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G.O.S.S Chapter 455: Shinobi’s disaster!

This scene made Sarutobi, and the others shocked.

In a short time, the situation changed.

First, Roja swept all of Konoha with absolute power, then Maito Dai appeared and seemed to be able to suppress Roja, then again Roja emerged with even more power and once again held the advantage.

The group of ninjas who at Roja, didn’t make a move from the start until now.


The Seals completely surrounded Roja. The power of this seal was a space Time kind of power, even Madara won’t be able to escape easily from it.

“Since I can’t control you… Then I will destroy you!”

Danzo appeared on the ruins far away, he was tattered, and blood dripped from the corner of his mouth, but his expression was extremely cold as he watched Roja get surrounded by the seal and about to get devoured.

But, in the next second, seals that were constantly moving suddenly stopped in the air.


As if tearing a piece of cloth, Roja’s scepter and Sen Maboroshi tore the seals apart.

“This is impossible.”

Danzo saw this, and his heart almost stopped. Roja could break the Four red yang Formation, and he directly tore apart the Four symbol seals. There is no way to confront him anymore.

The root ninjas who were brainwashed, although they had no emotion before were shocked now.

Roja’s eyes were cold as he waved his sword back. The attack directly went toward Danzo who wanted to escape, but, the attack was not ordinary, as an extreme cold force moved along with the attack turning everything in its path to ice.

Danzo wanted to escape but couldn’t, he could only watch as his body turned to ice little by little.

In the end, his body turned to ice before crumbling down.

After this, Roja’s gaze returned to Dai, however, Dai who stood in his place and breathed violently, suddenly raised his hand and a crazy momentum surged out into the sky. The power coming out from him was comparable to Roja’s.


Dai clenched his fist after lifting it up, and bloody red steam surged from his body like crazy.

The steam coming out of his body seemed like a giant.

“Night Gai? No… This is…”

Roja looked at this and was shocked, that wasn’t the stance of Night Gai, but it was without a doubt a skill with equivalent power that belonged to Night Gai.

Facing such an attack, Roja took a deep breath, and his Reiatsu surged out of his body along with Six-path’s power as it gathered in front of his body.

At this time, Dai roared and rushed toward Roja with extreme speed. The illusionary giant followed his action and clenched its fist and rushed toward Roja.

“Night Dai, Kyojin!”

“Six Flashes!”

Facing Dai’s ultimate Technique, Roja used his most powerful skill as well.

Under the gaze of countless people, a giant fist and an energy ball collided.

The collision seemed to hold power to destroy the whole universe.

The whole world felt the collision.

Wouch! Wouch!

Space started to get fragmented, and lightning flashed in the sky as if the heaven was raging.

The power of this blow was something the world didn’t witness before.

The collision was in the sky, but Konoha below was directly flattened, and everything near it also disappeared.

The Clouds in the sky formed a huge whirlpool full of lightning.

Wouch Wouch!

At this moment, even Hagoromo who was secretly watching this was shocked as he tried to contain the collapsing space.

Roja didn’t care about anything when he faced Dai, not only did he use Six Flashes, he even used Sen Maboroshi’s space power. That one blow directly made the space shatter as if it was made of glass.

Finally, space fell, and a huge black crack several kilometers spread across the sky.

Hagoromo directly used all of his power to contain the damage of the huge crack and finally could suppress it.

When the crack disappeared, Roja and Dai also were nowhere to see. Everything returned to normal as if nothing happened, but Konoha that was completely destroyed proved that everything that happened wasn’t a dream.

At the end of the third Ninja war, Roja, using his own power, completely destroyed Konoha, the most powerful ninja village in the world.

This news shook the belief of all people in this world!