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G.O.S.S Chapter 449: Trapped!


Four red walls rose around Hancock and the other Mist Ninjas!

Hancock’s Petrification field was forcibly suppressed by this formation, and Finally, Shisui lost consciousness before someone lifted him and retreated.

The Four Red Yang formation gradually stopped the Petrification field.

“Not good! This is…”

The Mist ninjas behind Hancock as well as Mei couldn’t react at the time, so they were also imprisoned in the formation.

“Is this the four violet Flames formation of Konoha?”

“No, this feels like… something even more powerful.”

The Ninjas of the Mist blinked, and their heart shook and Hancock’s brows slightly wrinkled.

“Water Release: Water Dragon technique!”

A ninja released an attack on the red chakra curtains, but it was completely ineffective.

“Lava release: Melting apparition Technique!”

Mei attack after taking a deep breath and releasing lava at the formation.

“Mero Mero Mellow!”

Hancock used a fruit ability which was more powerful with the petrification field open, but the attack only made a little gray color appear on the formation before it completely recovered.

Seeing that even Hancock couldn’t destroy the formation, the Mist ninjas wore ugly expression.

Jiraiya expression wasn’t good while maintaining the formation, he asked: “What the hell is going on?”

“Why is there a conflict with the Mist?”

Minato blinked as he asked.

Sarutobi looked at Danzo with dissatisfaction.

“I will tell you later, we need to deal with the Mist first.”

Facing the questioning of the three, Danzo wasn’t flustered as he said with a calm voice.

In fact, after learning about Shisui’s Kotoamatsukami, he was thinking of a way to use it against Minato.

But with Roja appearing, he changed his target.

In the original story, for the Uchiha eyes, he even made them rebel so he could get the most benefits.

Although he uses some of them, he didn’t like the Uchiha at all.

“Water release: Water clone technique!”

While maintaining the formation, the four of them made a variety of clones.

In the case of Hashirama and Tobirama, both could use more than one clone while maintaining this formation, but these four could only spare one.

After making a clone each, they maintained the formation, and the clones entered into it and started attacking the Mist Ninjas.

Inside Mizukage building in the Mist village, a space tunnel opened, and Roja’s figure appeared.

After absorbing nature’s chakra from the Shikkotsu forest, Roja went to Ryuchi cave, but the chakra didn’t recover completely, so he was prepared to wait a few days in the village before returning.

Roja was surprised to find that Hancock wasn’t in the village.


Roja took one step and disappeared before appearing in another room inside the Mizukage’s building.

Kurenai was sitting there.

Seeing Roja appearing, Kurenai wasn’t surprised as she was used to Roja’s way of appeared out of nowhere and greeted him.

Roja casually asked: “Where is Hancock?”

Kurenai directly responded: “She went with Mei to meet Konoha’s people.”

Roja looked strangely as he asked: “What do they want with Konoha?”

“It was like this when you weren’t here, Konoha invited the Mist village to a peace talk…”

Kurenai described the event that happened.

The third was has ended?

Roja listened to Kurenai’s words, and his eyes flashed a little. Originally, he didn’t care, but he felt something in his heart and directly opened a space tunnel and stepped in.

Inside the formation, Hancock and the Ninjas from the Mist were trying to get out but they couldn’t break through.

In addition to this, the clones were fighting inside the formation, but when you look closely, they couldn’t win against her and the others.

The four Red Yang formation can certainly trap Hancock, but they couldn’t deal with her.

The clones were easily killed by Hancock as soon as they entered and even Minato with his Flying Thunder God couldn’t resist Hancock’s power.

How can they win against her? This was a question that appeared inside Sarutobi’s and the other minds which gave them a headache.

Hancock was very annoyed this time, she didn’t expect that these weak people could actually do something like this to trap her.

“Pistol Kiss!”

Hancock sent an arrow at the formation, but the formation only swayed slightly before stabilizing again.

Seeing how this was ineffective, Hancock stood there calmly, but Mei’s expression was ugly.

Could it be they will be trapped here?!

Obviously, Hancock and Mei didn’t think that they could be trapped here, but this surprised them, and they constantly tried to break the formation.

Some of the Ninjas from the Mist were already about to give up.


The space around Hancock suddenly swayed, and a figure came out.

After a glance, Roja was angry and directly said.

“Konoha… What great power you have!”