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G.O.S.S Chapter 421: Kills!

“Your ability to regenerate is even stronger than the Six paths body. The vitality of a snake is really surprising!”

The White Snake resilience surprised Roja to some expect!

You should know, even if it was the six paths, if half of his body was obliterated, it won’t be easy for him to recover and if his head was blown his life would be in danger.

The White Snake Sage had its head blown and her body blown as well but it regenerated, and it looked as if nothing happened.

“But this strong regeneration ability can’t be used permanently, I will see what will happen after I cut it a few more times.”

After he was surprised for a bit, a sneer appeared on his face as his sword fell once again.

The strength of this snake sage is no doubt a super Kage level. Its chakra is as big as the tailed beasts, and it can use ninjutsu as it likes. It can use ninjutsu, unlike the tailed beast who only had the bijuudama.

This means that even Madara or Hashirama won’t necessarily win against this snake, which is why no wonder it lived from ancient times.

But unfortunately, it met Roja.

The strength of Roja now was at the pinnacle of this world, the world of bleach and also the world of one piece.

Coupled with the ability of space, he could face the six paths, so against this snake, he would have an absolute advantage.


When Roja swept his sword, the white snake couldn’t avoid it. As a result, the snake was once again cut in half.

Half of the snake’s body was frozen and then broke into crystals.

The other half tried to desperately suck in nature’s chakra as it split into snakes and flew away.

“Sage Art: Poison Cloud!”

After the snakes flew, gas suddenly materialized and turned into the white snake as it spews black smoke at Roja.

“Using nature’s chakra to expand the poison…”

Roja’s eyes were cold, this trick could hurt Sage’s body because it’s based on nature’s chakra itself.

However, Roja wasn’t afraid of this. He had Sen Maboroshi’s space. Even if the cloud of poison was dense, space could block it. Unless it had the power to distort space, nothing could touch him.

Roja swept his sword and opened a path in the poison cloud and leisurely walked while waving his sword again.

The Snake Sage was prepared. This time, it elevated it’s perception through nature’s chakra and concentrated on avoiding the sword.

But, as the snake clearly moved sideways, it found itself in front of Roja inexplicably and was directly cut in half once again.

The void cracked as the sage was horrified. It quickly tried to split its body before the void devours it.

After recovering again, the calm looks on its face disappeared leaving it stunned.

“A space ability!!”

Not only can Roja teleport, it seems that it can also move anything from its place.

There were such monsters among humans?

The Snake Sage was a little scared, its ability to regenerate was strong, but it had a limit to it. It already consumed too much nature’s chakra already.

If this continues, it may die.


The Snake sage has no other thoughts currently. It is like a snake feeling danger, it rushed to escape even though it is a sage.

The snake split to countless snakes and rushed into the holes inside the cave.

These snakes weren’t just avatar of the real one, even if one of them survives, he can regenerate back to its original form.

“Want to escape?”

Roja certainly can’t let go of this snake, this can’t beat him, but one day he may attack someone around him.

“Bankai! Hakka Togame!”


The double bankai of Daiguren Hyorinmaru and Hakka no Togame released a cold force that seemed to be able to freeze hell itself. White light emerged from Sen Maboroshi and spread all over the place.
Wherever the light shines, no matter what it was, whether rock or mud, everything turned to ice. The snakes inside the Ryuchi Cave without any resistance turned into ice and crumbled.

The Ryuchi cave turned white, and all the snakes were frozen.


The Snake sage was furious, it didn’t expect that Roja could use such a wide area attack.

Seeing the cold force that could devour anything and turn into ice, the few snakes that were originally the Snake sage fused and jumped toward the top.

Roja’s spatial ability and ice ability were too horrible in this narrow place. The Snake couldn’t think of any countermeasure at all. It didn’t hesitate to jump up toward the ceiling.


The Snake Sage hit the top of the Ryuchi cave and wanted to drill up its way to the surface.

The loud sounds coming from the cave alarmed Mei and Kurenai.

They first saw the mountain in front of them suddenly turned into Ice!

Not waiting for them to be surprised, the snake rushed out and saw them at the entrance of the cave. He rushed at them with eyes full of coldness.

“Be careful!”

The White Snake Sage was extremely fast, almost like white lightning flashing from a distance.

Fortunately, Kurenai’s Haki reached a certain level which allowed her to sense the direction of the Snake and immediately helped Mei avoid its attack.

The snake didn’t stop as it was desperately trying to escape from this place.


At this moment, Roja got out with his sword in hand as he looked at the snake coldly and chased after him.

“Do you think you can escape?!”

Wouch! Wouch!

The Snake was extremely fast, after a few flashes, it reached the outskirt of the mountain. Roja’s speed wasn’t any bit inferior to it, it was even faster than it.

“Sage Art: Phoenix Sage Fire Technique!”

The Snake used a fire technique, and with a twist of his body, he spewed fire at Roja.

The Snake Sage was familiar with all kinds of techniques. Roja was good at using Ice, so the Fire system was the best against him.


The red flames hit Roja and swallowed him.

The Snake glanced coldly. It didn’t think that this could kill Roja, but it only wanted to delay him so it can escape.

But in the next moment, something that shocked the Snake Sage happened.


The flames that Roja that hit Roja swept in all direction as if it hit a bomb.

In the center of the flames, a red golden flame suddenly erupted and suddenly swept everything as it rose to the sky.

The heat made everything meltdown.


The Snake Sage could tell that this wasn’t ninjutsu. No doubt this wasn’t a power a human could use.

This human wasn’t only capable of using ice, but also fire.


The sky was split from the middle with the flames. He looked at the Snake sage while taunting it.

Using fire ninjutsu in front of him?!

Because the destructive power of Ryujin Jakka is too terrifying, he didn’t use it in this world.

Roja held the sword with both hands and ignored the snake sage who fled hundreds of meters away as he waved his sword!



A blazing flame with the power to burn heaven suddenly erupted, whatever it touches, disappears!

Even the earth turned to magma!

The flames moved at shocking speed and caught up with the snake and engulfed it!


The Snake Sage was swept by the flames, and finally, after a hissing sound, it mobilized nature’s chakra trying to resist the flames to no avail!

Even its terrifying regeneration, under the flames, started to collapse.

It wanted to split but couldn’t. Because this wasn’t the power of ice, it was flames, it wrapped it completely so even when it splits, the little snakes would still be caught in the fire.

The flames were constantly burning with a sizzling sound!

The vitality of this snake sage made Roja amazed, even when it was being burnt, it still held to its consciousness until it was completely exhausted.

Roja couldn’t feel the Snake Sage’s presence anymore. He waved his hand and the flames dissipated.

Nothing could be seen after the flames disappeared!

In the middle and late period of the third war, the owner of the Ryuchi cave which was the Snake Sage who existed since ancient times died!