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G.O.S.S Chapter 413: Didn’t make a move!

Roja is undoubtedly not a person from this world. The moment Roja stepped in this world, The Sage has been keeping an eye on him from another space.

Roja wasn’t so strong in his view, but he was extremely strange. It seemed like he was incompatible with the Ninjas power system. This made Hagoromo think about his mother that was sealed away by him.

Although Hagoromo was Kaguya’s son, he didn’t know from where she came, he only knew that she wasn’t from this world.

She used The Infinite Tsukuyomi and wanted to make herself powerful anyway possible afraid of her enemies.

Hagoromo didn’t know her enemies, but he didn’t accept the things his mother did, and with his brother, they sealed her in the moon.

“I seemed to hear from my mother that the purpose of these people was to seize chakra…”

The Sage watched Roja with a frown. He didn’t know whether he should deal with Roja or not.

On one hand, he didn’t know whether Roja was the enemy his mother mentioned before or not. On the other hand, he felt that he is already a dead man and shouldn’t interfere with this world.

After hesitating for a while, The Sage didn’t make a move.

“In term of his current power, mother wouldn’t really be afraid of him or jealous, I should continue observing him.”

Roja couldn’t see the Sage in the other space, but he could feel him, not with haki but with his spatial attribute.

At this moment, the Sage didn’t have a physical body and he only hanging out there with his soul, which wasn’t that different from a Shinigami. In Roja perception, he could feel the power of the Sage which was even more powerful than him.

If he didn’t practice in the Shikkotsu Forest for the last half month, he would probably be too weak compared to him.

On one hand, Roja was observing the Sage, and on the other hand, he was concentrated on fusing the seven elements.

Roja just shook his head and didn’t observe the Sage anymore as he concentrated even more on the fusion.

After Roja stopped as the seven elements disappeared. Different from the six elements fusion, this one didn’t cause a huge explosion, it just was like a small black hole in a very narrow area.

This kind of power can destroy even Roja’s body, and because of the Added Yin attribute, it could even affect the soul.

“Sure enough, this power is dangerous, even in the Shinigami’s world, this could be devastating.”

Roja took a deep breath and knew that without the interference from the Sage, he won’t be able to complete the fusion now.

The cause was he didn’t have enough Chakra at the moment.


The huge spiritual pressure released by the Sage disappeared.

“Did he leave?”

Roja looked at the void and murmured.

Is it because he failed in the fusion? But Roja knew that with what he was doing, the Sage would take notice, but it was impossible to stop him anyway.

Once he stepped into the six paths level, will he be able to stop him?

Roja knew this in his heart.

If he doesn’t step into the Six paths level or reach the eighth stage, he won’t be able to face the Sage and would probably be forced out of this world.

But once he crosses one of these two thresholds, even if he can’t defeat the Sage, he can still stay in this world.

“Since you didn’t attack, then everything is under control.”

After he whispered, Roja returned toward Mei and Kurenai.

For him, the thing that can help him best was nature’s chakra.

Not only can it increase his body’s strength and the chakra reserve he had, but it also can make Sen Maboroshi step into the later stages and also help in increasing the space’s stability and size.

He is ready now to find the place of the Mount Myoboku and the Ryuchi Cave.

If nature’s chakra in these two places is the same as the Shikkotsu forest, it would be enough to reach the six paths level by creating the Truth-Seeking Ball.

Outside the Shikkotsu forest

“Take this!”

Tsunade was fighting against Mei.

Mei knew that it was too late as Tsunade’s punch almost reached her, and she could only cross her hand against her chest to defend while knowing she won’t be able to resist Tsunade’s strange strength.

Her hands were a little numb as she looked at Tsunade coldly and her hands flashed.

“Water Release: Water Dragon Technique!”


A water Dragon rushed down and chased after Tsunade, and after Tsunade stopped it, she launched another attack on Mei.

Mei was young compared to Tsunade, her strength was also inferior, but in battle, she was able to resist, but she couldn’t fight back.

Just when they were fighting, Roja’s figure appeared in a flicker not far away as he asked.

“Why are they fighting?”

Looking at the battle strangely, Roja asked Kurenai.

Kurenai already knew Roja was coming and wasn’t surprised of his sudden appearance. After hearing Roja’s question, she replied softly.

There was no conflict, just Mei wanted to test her strength and took the initiative to challenge Tsunade.

From Kurenai’s explanation, Roja knew what happened and didn’t intend to see the end of this, so he directly disappeared.

“Water Release: Great Waterfall Technique!”

Mei used her chakra to the extreme to release this jutsu.

“Take this!”

Tsunade’s momentum reached it’s peak as she punched with a force that destroyed the earth moved toward the ninjutsu.

But when the fist was about to collide, Roja’s figure appeared.


Roja firmly grasped Tsunade’s fist and even with her all power punch, his hand didn’t even twitch. On the other hand, the water technique Mei used which was directly turned to ice as it fell to the ground.

“Kid’s fight end here, it’s time to leave.”

After saying these words, Roja turned around and started walking.