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G.O.S.S Chapter 414: Ghost Roja!

The all-out attack by these two was stopped by Roja like it was nothing. Even the momentum behind these attack disappeared without a trace.

Mei and Tsunade saw the helplessness in each other’s eyes.

Roja marked the space coordinate so he can return whenever he wanted. Although the speed wasn’t as fast the Flying Thunder God, it was still fast.

A few days later, the defeat of the third Raikage spread all over the world, and the whole world fell in shock.

The third world war started because the third Kazekage’s disappearance, and now with the fall of the Third Raikage, the third war was in its most intense period.

Other than that, the rock village tried to block the news about Roja and their ten thousand men army being defeated by him alone.

No one knew if it was intentional, but the story was changed countless times and many versions spread through the world making it not accurate anymore.

In a small village, some people talked.

“Hey, did you hear, the third Raikage is dead!”

“Yeah, it’s terrible. Even the Raikage from one of the great five fell in the battlefield. It was said that he was killed by an army of ten thousand sent by the Rock…”

“Really? Why did I hear that the Ghost Roja, defeated the army and killed the Raikage as well?”

The people discussed what they heard.

The same thing happened in many other places where rogue ninjas gathered. The most ridiculous rumor is that Roja just waved his hand killing the Raikage and that he had the power of the Sage of the Six Paths, the power of a god.

Some people sneered at this, and some people were skeptical with some of them being jealous.

Some people who held some information about Roja couldn’t help release what they had to the world without holding back.

The one who stopped the fight between the clouds and Konoha. He single-handedly killed the Mist elites. The one who kidnapped Mei of the mist and Tsunade… All kind of horrific news spread throughout the world.

In the end, Roja had a title in this world, which was, Ghost!

This title was in the bingo book, but it was no longer awkward like it was first.

Roja and the others also arrived at some village, when he heard that people in this world called him Ghost as well, he was dumbfounded.

“Wasn’t that name on Zabuza Momochi’s head in the bingo Book? How did it end up on me? And I am a Shinigami, not a ghost!”

Roja’s mouth twitched.

And what’s with the thing about him harassing Mei and imprisoning her, did they want all the girls to tremble just by hearing his name?

They were fast as they moved toward the land of Fire. They encountered a group of rock ninjas before, but they already who Roja was, when they saw him they would scream Ghost and run away which made black lines appear over Roja’s head.

After safely crossing the border, Konoha’s camp was just ahead of them.

Their security was good as they felt Roja and Tsunade in the group.

“There are people over there!”

“This chakra… They’re strong!”

The perceptive ninja slightly closed his eyes, and after he felt the chakra fluctuation, an expression of shock spread over his face as he directly reported it back.

At this moment, Orochimaru was holding a scroll and hearing the report of the ninja in front of him. As he heard everything, his face revealed an evil expression that felt creepy.

“Oh? Tsunade?”

Orochimaru rolled the scroll and stretched his long tongue out as he stood up.

“Tsunade is back, and there are people coming along with her… Which means… a terrible guy came over.”

Orochimaru he wasn’t just strong, he could be the strongest of Konoha’s forces currently, which was enough for him to know the secrets of the village. He already analyzed and judged Roja.

For a person like Roja, Orochimaru felt jealous, even when he faces Kages he won’t fear but Roja’s power was close to the first Hokage. And he knew this because he did some researches with the DNA of Hashirama.

“Since that era, no one was able to become as strong as the first Hokage, how did that ‘Ghost’ gain that kind of power?”

Orochimaru lowered his head slightly, and after a little bit, a light flashed in his eyes as he went outside.

He wanted eternal life, but at the same time, he wanted to reach the power the First Hokage had. Otherwise, he wouldn’t do various experiment with his DNA.

And Eternal Life is something achieved by sacrificing countless lives.