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G.O.S.S Chapter 454: Roja Vs. Dai!

Perceiving Dai’s third attack, Roja, was completely serious. After all, Madara was almost defeated by Gai while he had a Six-path’s body, but Roja still didn’t have the perfect six-path’s body yet.

With the power of Naruto’s world alone, it was hard to resist Dai’s Evening Elephant.


Roja didn’t hesitate as another force from his soul surged covering his body along with the six-path mode.

The kimono he was wearing transformed. He was holding a sword in one hand and a scepter in the other. A completely new feeling broke out from his body.

Six-path mode while using his Shinigami power.

Almost as soon as he used the Power of the Shinigami, Dai’s third punch arrived. With the sword in one hand and the scepter in the other, he directly resisted the third punch.

Roja didn’t stop as he held Sen Maboroshi and waved his sword.

“Getsuga… Tenshou!”


A crescent moon shaped sword energy suddenly emerged from the void and moved toward the position where Dai will move to.

“Fourth Foot!”

Dai was also shocked by Roja’s power, but he didn’t retreat or feel fear, his whole body moved as if shaking the world, he sent the punch.


The fourth punch rushed toward Roja’s Getsuga Tenshou and collided with it. Getsuga Tenshou held the upper hand.

After cancelling the punch, it rushed to the ground and made another gully.

“Fifth Foot!”

Dai was shocked that his fourth punch was beaten, he used his speed to avoid the sword strike and didn’t stop there as he punched the last fifth attack.

His fifth strike was so powerful that it reached the level of distorting space, and this shocked Roja.

A power of this level, whether it was Ryujin Jakka or his ice field, they wouldn’t be able to stop it.

Roja didn’t hesitate and once again raised Sen Maboroshi as if he was about to send another Getsuga Tenshou.

But this time, it was different!

When he waved the sword, another power surged in his body again, and it was different from before. This time he entered the Shinigami mode along with the six-path mode.

RukoJigan Mode!

In front of Dai, Roja finally used every bit of his power, he held Sen Maboroshi and infused his Reiatsu before sending another Getsuga Tenshou.


This move was currently his second strongest move, only weaker than Six Flashes. At the attacked moved, the void seemed to crack, and a few signs of collapse appeared.

This was Roja using the power of space, this was the power of the attack itself.


Roja’s ultimate Getsuga Tenshou rushed toward the punch and both collided. In an instant, the sun seemed to disappear as the strong light from the collision held the hopes of many people.

Almost everyone closed their eyes.

The world fell into silence for a moment.

Finally, the light started to fade away.

Not only Konoha was shrouded in that light, but even small villages by its side were also covered as well.

Wouch! Wouch!

The earth started to crack as if a new continent was trying to emerge out from this land.

The root base almost completely collapsed. Danzo, who was trying to think of a countermeasure, didn’t have any time as he was buried under the ground.

The wind blew and took away all the dust with it, revealing ninjas trying to escape and others holding building from collapsing over their heads.

When everything settled, Roja and Dai were revealed. Jiraiya saw Roja looking down without any damage.

Below Roja, Dai’s body was still releasing steam, but the most shocking thing is that his left arm disappeared and blood was constantly flowing from the wound.

“My Evening Elephant was actually…”

Dai violently gasped, shock still apparent on his face. He knew what kind of power the Eighth Gate held.

He didn’t think that that kind of power would still be resisted by Roja without making him sustain any injuries. The fifth punch was the most powerful, and even so, he was defeated, and his arm was cut off.

It was simply outrageous.

“With a normal body, you broke out with a power that could rival mine… be proud of yourself.” Roja looked at Maito Dai below and sighed. But he didn’t have any mercy as he directly waved his sword again.

Dai used evening Elephant, but it was unlikely for him to Use Night Gai. After all, from the name, you can tell that it was Gai’s own jutsu.

For an existence such as Maito Dai, Roja admired him, so he already regarded him as his opponent. So, he didn’t have any mercy, for a person who he admired, showing mercy was an insult.


Roja sword moved.

However, as he was about to finish it, a change took place.

Dozen of black shadows burst out from the collapsed underground base of the root while tearing the clothes on their chests and rushing toward Roja.

“Reverse Four Symbols Seal!”

The emotionless voice sounded at the same time and reverberated in the field. These people were completely brainwashed by the root. The seals were drawn over their bodies. At this time, the seals started to distort, trying to catch Roja directly.