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G.O.S.S Chapter 453: Eighth Gate!

After defeating Sarutobi, Roja’s gaze fell in the center of Konoha. He directly looked at the base of the roots.

Although Sarutobi and the others didn’t speak, Roja already guessed the mastermind behind what happened. Roja didn’t intend to let go of that guy.

“Hiding under the ground?”

Roja was indifferent, he lifted his scepter up and was about to wave it down. Doesn’t matter whether he was underground or several kilometers away, in Roja’s eyes, it didn’t matter.

Just as he was about to wave his sword, a very strong shockwave broke out from Konoha.


Chakra rose directly into the sky and attracted the attention of all ninjas, including Roja.

“This is…”

“Such a powerful chakra, this is…”

Sarutobi and the others were surprised, and everyone was shocked.

Even the civilians who were already inside the mountain felt the shock.

In a place where countless people gathered, a figure stood it its place looking plain. But the blood red steams coming out of its body was, and the violent chakra was coming from him.

Eighth Gate!

At this moment, there was only one person who could use this, and it was Gai’s father, Dai.

“That… Isn’t that Maito Dai?”

“He can release such a powerful Chakra? How?”

Many ninjas that knew Dai was shocked. At this time, Dai made people feel terrified.

Many looked down on Dai before, but at this moment, their eyes were about to come out of their socket.

“Red steam, Hachimon Tonkou’s eighth gate?”

Roja, holding his scepter, looked at Dai who was bathed in red steam and looked serious for the first time.

The Eighth gate was qualified to make him serious!

At this moment, Roja was battle hangry, because, at his level, only a few people could still give him a good fight.

“I can’t let you destroy Konoha…”

Maito Dai was determined. Under the gaze of countless people, his suddenly flashed and disappeared directly.

The eighth gate granted too much speed to the user. It was hard for people even to follow him with their eyes, let alone react. In a flash, Dai rushed at Roja.

“Evening Elephant… First Foot!”


The first punch of Maito Dai made the air vibrate as a huge white light headed toward Roja.


Roja’s eyes flashed with light, his reaction was very fast, as if he already expected it, his Scepter was directly placed in front of the first punch and turned into a shield blocking it.

Dai almost fell from the pain he felt, but he endured and flashed behind Roja.


Just as he was about to punch, his arm almost broke.

His face changed as he returned to the ground.

“So this is the pain from opening the eighth Gate? It really hurts…”

Before, Dai only opened the seventh gate, and the pain he felt now was incomparable to it.

Roja turned around and looked at Dai.

That punch made Roja feel the pressure. If his body wasn’t strong, he wouldn’t be able to resist that kind of power.

“So this is the power of the eighth gate…”

Roja took a deep breath and suddenly entered combat mode, he full of anticipation.

Originally, he thought that Dai’s power might not be as strong as future Gai, but now he felt that even if there is a gap between the two, it wasn’t that big.

At this time, Dai who fell into the ground got used to the pain and once again attacked.

“Evening Elephant… First Foot!”


Facing Dai, Roja didn’t use the Truth-Seeking Ball to defend, he directly clenched his first and used Busoshoku Haki and faced that punch with one of his own.


The two fists landed on each other and made an earth-shattering sound while the ground underneath them cracked and the shockwave released made people’s eardrums hum.


Dust flew into the sky in all directions.

The horrible force surpassed everyone’s imagination, and even Sarutobi who witnessed Hashirama and Madara’s power was shocking.

No one thought that there would be such a power in this world.

“Second Foot!”

Dai’s movement was faster as he again released a punch from Roja’s side.

Roja’s eyes were full of battle intent, but his heart was as calm as water. He had already seen what is going to happen with his Haki, he punched back at Dai.


The second strike, with Evening Elephant, was stronger than the one before. In the first collision, they were equally matched, but now, Dai had the upper hand.

Roja took the second punch, and his body shook a little.

“Third Foot!”

Dai didn’t pose as he attacked again without hesitation!