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G.O.S.S Chapter 419: Snake Sage!

Kurenai standing next to Roja used Haki to look into the cave, and her small face changed: “What a complex Terrain…”

In her perception, she could feel many caves inside, and entrances and exits are everywhere.

Every direction can lead you out which was completely different from the Shikkotsu Forest.

In-depth, there were countless holes with many snakes. There large and small snakes, the large ones were as big as a Bijuu.

Feeling the existence of these snakes, Kurenai felt somewhat unnatural. Unless someone was like Orochimaru, no one would actually be willing to enter.

On the other side, Mei didn’t have Haki and couldn’t see what Kurenai was seeing, but she was strong and could feel chakra inside, and her face changed as soon as she tried.

At this time, something changed inside the depth of the Ryuchi cave and made their pupil shrink.

“We’re discovered!”

“You can feel the existence of the Snake Sage, and of course, I can also feel yours through nature’s chakra. No need to make a fuss, well you two, wait outside.”

Roja glanced at Kurenai, and after saying this, he stepped forward and entered the cave.


Many snakes were moving inside the hole. There is no need to perceive them, you can hear their unique hissing sound. It seems like they were alarmed by the arrival of Roja and the others.

The snakes have odor perception, Roja can use the space shield and make himself invisible to their perception, but Kurenai and Mei couldn’t do it.

Roja moved further and quickly, eight red-eyed blood snakes appeared in front of them. They were all as thick as an arm, they looked at Roja without any kindness.

“Low level snakes around the Ryuchi Cave…”

Roja has long known that this place won’t be as convenient as the Shikkotsu forest. He also didn’t care, with a thought, Sen Maboroshi appeared.

“Bankai, Daiguren Hyorinmaru!”

Under Roja’s words, Sen Maboroshi turned into the Bankai form of Daiguren Hyorinmaru and stayed at Roja’s back.

Roja didn’t hold it as he walked directly toward the eight snakes.

A few snakes were ready to attack Roja. They finally rushed and tried to bite him with incredible speed.

Surprisingly, time seemed to slow down as they moved in mid-air and eventually, they were completely still as they turned into ice.


Roja continued to move, and several snakes turned into ice sculptures, there was no blood and no damage.

When Roja entered further, many snakes knew, but whoever attack him would turn into an ice sculpture without any mercy.

Roja didn’t have any good feelings against snakes.

The deeper he went, the larger space became. Space inside was even larger than the Shikkotsu forest, it was extremely wide.

“How dare a human come to our Ryuchi Cave!!”

At this time, from the darkness in front of Roja, an angry roar sounded. An extremely huge purple snake arrived in front of him, it was as huge as the Hachibi.

The snakes that can speak are obviously the strongest in the Ryuchi Cave.

At this time, Roja was impressed.

“The boss summons of Orochimaru, Manda?”

“Puny Human… I want to eat you!”

After the roar, he opened his mouth directly, revealing his huge fans and bit toward Roja.

Of course, in term of size, Roja wasn’t even close, and even the fangs are bigger than him.


Roja was going to get eaten if he stayed still. His eyes flashed with killing intent as he thought about the hundred human sacrifices Manda wanted each time it was summoned. He held Sen Maboroshi for the first time in a while as he swung it without mercy.


Everything stopped.

Wouch! Wouch!

At this moment, the snake’s body was filled with crisscross sword marks, while it looked at Roja with fear.

It didn’t expect Roja, the puny Human in front of her, to have such a power. It was as if its scales were useless against his sword.


The huge body of the snake fell down and turned into countless pieces of meat. Not blood was splashed around as all the pieces were covered by a layer of frost.

If there was a ninja here, seeing this scene, perhaps he would be shocked at Roja killing Manda, but what was truly shocking was that the cave was not affected in the slightest.

This attack seemed like a thousand, but it was as if all of it was concentrated on Manda. Not even a trace was left on the walls.


Roja snorted and shook his hand backward.

All the pieces were covered by ice, and then they scattered on the ground.

Roja stepped forward on the ice and continued forward.

After killing Manda, many high-class intelligent snakes were shocked by Roja’s power and didn’t dare block Roja’s path.

Roja arrived at the deepest part of the Ryuchi Cave.

This was the place.

A stone chair like a throne was placed there and surrounding it were exquisite carvings. The white Snake sage was sitting on the throne.

A pair of snake eyes looked at Roja dangerously and coldly.

“Human ninja… in my place, you want to slaughter my people, you should explain yourself!”

From entering the cave until arriving here, the Snake was perceiving Roja’s movement. It could feel Roja’s ability to devour nature’s chakra, and it can also perceive his strength.

“What do you want me to explain?”

Roja didn’t say any excuse as he said this plainly.

The white Snake’s eyes were slightly enlarged a little, revealing a cold and dangerous light. Although the snakes in the Cave can be reproduced casually, they didn’t have much value, but Roja’s massacre in his presence can’t be forgiven.

“I will forgive you, but you have to get me a thousand human sacrifices!” The Snake Sage said to Roja coldly.

After hearing this, Roja calmly looked at the snake and smiled while saying: “I still need to absorb Nature’s chakra.”

“Add two thousand human sacrifices then!”

The Snake Sage responded coldly.

Roja touched his chin and said: “Oh… A total of three thousand human sacrifices…”

The Snake Sage looked at Roja who seemed to be thinking. It also knew that three thousand was a lot. It wasn’t simple to collect so much so it said: “I can give you half a month.”

“Oh! Half a month, three thousand human sacrifices…”

Roja smiled again, and gradually revealed a sneer as he said with arrogance: “It’s very interesting, a small snake dared to as for three thousand humans as sacrifices, who gave you the courage?!”

Roja didn’t know what kind of contract Orochimaru and Kabuto signed with the snakes to be able to study the Senjutsu of theirs. How many people were killed as sacrifices? Roja didn’t want to know.


The Snake Sage heard Roja’s words and was furious. Although he knew that Roja wasn’t weak, it could never tolerate a human being so arrogant in front of it.

“You’re just a little puny human, you do have some sills but to dare to be arrogant here!!”


The Snake Sage was angry, its horrible chakra surged. The entire cave seemed to sway from the massive chakra released.