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G.O.S.S Chapter 451: Going To Konoha

“Not good!”

“Shisui’s ability was…”

Sarutobi and Danzo saw Shisui getting killed instantly and their faces changed.

At this moment, all of them felt like collapsing.


Minato directly sent Jiraiya away without hesitation following which he appeared beside Sarutobi and teleported him away.

At this moment, Roja sent a Truth-seeking ball toward Danzo, but the latter disappeared in smoke.

“Reverse Summon? And used instantly?”

Roja directly turned his head and looked at one direction.

He used his Haki and enveloped the entire town, and the range continued to increase. He confirmed that all of them returned to Konoha.

This kind of thing can’t be the work of Sarutobi, Roja could only think of one person who would scheme like this, Danzo.

Kotoamatsukami can’t work on him, and he was sure of that, but this wasn’t the same for Hancock and Mei.

And once they fell under that Genjutsu, releasing them would be a nuisance.

Roja suddenly sneered.

“I didn’t go find trouble with you, but you still come to find me yourselves?”


“I’m going to Konoha.”

Roja looked at Mei and Hancock and nodded with a hint of indifference in his tone. He directly stepped forward and flashed in the sky.

When he took the second step, he directly disappeared in the distance.

Going to Konoha…

The Mist ninjas looked in each other’s eyes as their hearts were shaking from shock.

Konoha is in big trouble.

Konoha’s underground, Roots base.


Amid the smoke, a figure appeared, that figure belonged to Danzo.

“That person was completely unaffected against Shisui’s ability. How is that possible… That guy…”

Danzo was no longer calm as his face was constantly changing.

At this time, in the Hokage’s tower, Jiraiya, Sarutobi, and Minato’s faces were ugly.

“Damn! What was that bastard thinking about?”

Sarutobi knew what Danzo wanted to do, but it was too late, and he couldn’t do anything to him when he already started his plan, he couldn’t suppress his anger right now, and he cursed in anger.

Minato stood by the side as he took a deep breath and barely calmed down as he consumed too much chakra from teleporting a long distance and said: “Hokage-sama, the most important thing now isn’t this, we need to think about how to deal with his retaliation.”

At this moment, Even Minato couldn’t calm down.

If it was someone else, they wouldn’t be afraid, who would dare to attack Konoha? Even the other Kage’s won’t retaliate against Konoha, but Roja is different.

Roja was too strong, by himself, he could suppress the entire Mist Village, no doubt he is at a level of the god of shinobi. His ability to destroy the Four Red Yang formation proves this.

This time, they offended Roja and wanted to kill his people, with his personality, Roja won’t let this go. He may even destroy the entire village in rage.

Sarutobi calmed down and directly said: “Minato is right, we need to evacuate the villagers.”

“Yes, I’m on it.”

Jiraiya knew that this was really going to be a big deal, he nodded directly and rushed out of the room. At the same time, several Anbu under Sarutobi’s command rushed out as well along with Minato.

Konoha was completely in Chaos.

Although most ninjas didn’t know what happened, they obeyed orders without question and evacuated quickly.

In the crowd, a person who was wearing a mask asked.

“What’s going on?”

This was a young Kakashi who just received the order to evacuate. At the same time, his eyes flashed with doubt as he was shocked.

Because he found that the entire village was evacuating, from ninjas to civilians, all of them were rushing out.

What kind of disaster is going to happen?!

On the other side, Gai, who was dressed in his green sweater, was also amazed by this as he evacuated with the others. He subconsciously rushed to his dad’s side and asked: “Dad, do you know what’s going on?”

“I don’t.”

Dai responded directly.

Dai was wearing the same clothes as Gai. He was also confused, what happened that the entire village needs to evacuate?

One-third of Konoha already evacuated, but suddenly, something terrible coming from the sky.

When they felt this, countless civilians stopped, and some of them couldn’t even breath.

“This feeling… What is going on?”

the most powerful Ninjas, and even Kakashi, the genius of Konoha, felt this change and was stunned.

He simply didn’t know what was coming, but he could tell that it was something he couldn’t handle.

In the next moment, countless people saw something they won’t forget in their entire lives.

They saw a figure, holding a sword in hand as it rushed toward Konoha as he waved his sword.


The simple shockwave created by that figure was shocking, not to mention the attack he just released.

At this moment, the entire Village was split in half from the middle.