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G.O.S.S Chapter 420: Roja Vs. Snake Sage!

The Snake Sage survived since ancient times, it was a legendary existence like the huge slug in the Shikkotsu forest and the old Sage in Mount Myoboku.

Even it’s chakra wasn’t inferior to a Bijuu!

Now that it decided to destroy Roja, a man with high ignorance, the Snake sage had mobilized its power as its body circled around the throne.

“Sage Art: White Rage Technique!”


A Liquidized semi-transparent red Dragon flew out and instantly fell between Roja and the Snake Sage and started hovering.


A harsh sound came out and spread through the cave, accompanied by a strong vibration in all directions.

Along with that, an extreme shining light came out from the dragon that it made it impossible to open your eyes.

It was as if Roja’s sight and hearing were blocked.

Realizing what’s happening, Roja’s brows were up, this didn’t cause him any damage, but it made him uncomfortable.


Roja swung his sword to the center of the light and the sound, but this move was entirely chakra, and Roja’s move failed to stop it.

At this time, the Snake Sage, who thought that it completely blocked Roja’s vision and hearing, left the throne and waited for an opportunity to bite Roja.


Roja’s used an elbow to hit the Snake who wanted to bite him. Suddenly the force hit the snake, and its head exploded directly.


Like a hammer hitting it head, the head exploded, and another one sprung out from it like a creep.

The Snake Sage wasn’t injured, but it looked at Roja with a surprised gaze.

It had Sage’s body and also coupled with its unique vision it wasn’t affected by what was happening, but Roja who was a human could actually fight in this situation.

In the next moment, without waiting for the next attack, Roja’s counter-attack already arrived.

The sword failed to break the sound waves and light. Roja used his space to nullify their effect. Although he had his Kenbunshoku Haki and wasn’t affected by the sound and light, it still felt uncomfortable.

After the light and sound were blocked, Roja swung directly toward the Snake Sage.

Roja didn’t know whether If he destroyed the place, nature’s chakra would be affected as well or not. So as long as he didn’t want this place to be destroyed, it won’t be.


The sword attack arrived, and although the snake Sage evaded, third of its body along with its tail was cut off.

The sword was too sharp as it cut the snake’s body, but somehow, it didn’t damage the cave.


Even though third of its body was cut, the Snake Sage didn’t panic. It squirmed, and the missing part grew back instantly.

“Is that the healing ability of the Body of the Sage?!”

Roja looked at the Snake Sage coldly and suddenly swung his sword again.

He wanted to split its body and see how it can heal itself again.

Wouch! Wouch! Wouch!

Roja’s ability to predict the future is after all, stronger than the Snake Sage’s perception. Besides, Roja’s speed was way faster than that of the Snake Sage.

The sword directly split Sage’s body directly into countless pieces.

But, unlike Manda, after it was separated, all the piece moved like a tide toward Roja.

“Do you think you can kill me like this?”

The sound of the Snake Sage came from the tide of flesh.

Roja smiled coldly as he stepped forward, an extremely cold force suddenly spread. In a flash, the snake was frozen in Ice.

“Can you only do this, Snake Sage?”

“Sage Art: Inorganic Reincarnation!”

Almost as Roja’s voice fell, the Snake Sage broke away from the Ice, and nature’s chakra was frantically surging with its tail hardly hitting the ground.


In an instant, the entire mountain was shaking. The entire mountain started to move as if it was alive, moving toward Roja trying to squeeze him.

Everything was moving toward him as he would be directly crushed.

“This ability is boring!”

Roja faintly said as his left hand moved. The Busoshoku Haki covered it as he pushed the mountain with one hand.


The Snake Sage was horrified as the mountain that was coming on Roja’s head was pushed back.

What is this power!!

No wonder that the Snake Sage was shocked, this kind of power never appeared in the nInja world before, even the Six Paths wouldn’t be able to use his body to do what Roja just did.

With one hand, the mountain that was collapsing returned back to its original place as Roja’s figure flickered and arrived next to the Snake Sage.

“Space-time ninjutsu?!”

The Snake Sage’s eyes shrunk. This time, it couldn’t perceive Roja’s movement at all, to be able to be separated from nature’s chakra, it should be a space-time Ninjutsu.

Void Thorn!

Roja sneered as he stabbed the Snake Sage directly.


Under this attack, the void was pierced, and the Snake Sage tried to avoid it but Roja predicted his movement earlier, plus with the nature of the Void Thorn, it was impossible to escape. The Snake’s head was pierced by the Sword.


After piercing its head, the power of the void surged, and half of its body was sucked in the void.

The remaining half was smashed by force and was liquefied.


The white liquid fell in the distance and started moving again, and the Snake Sage’s body was formed again. But this time, his face was ugly.

Obviously, it somewhat unexpected Roja’s power.

The technique he used was still taking effect, but Roja seemed undisturbed by it. The blockage of sight and hearing was ignored by Roja, but his power was also terrifying.

If its vitality wasn’t so strong, it would’ve died already.

It never encountered an opponent as tough as Roja before.