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G.O.S.S Chapter 422: Ready!

Konoha’s camp, Holding the Scroll in his hands, Orochimaru tried extracting the Blood Limit Chakra, but he was shocked. He is sure that if he does anything, the chakra will detonate which made him reseal it inside the scroll.

“This is…”

A scroll suddenly appeared before him; it was the beast contract scroll. After opening it, he paused before shaking his head and said: “I think it’s about time I found a new beast contract.”

Seeing that Roja chased after the huge white snake, Mei and Kurenai looked at each other and hurriedly followed them, although they knew that they couldn’t keep up.

“So hot!”

Mei and Kurenai almost said at the same time while blocking their faces with their hands. Although they were strong this kind of heat still made them sweat.

The two looked at each other and saw the shock in the other’s eyes.

The could see Roja holding a blade of flames while standing in the air. The flames Swere like a sea spreading all over the place. Even though the distance wasn’t small, the heat they felt was terrifying.

So, how hot exactly was the center of all this?

“What a terrifying fire ninjutsu…”

Mei was always dissatisfied with Roja, but now, her eyes were flashing as she took a deep breath.

Under this terrible heat, her boil and lava release were nothing.

After a while, their clothes were all soaked with sweat before drying up. The process continued. If it was an ordinary person, they would be dehydrated already.

Even so, the two of them hardly supported their bodies and couldn’t help retreat, as they were taking steps back, the flames suddenly dissipated.


After the flames were once again recollected inside Sen Maboroshi, Roja moved back toward the mountain and saw the two beauties who were soaked, making their wonderful curves apparent.

After paying attention to Roja’s gaze, both of them found the problem and blushed, although they couldn’t do a thing, Kurenai couldn’t look at Roja in the eye.

While Mei looked at Roja’s eyes with provocation and even deliberately puffed her chest out.

However, her seduction couldn’t do anything to Roja, Roja just casually gazed at her before leaving a phrase: “I’m not interested in little girls” and went toward the mountain.

Mei couldn’t help yell with anger: “I’m not small!”

After she said this, she founding something wrong, but with her character, she was always bold, so she didn’t take it back.

Roja smiled and turned toward her and said: “Everything is small!!”

After that, Roja ignored her and directly disappeared inside the mountain.

He was telling the truth, Mei wasn’t small, but that depends with who he was comparing her, and compared to Hancock, she was small!

Seeing Mei screaming at Roja’s back, Kurenai who felt ashamed before couldn’t help start giggling.

“Okay, even you dare to mock me now!!”

Mei turned her head and looked at Kurenai and tears could be seen at the corner of her eyes. Kurenai smiled and ran away. Even though one was from Konoha, and the other was from the Mist, after traveling with Roja, they didn’t think of themselves as ninjas from any village anymore.

Mei saw Kurenai trying to escape and suddenly rushed to catch her, at this time, she wasn’t the Mizukage but just a little genius girl who was suppressed by Roja.

Roja returned to the Ryuchi Cave. He previously didn’t like the atmosphere inside nor the smell. But after completely freezing it, the smell was swept away.

Roja was worried about whether the previous battle affected the Ryuchi cave or not. If nature’s chakra could no longer be gathered here, it would be a problem.

Reaching the inner part of the cave, Roja worries vanished. Nature’s chakra wasn’t dissipating. Instead, it was concentrating even more here.

Roja guessed that this place just gathers nature’s chakra even if he destroyed the entire cave, everything would stay the same.

Of course, Roja won’t destroy it just to make sure of his guess.

Roja sat down and made Sen Maboroshi hover above him. Nature’s started surging toward Sen Maboroshi.

No one knew how long it has been until nature’s chakra in the Ryuchi’s cave started to become thin. Roja stopped the absorption and probed Sen Maboroshi’s space, to find out that it was double in size.

If you say that the six spaces of Kaguya were medium sized, then this world was a large one.

The thought of the final boss in this world being able to control six spaces, the boss of the Shinigami world, Aizen, who was able to integrate the soul society, Hueco Mundo, and the human world, Roja couldn’t help feel some pressure.

“Nature’s chakra can’t be directly converted into normal chakra, but nature’s chakra can be used to strengthen the body and also Sen Maboroshi… And Sen Maboroshi getting stronger is the same as my soul getting stronger itself. The improvement in my soul is the improvement to my reiatsu, in the end, it also affects my chakra.”

Roja though of the relation between nature’s chakra and his own. Although it’s a little messy, the point is that nature’s chakra was the foundation of all powers!

After absorbing nature’s chakra this time, Roja’s chakra exceeded normal tailed beast, at least the eight tails can’t compare to him now, perhaps his chakra reserve can be compared to the Kyuubi.

“It’s time to try getting the Truth-Seeking- Ball… It should not pose a problem this time!”

Roja took a deep breath, and a radiant light flashed in his eyes.