinchuriki. Roja didn’t consider the Juubi from the beginning. All he wanted is the power to never die.

The third point that distinguishes the power of the six-path mode is on the level of reiatsu.

With the Rinne-Sharingan that had nine tomoe, you can control six medium-sized worlds easily and change the lands inside.

Whether it the six-path’s power, the body’s power, or the eyes’ power, Kaguya was the strongest, but Naruto and Sasuke sealed her… Roja reserved his opinion.

“Spiritual power comes from the soul. That’s my strength. I may be the weakest in the Six-path mode, and I don’t have six-path’s body, but I won’t lose to anyone when it comes to reiatsu!”

Although Roja didn’t know how Strong Hagoromo was, he didn’t think that his spiritual power is any weaker than him. After all, the Reiatsu is the power of a Shinigami.

Thinking about this, An idea flashed in Roja’s mind!

“I don’t know if the six-path mode can be used at the same time as the Shinigami mode!”

With a thought, Sen Maboroshi emerged into Roja’s other hand. At the same time, the power of the Shinigami was stimulated, and suddenly the power of the soul was released completely.


The Shinigami mode and the six-paths mode didn’t conflict with each other. They were almost compatible. Roja’s appearance changed again.

On the kimono he wore, a strange black pattern appeared which was completely different from the magatama, which added an evil look to the six-path mode.

The biggest change is Roja’s eyes.

The white in his eyes disappeared and turned darker, and his original black eyes turned demon yellowish!

This not the Shinigami mode, not the six-path either, but this was the fusion between the two!