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G.O.S.S Chapter 423: Truth-Seeking Ball!

With sufficient self-confidence, Roja went to a remote area. This time he intended to get the Truth-seeking Ball.

“Seven elements…”

Taking a deep breath and with a thought, seven balls containing the seven elements started hovering around him, compared to before, the balls seemed more real as if they were solid.

This time, Roja used Nature’s chakra as a guide with the Yin and Yang in swirling in the middle and the other five circle around them.

These elements had their own counter, so it was easy to make them fuse in a peaceful manner.


At the beginning of the fusion, Roja held third of his Reiatsu to counter the Six Paths if he intended to interfere. While he was focusing the remaining of his strength in controlling the elements.

Although he grasped the process, it wasn’t easy to obtain the Truth-Seeking Ball.

At last, Roja thought of a saying, as long as you open the door, you can step in.

The fusion in the initial stage was stable, but as it reached the mid-stage, controlling the elements became harder and harder.

The five elements of Wind, Water, Fire, Thunder, and earth interfered with Yin and Yang balance which led to the unbalance of all the elements.

Roja frowned. He not only used the Reiatsu to try and control them, he even used Sen Maboroshi’s space in the attempt.

However, it wasn’t sufficient.

The Truth-Seeking Ball isn’t something easy to make, don’t forget that it was the power of creation itself.

The power of the Six paths can even affect the space, Roja’s space isn’t strong enough. It isn’t enough to withstand the power of the truth-seeking ball. Even the explosion from small bits of chakra in this process will be disastrous.

It’s like an iron box trying to contain flames without it exploding.


Roja stepped back hurriedly as he looked at Chakra collapsing helplessly.

“It seems that as soon as there is a mistake, there will be a chain reaction and it can’t be controlled. Even if I have the ability to see the future for a bit, it’s difficult to succeed in the first try.”

After talking to himself, Roja was not discouraged, he took a break, and when his chakra recovered, he started again.

However, this attempt failed in the middle as well.

Roja didn’t retreat as he started again, but he failed again.

He failed three times in a row.

Roja didn’t try again, he didn’t give up but began to reflect and looked for the problem. What was he missing?

“The Truth-Seeking Ball appeared at the end of the fourth Ninja war…”

Roja blinked, he stood in the air as he muttered to himself.

In Naruto’s world, the most direct way to get the truth-seeking ball is to get the Juubi who had endless chakra or the Six Path granting the power directly.

Naruto just as he got the Six-path power, he directly got the Truth-Seeking ball. He never used his strength to get it.

“If all the power in this world is related to bloodlines and the chakra fruit, then what is nature’s chakra? Before Kaguya appeared, the old Toad Sage already existed, he also had some abilities, which proves that nature’s chakra existed then. Is its existence also related to the Chakra tree?”

Roja thought about many things as his eyes flashed, suddenly he couldn’t help think about the origin of the Chakra Tree.

Kaguya ate the Chakra fruit and became the ancestor of Chakra.

The Chakra tree can’t appear from nowhere. It didn’t simply feed on the sunlight, water. Then it should be connected to nature’s chakra. There are no doubts that nature’s chakra gave birth to the Chakra tree.

Thinking until here, Roja immediately realized that he wasn’t a person from this world, but he still could use nature’s chakra even though he wasn’t related to Hagoromo or Kaguya.

Obviously, he was absorbing nature’s chakra as soon as he arrived in this world, which led him to the conclusion that nature’s chakra is the origin of everything in this world.

“It turned out to be…”

As Roja’s mouth murmured, a bright light flashed in his eyes as he immediately started the fourth attempt.

This time, Roja still used the Yin and Yang as the core of the fusion, but the difference this time, he used Nature’s chakra instead of his own!

Not only was nature’s chakra at the core, but it was also the catalyst for the rest of the elements.


The condensed chakra collapsed again, but Roja wasn’t discouraged. Instead, excitement was apparent on his face.

That’s right, this is the right direction.

Nature’s chakra can adjust the balance between Yin and Yang, and can also balance them with the other elements. It’s a kind of blending power!

“Let’s go!”

Knowing that he was in the right direction, Roja couldn’t contain his excitement, he knows that the problem now is how much nature’s chakra he can put in.

Roja continued to try if an ordinary person was trying as hard as him, they may have collapsed already, but he had tremendous physical strength and Reiatsu, while his chakra was that of a tailed beast.

After so much failure. At last, Roja found the perfect ratio he needed.

He found how much Nature’s chakra needed to balance the elements.

The seven chakra balls started moving faster and faster as they formed a vortex while becoming smaller and smaller.

From Gray, they turned into dark gray until the ball was Deep Dark.

When the color became dark, the rotation finally stopped, and everything calmed down with a black ball hovering in front of Roja.

The Truth-Seeking Ball was successfully formed.