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G.O.S.S Chapter 452: Out!


The civilians felt dull.

Everyone who saw this felt dull.

Even the elites turned stiff at this moment.

“It’s still coming…”

Sarutobi, who was the student of the second Hokage and witnessed many powerful people, couldn’t help tremble as his heart shook from Roja’s power.

But it doesn’t matter, he was the Hokage, he needed to protect the village no matter what.


Sarutobi took a deep breath and gritted his teeth. He directly rushed at Roja.

When Sarutobi took action, the Anbus in Konoha were all dispatched.

They all gritted their teeth and followed Sarutobi.

“Don’t stop, continue the evacuation quickly!”

A scream suddenly sounded, and all the people who stopped finally woke up and started moving again. But this time, they could no longer maintain order.

Countless people rushed toward the mountain in fear.

“What kind of joke is this… how can this be…”

Kakashi was beside the abyss that was created by Roja’s sword. He looked at the dark gully, and his forehead was full of sweat as he couldn’t believe someone could have this much power.

No matter how much his eyes looked, it seemed that this gully continued forward as if it cut the whole world in half.

What kind of power does this person have?!


On his side, Gai was also shocked still. Even with his energetic and never admitting defeat personality, he felt that he was too small.

He finally reacted as someone called him to follow the crowd, but he found his father squatting by the abyss.


Dai looked at the abyss and then looked at the chaotic situation, then said: “Gai, you go first.”

“Please calm down… Konoha will give you an explanation.”

Sarutobi rushed forward and looked at Roja, who was flying in the sky.

When he heard Sarutobi’s words, Roja smiled and said: “Come on? How are you going to explain?”


It’s obvious that Sarutobi wanted Roja to stop, but he couldn’t think of anything that could satisfy Roja.

At this time, Anbus appeared in large groups.


Roja sneered and took a step forward.


He didn’t do anything, but the pressure his releasing swept in all direction and crushed down on them.

How powerful Roja’s Haoshoku Haki was? One piece, he was second to none, and after he came here, his soul improved even more.

Wouch! Wouch!

Under the horrible pressure Roja was releasing, the walls directly collapsed, and cracks filled the ground. The nearest people to him suddenly couldn’t breathe.

Jiraiya felt as if a mountain was dropping on him. And the Anbu couldn’t endure the pressure. They started shaking before fainting. Jiraiya also shook as he finally fell to the ground.


Roja’s pressure continued to spread, and all people started to scream before losing consciousness.

If you look from afar, it was like an invisible hand was pressing on the village as Buildings collapsed.

Without any technique.

Some of the still awake people were stunned. Just releasing his pressure made the entire village a mess.

“Whose idea was that?”

Suddenly Roja’s voice sounded like thunder and people almost collapsed hearing it.

No one answered.

It’s not like Jiraiya didn’t want to answer, but under pressure, he couldn’t answer, even someone like Sarutobi was almost suffocated.

Roja indifferently looked at Sarutobi and walked over to him step by step.

With every step, the pressure increased. With his Six-path Mode, Roja didn’t need to use any skill, with just his pressure, most people could move.


Seeing this, Minato didn’t care anymore as he used Flying Thunder God and appeared beside Roja and pressed a Rasengan on his back.

Roja didn’t even turn around as he just received the Rasengan. He just used a Truth-Seeking Ball


With the collision of the two, the Rasengan was like a balloon as it was directly blasted.

“Earth Release: Sticky Earth Drop!”

This ninjutsu was barely used by Jiraiya.

In Konoha right now, Only Jiraiya, Sarutobi, and Minato could use ninjutsu. Even the Anbu elite couldn’t do anything under pressure.


Mud rushed from the sky toward Roja.

Roja didn’t look at it, he just raised his hand and punched the sky. A horrible amount of Chakra and pressure burst out. A huge first shape formed in the air and directly blown the ninjutsu.

Just when he released his pressure while attacking, almost the entire village collapsed, but a will that only Roja could fill appeared.

However, Roja didn’t care, he directly waved his scepter.

Under pressure released from the scepter, Sarutobi spurted blood, he avoided the attack, but still, the pressure was too much for him.

All the Anbu were sent flying along with Sarutobi.


“How can this be possible!”

Roja’s power was beyond what they could imagine.

Many people only heard of Roja’s reputation and didn’t witness his power, but at this moment, all of them were shocked.