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G.O.S.S Chapter 415: Unreasonable!

Outside Konoha’s camp, Roja, Kurenai, Mei, and Tsunade stopped.

Except for Roja, the other three were nervous. Tsunade being the most anxious, next comes to Kurenai and Mei was more excited than nervous.

“Let’s go there!”

Roja glanced toward the camp and then glanced at Tsunade.

Tsunade looked at Roja in with a complicated expression. She was hesitant. She didn’t whether it was because of the situation or because of Roja’s request.

And when the atmosphere was a little weird, Roja suddenly narrowed his eyes and stepped forward.

“Is it a good idea to hide?”


Roja’s foot fell, and an ice-cold wind emerged and spread all over the camp and turned the earth into Ice.

Konoha’s ninjas looked at the ice in horror which spread to all direction.

Roja’s sudden actions made Tsunade and Mei glimpse to the side. Only Kurenai could feel something and look at one place.


At this time, the frozen earth in that place cracked, and a snake that was frozen opened its mouth with a figure coming out full of mucus.

“So disgusting!”

Mei said as her mouth twitched as she really wanted to spit some acid on him.

Kurenai stiffened a bit while Tsunade was normal as if she saw this, countless times.

“Oh… The Legendary Ghost! What a dangerous guy. It seems like I can’t get close to you.”

Orochimaru was standing on the ice as he laughed. That laugh gave people goosebumps.


Roja looked at Orochimaru without answering. He casually stretched his hand and blew on it. Suddenly, an ice sword appeared.

Roja held it and casually swung it at Orochimaru.

Orochimaru’s face changed as he wanted to avoid, but he couldn’t and was directly hit.

Roja started working on Orochimaru which was a little unexpected to Tsunade. Mei looked without any emotion and Kurenai although knew Orochimaru’s reputation, she didn’t like how disgusting it was.


Orochimaru was hit twice and was divided into four. The strange thing is that no blood came out. Instead, countless snakes came out and reattached Orochimaru’s body.

Orochimaru’s face was looking good as he stared at Roja and then sighed and said: “Does this mean I shouldn’t offend you?”


Roja didn’t take another look at him as the ice sword broke into ice crystals. Then he looked at him and said: “I just wanted to see if you had the qualification to talk to me.”

Although Orochimaru was a plot character in the story, what is Roja’s identity now? He took over the word if you may say. His existence was on par with Hashirama and Madara, how can he tolerate Orochimaru being arrogant in front of him.

Secretly lurking around and sneaking like the snake he was, who does he think he was in front?


When Orochimaru heard Roja’s words, he couldn’t help look even more ugly. He had never seen someone as arrogant as Roja before.

Perhaps the legendary Uchiha Madara and Hashirama could be more arrogant.


At this time, the ninjas finally rushed and surrounded Orochimaru in high alert.

Roja’s sudden attack on Orochimaru made them unable to react. Now when they did, they knew what Roja’s status was.

“Have you come here specially to give Konoha a warning?”

In the end, Orochimaru was annoyed, but despite that, his face quickly calmed down as he said.

Roja looked at him and said straightforwardly: “I need the location of the Ryuchi Cave and Mount Myoboku.”

Roja’s attitude and arrogance made Konoha irritated, but with his power, no one dared to speak freely. They just kept it to themselves.

Orochimaru heard Roja’s words and a strange flash appeared in his eyes as they were narrowed.

“If I don’t give it to you?”

“I will make you do.”

Roja answered.

Orochimaru’s mouth twitched. If the previous Roja was arrogant, this was a show of power. He can do nothing in this way.

Orochimaru didn’t encounter any situation like this before in his life.

Just with the previous confrontation, he was very clear that he wasn’t Roja’s opponent. Maybe at most he can escape.

Orochimaru didn’t speak, and the ones behind him couldn’t endure anymore and speak.

“You’re too arrogant!”

Roja faintly glared at the man, and his Haoshoku Haki was aimed at him.


It was just a look that made it seem like the sky was falling down making him scream in his mind.

Although he didn’t directly faint, he was stunned, and cold sweat was all over his body as he trembled.

Is this… his pressure released?

What a horrible momentum!

He is a Konoha ninja, he didn’t see anything like this before, even the pressure released by a kage isn’t this strong. The difference was like a baby and a general, there is no comparison.