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G.O.S.S Chapter 417: Land of Lightning!

The Ryuchi Cave is in the land of Lightning.

Despite the war, Roja and the others rushed toward the land of lightning without any trouble on the way.

Even when they encountered some rock ninjas or cloud ninjas, they would either ran when they saw Roja or Kurenai and Mie would take care of them.

They also encountered an army that Kurenai and Mei couldn’t handle alone, so he made it a demonstration of the Blood limit selection of fire, water, and earth.

In the land of Lightning.

“It’s really annoying staying here all day while we know no one would come.”

“This is a task from our village.”

Outside the mountains, four cloud ninjas were standing on a hill. Three of them were jonin with the captain being an elite jonin.

Hearing this, the captain said: “Don’t complain when performing a task. This task is way easier than the ones on the battlefield?”

When he heard the captain, the ninja who complained replied: “… Captain, I was joking, just said that without thinking.”

What a joke!

Going to the battlefield was terrible. Some of them are the most talented ninjas, if they go to the battlefield, they won’t return.

The captain snorted and looked at the distant mountains before he said: “I don’t care, but it is necessary to stay here.”

“Is there anything important here?”

One of them asked curiously, he was stationed here for almost half a month, but nothing really happened.

The captain looked at him and said: “Do you know why there are no villages here, it’s not that hard to live here right?”

“I don’t know.”

The three shook their heads directly.

The captain looked at them and said seriously: “Because there are always giant snakes in this mountain. there were villages in the vicinity, they were destroyed by the snakes, and everyone was eaten.”

“Previously, the village that was here made a request to investigate what’s happening there, but no one came back after entering…”

Listening to the captain’s story, the three were scared.

“It’s too horrible…”

“Even ninjas were lost here, can’t they be traced carefully?”

Each said his opinion.

The captain raised his head and said with a tremble: “Who knows, perhaps the village actually know what’s inside, and maybe it’s worth the loss. No one investigated it. No matter the situation, it no of my concern. If this is a secret, then I don’t want to know.”

“In short, our mission is to stay here outside the mountain. Once the giant snakes appear or leave the mountain, we don’t need to fight, we just need to report it to the village immediately.”

When they heard their captain, the three of them looked at each other. They weren’t horrified now, but they were vigilant.

One person patted his chest and said: “Fortunately, our mission needed us to wait for a month, only half a month remain.”

The other two followed and sighed in relief.

And at this time, the captain suddenly frowned and looked into the distance and said: “Someone is coming!”

He narrowed his eyes and stared at the three figures coming from afar. He was puzzled. This mountain is inaccessible. Generally speaking, no one could enter it.

The three who walked were undoubtedly Roja, Kurenai, and Mei.

The captain and the others weren’t perceptive ninjas, they couldn’t perceive Roja and the other two’s chakra. Roja was wearing a loose robe, and the other two threw away their villages uniform and were dressed casually since they would be following Roja.

The three were like tourists.

The four cloud ninjas walked down and took a look at Kurenai and Mie who were around Roja and were amazed by their beauty.

“Sorry, what’s ahead is dangerous, all of you should stop here.”

Mei and Kurenai discovered the ninjas. They thought that the cloud was looking for trouble as they were ready to attack, but they didn’t expect them to say such a thing.

One of the clouds said with a serious face: “Looking at your dresses, you aren’t war’s refugees… But it’s really dangerous here. No matter what’s your business here, it’s best not to go in.”

The ninjas regarded Roja and the others as residents of the land of lightning.

After all, not to mention civilians, even business-man wouldn’t cross borders in times of war.

“Don’t worry, we’re not afraid of danger.”

Kurenai dropped her hands that were ready to start printing and said to the ninjas.

Mei said a little impatiently: “Let us just go.”

The ninjas were stunned by Mei, and they suddenly felt embarrassed. If she wasn’t beautiful, they would be very angry.

“Beautiful lady, listen to me, it’s too dangerous…”

One of them talked as he tried to pursued Mei.

Just as black lines appeared on her forehead, a loud sound was heard.


As if stones were collapsing. The ground vibrated which made the ninjas, as well as Mei and Kurenai, look toward the distant mountain.

A horrible sound and a shadow appeared in the mountain. A Huge head emerged, the huge head belonged to a snake.

“This is…”

The cloud ninjas were stunned.

Even the captain was stunned before his forehead overflowed with sweat. The snake was huge, it wasn’t something they could deal with.

The snake looked at them, and the captain couldn’t help yelling.

“This is bad, Run!”

The cloud ninjas were fleeing without waiting for the others.

One of them wanted to save Mei and Kurenai, but they were too fearful and just fled.

“It’s really a pity… she was beautiful…”