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G.O.S.S Chapter 450: Killing!

Roja’s sudden appearance made everything stagnate for a moment, and the ninjas from both sides changed their expressions.

The Mist ninjas were surprised and looked somewhat happy, but the ninjas from Konoha looked somewhat ugly, especially Sarutobi.

Roja is here!

He actually appeared in such a way!

Sarutobi’s expression became even more ugly, and sweat dripped from his forehead as he said: “He appeared directly inside the Red Yang Formation. This is clearly…”

“Time Space Ninjutsu?”

Minato’s whispered in surprise. He was shocked. He naturally was familiar with this power as he used it.

Actually, he was as shocked as the others, because when he was injured by Roja, he guessed that Roja used some kind of time-space Ninjutsu similar to flying thunder god.

In addition to Minato, the others were shaking. Since he appeared inside the Red Yang Formation, it means he can come out whenever he wanted.

“This is troublesome…”

Jiraiya’s heart sank as he looked at Danzo. He found his face also ugly, he looked at Shisui’s directly, but he didn’t know how long before Shisui recovers.

Danzo’s eyes flashed as he could only think of one way, that is, gain some time.

“I will try!”

Minato took a breath and once again made a clone, this was his limit.

It would be somewhat hard to maintain the formation like this.


Minato didn’t need to open a space tunnel to teleport, he directly flashed and entered the formation.

He didn’t choose to attack Roja but instead attacked Mei!

“Yellow Flash…”

Roja indifferently shook his head, as Minato’s Flying Thunder God was not effective against his ability to predict the future.

Even without Roja, Hancock already sent a Pistol Kiss toward Minato’s body.

Once again, the field fell silent.

Suddenly, Roja chuckled at Hancock and said.

“How are you feeling?”

“It’s a little bit tricky!”

Hancock was a little bit embarrassed, if she didn’t underestimate her enemies, she would’ve escaped the Four Red Yang Formation.

Roja shook his head and laughed: “If this wasn’t the case, I wouldn’t have been cautious when I first arrived here… But now.”

The moment his voice fell.


Roja entered Six-paths mode, and the scepter appeared in his hand.

Everything around him changed as if he was a god above this world.

Sarutobi and the others had raised their vigilance to the highest level when Roja appeared. They didn’t dare underestimate Roja.

And when they hesitated to continue maintaining the Four Red yang formation, Roja suddenly took a step forward and waved his scepter toward it.


Before, When Hancock and Mei tried, they couldn’t destroy this formation, however, with a wave of his hand, Roja directly smashed the formation.

“The Four Red Yang Formation was actually…”

This time, Danzo couldn’t help exhale cold air. Although he knew that the Four Red Formation is useless against Time Space Ninjutsu, he didn’t think that Roja would be able to break it easily.

And suddenly, something unexpected happened.


Sitting in the distance, Shisui who was recovering directly disappeared in smoke, he was a clone.

At this time, he appeared in front of Roja directly.


Danzo looked at this and finally regained his confidence with a touch of excitement in his eyes.

Shisui’s ability was precious, and it would benefit them most when it’s used against Roja.


Shisui looked at Roja with his Mangekyo Sharingan, and blood overflowed out of his eyes.

The two of them looked at each other, and at this moment, the whole world fell to silence. Everyone stared at this scene.

The Mist Ninjas and Mei looked at this and wanted to scream.

The Mist is probably finished, they thought.

One Second… Two Seconds…

Everyone was afraid to breathe and didn’t know what changed.

At last, Shisui gasped for air, and the blood stopped coming out of his eyes, he blinked and quickly shut his Mangekyo.

“Did you make it?!”

Although he didn’t support Danzo in this, He was annoyed by the fact that Danzo decided this on his own. It seemed things would develop in the direction Danzo wanted.

If it really was successful and they controlled Roja, then Konoha would have the power to unify the world.
Roja didn’t avoid it but confronted Shisui directly. Shisui thought that even if Roja was strong, he couldn’t…

His though stopped here.

Because Roja was standing in front of him indifferently and then waved his hand slamming Shisui into a meat paste.

“Kotoamatsukami… Is this your plan?”

After killing Shisui, Roja only looked at Danzo, Sarutobi and the others with no anger, he looked at them dully.

Roja saw this by predicting the future and got Shisui under his Kyoka Suigetsu, he controlled his five senses, and when he launched his Genjutsu, it was ineffective. And even without Kyoka Suigetsu, this was like a joke to him.