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G.O.S.S Chapter 416: Scroll!

Orochimaru stared at Roja dangerously. Roja was indifferent to these stares.

The situation in the field was tense as if a battle was about to start.

Dozens of ninjas from Konoha were there along with Orochimaru facing Roja alone, but no one dared to take the initiative to attack.

Looking back at Mei, Roja could see the light flashing in her eyes.

Him alone facing the ninjas inside the camp, but the other side was afraid to make a move. Well, in this world, only Roja could do this.

After a while, a group of ninjas from Konoha made their decision and handed over the information about Mount Myoboku, and Orochimaru gave the location of the Ryuchi Cave.

When Roja looked at the map with the marks, he knew these places weren’t fake, and Konoha wasn’t stupid enough to give him fake information.

After receiving what he wanted, Roja took out a scroll and threw it at Orochimaru.

“Well, here is your reward.”

Orochimaru reached out and grabbed it, but he didn’t open it.

Roja looked at Mei and Kurenai before turning around and leaving with the two.

When Roja’s back disappeared, Konoha’s ninjas finally relaxed as the pressure was gone.

“Orochimaru-sama… We told him the locations of Mount Myoboku and Ryuchi Cave, will he…”

“Don’t worry.”

Orochimaru’s face returned to the evil face he always had as he turned around and looked at Tsunade.

“Hey, you come back… What did he do at the Shikkotsu forest?”

Tsunade was still looking at the direction from where Roja left. When she heard this inquiry, her eyes flickered as she said: “It seems he wanted to train in Senjutsu…”


Orochimaru wasn’t surprised by this, he was the snake Sage after all. He also tried to practice Senjutsu before, but he didn’t succeed.

Among the three sanin, only one was successful in learning the Senjutsu.

However, even though he didn’t learn it, it didn’t stop him from understanding it. His eyes flashed as he said.

“The temper of the Snakes isn’t that good, and Mount Myoboku’s place isn’t easy to access…”

Since the ancient era, these three places always existed, they weren’t affected by the wars at all.

On one hand, the three places were occupied by the three sacred beasts, so there was no need for conflicts. Secondly, they were too strong, and no one dared to attack their land.

Orochimaru went to the Ryuchi Cave and met with the white snake sage. He knew that its power was stronger than ninjas. At least, it was close to the power of the legendary god of ninjas. Another thing is that the snake sage didn’t have a good temper.

“Orochimaru-sama, please be careful…”

At this moment, someone whispered to Orochimaru while looking at the scroll Roja left from him.

Orochimaru looked at the scroll and wasn’t worried, because someone like Roja won’t use underhanded means.

If Roja wanted to fight, all the people here wouldn’t be able to stop him.

But Orochimaru himself wasn’t a good person, so he carefully opened the scroll.

Looking at it, Orochimaru’s face changed as his pupil shrank.

“This is…”

He was shocked as his mouth was open. On his side, a ninja noticed Orochimaru’s change and couldn’t help look at it only to be shocked.

It was a scroll of seals.

In had a different 20 seal and each seal was filled with chakra with different nature. What was important was that they weren’t simple elements chakra, like fire, wind and so on. But all of them were blood limit.

Roja practiced all the elements and tried each variation, all the blood limits created from the five basic elements were here, and each of them had an example of chakra sealed in the scroll.

Even Orochimaru could only recognize six or seven of them!

“Ice… Laval…”

Orochimaru looked with shock as he never thought something like this would be given to him.

Especially when he saw the second row which contained ten blood limit selection chakras.


Orochimaru didn’t hesitate before closing the scroll directly.

For him to study various kinds of ninjutsu, this was absolutely precious. Even if he travels the world, the blood limit he collected now can’t be compared to the ones in the scroll.

“There is no doubt about the ten above, they are all blood limit, and the second row held the blood limit selection of many like the dust… I want to study the other nine as they only appeared in theories.”

“This guy created all the blood limits and blood limit selection which existed in life and even the ones in theory…”

Orochimaru found that he still looked down on Roja.

This is something that even Hashirama and Tobirama couldn’t do.

After holding the scroll and returning to his tent, Orochimaru couldn’t calm down.

After they were some distance away from the camp, Mei looked at Roja and couldn’t help but scream: “Why did you give him something like that?”

When Roja made the scroll, Mei was beside him as he even showed her the way to fuse water, fire, the earth so she can do it herself which made her shocked and inspired.

So, she knew what was inside the scroll.

“It’s all right, it’s just something I made when I was bored and not to mention the chakra inside isn’t something easy to control…”

Roja didn’t say anything else.

The blood limits and blood selections he left, was something made by his chakra.

So, if Orochimaru wanted to unravel the mysteries slowly, he needs to be able to control that chakra.