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G.O.S.S Chapter 418: Enemy!

The four ninjas fled to a distance while one of them looked back unconsciously before getting stunned.

He saw Roja and the others facing the giant snake that rushed toward them, not only were they not scared, they even took a step forward with a cold face.

“Lava release!”

After hearing her scream, a huge chakra was suddenly mobilized and both her hands formed seals.


An Acid river was suddenly poured toward the giant snake and hit it. It made a miserable humming sound as it was impossible for it to escape.

The acid started burning it from the flesh to the bones without stopping.

The four ninjas were stunned.

However, Mei and Roja didn’t look at them as they crossed the acid river and directly entered the mountain.


One of the ninjas swallowed with an unbelievable look in his eyes.

“In a moment, the giant snake was…”

“The power of that beautiful lady is so terrible, who is she? Is she from a hidden village?”

They were shocked, and their hearts were stunned. They didn’t think that beauty could use blood limit.

“Go! Report to the village!”

After taking a deep breath, the captain knew that something was wrong. Although he wasn’t clear about Roja’s origin, this wasn’t a trivial matter.

The man took the other three and went to the nearest camp, he found the leader of the camp and reported to him.

“Lava… blood limit?”

Hearing the report of his subordinate, the man blinked. Did she erode the giant snake in a blink of an eye? He couldn’t be careless.

“No one in the village could use that blood limit… they should be from an enemy village…”

Listening to a few reports, he roughly judged the girl’s power, she was at least a jonin level, and she holds a blood limit which proves difficult to deal with.

And just as he was thinking, the report continued.

“Right, there are three people in total, there were another woman and a man, but they didn’t make a move, and I don’t know their powers.”

“Three people?”

The man seemed to think about something before he said as his face changed: “One man and two women?!”


The man’s face changed.

His face became serious as he looked at the one making the report. He was somewhat nervous as he said: “Give me a detailed description of the appearance of these three, especially the man.”

After hearing the order, the ninja recalled Roja’s face and organized his though and described him.

“Sure enough, it’s him.”

The man’s face was strange, as he quickly said: “Return to the village quickly and report this to them, this isn’t something I can handle.”


Seeing his own boss was nervous, the ninja finally felt cold. He could guess that their identity was even more terrible than he thought.

The news quickly traveled to the village, and they learned that the Ghost Roja was in the land of lightning. Although they weren’t sure, they are 70% sure now.

Even if he was alone, it as enough to determine the future of the village.

Regarding how to deal with Roja, some suggested that they should send the strongest team they had to kill Roja. But more people were opposed, the third Raikage was killed by Roja. They didn’t want to provoke such a powerful enemy.

To deal with this, several meetings took place, but due to the absence of the Raikage, they couldn’t come to a conclusion.

Roja naturally didn’t know about this.

After some time, Roja stepped on a deserted and gloomy mountain with the other two beauties.

The mountain range was very different from the outer part of the Shikkotsu forest. When they stepped in, they could feel a very sinister atmosphere. Even though Kurenai and Mei were stronger now and could compare to a kage, they still felt uncomfortable.

If it were a normal person, they would be scared by the atmosphere and flee.

“It seems like there is no mistake. Most of the snakes came out from the Ryuchi Cave.” Because the atmosphere wasn’t right, Mei took the initiative to speak in an attempt to break the silence.

“I don’t like snakes.”

When she heard Mei’s words, Kurenai nodded. She also didn’t like snakes.

Roja didn’t hate snakes, but he also didn’t like them. Seeing the two women were depressed by the atmosphere, Roja smiled and said: “You wouldn’t be here to kill the snakes in the Ryuchi Cave right?”

“Why do you think I want to?!”

Mei looked at Roja and pretended to be angry.

Roja looked at her and suddenly stretched his fingers and pinched her cheek and pulled hard.

“I can guess your thoughts by looking at your face.”


Mei didn’t dare to knock down Roja hand, but she stepped back and broke free.

Roja smiled and ignored her. He turned to look forward and said: “Well, the entrance is in front of us. Maybe you can release some lava there?”

As he said so, Roja continued to move forward, and after some time, a huge cave appeared in front of him.

It was different from the Shikkotsu forest.

The cave in the Shikkotsu forest as inside a mountain, while this was going downward.

In Roja’s perception, the concentration of nature’s chakra in the hole was higher than outside, it was comparable to the Shikkotsu forest.

No doubt.

This is the Ryuchi Cave.