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G.O.S.S Chapter 456: Changes!

Mist Village, Roja was standing on the roof wearing a loose black and white robe while overlooking the entire village.

“The Hachimon Tonkou… It’s indeed a very strong power, but unfortunately, the limitations it has is too much…”

Roja muttered as he remembered the battle with Dai.

Dai wasn’t as strong as Gai. Roja knew this very well. Because Gai’s Night Gai was strong because even Madara with his Six-Path mode couldn’t handle it.

In term of power, Gai was as strong as a high-level Six-path character, while Dai was at the primary stage at most.

Roja was a middle Six-path right now, but he could fight Dai without getting injured at all. Dai was directly devoured by the void when space tore, but Roja was unscathed as he tore space again and re-entered Naruto’s world.

While thinking about the Hachimon Tonkou’s power, Roja shook his head slightly.

“Speaking this, the Hachimon Tonkou’s limitation is risky… Gai only used Taijutsu against Madara, but the latter didn’t use any jutsu as well, if he used a Dojutsu, otherwise, no matter how strong Gai is, he wouldn’t be able to touch him.”

Roja muttered in his heart.

In fact, his battle with Dai is the same, if he used his space ability to suppress Dai directly, he would’ve won directly.

And even Gai who was at least twice as strong as Dai, wouldn’t be able to win against Minato while he used Flying Thunder God.

In the original story, Dai couldn’t kill the seven swordsmen of the mist because probably they used some movement technique to move in a different direction away from Dai, in the end, he could only kill four of them.

The power the Hachimon Tonkou granted is huge, but the limitations are also as great.

After thinking about it for some time, Roja gave up on the idea of studying the Hachimon Tonkou. He knows the road he chose to the peak, and he didn’t want to use such extreme techniques. Being greedy isn’t good.

“Without the Six-path’s body, if I encountered Gai, I would have some trouble dealing with him…”

His body now was almost a Six-path’s body.

He was a Shinigami, his soul was almost indestructible, and if he reaches the perfect Six-path’s body, he would be unkillable.

“Nature’s chakra in the Ryuchi Cave should’ve recovered by now.” Roja breathed a sigh in relief and opened a space tunnel toward the Ryuchi cave and disappeared.

The third was coming to an end, and finally, all the hard work of Konoha landed in the hands of the Mist.

With the last event, Roja’s reputation was known throughout the world, and he was even given the name of the god of Shinobi.

He was able to destroy Konoha with his own strength alone, this was beyond anyone in the world.

Konoha’s power was now history.

The Mist village soared with Mei being the fifth Mizukage, and with her ruling, no blood limit massacre happened.

More than a year passed quickly, and within this year, a lot of things happened. Such as Minato taking the Hokage’s title becoming the fourth Hokage. Orochimaru going Rogue and so on. Nothing to do with the Mist.

Inside the Ninjas School in the Mist, countless young ninjas were present on the field.

Two young ninjas were fighting in the ring.

One of them looked like a girl who was Haku. Because the blood limit purge didn’t take place in this world, he became a student in the school in the Mist.

Haku’s age was that of the lowest grade Student in the school, but the one he was fighting was someone who was about to graduate from school, and still, the latter was under pressure.


Haku was four years old and could fight against that guy without any problem at all.

“Take this!”

The boy felt anger as he was fighting a young kid and couldn’t defeat him at all, so he directly attacked with a Kunai.


Haku parried the attack, but his power was inferior, and his arm was numb.

But he was unwilling to admit defeat, he directly retreated and started making hand seals with one hand.

“Thousand Flying water Needles!”


Countless needles appeared and moved toward his enemy blocking every escape route.

One-handed printing and also using a blood limit technique, all the student and teachers were shocked seeing this.

A teacher saw that the boy won’t be able to face that attack and directly moved to block the attack and announced that Haku was the victor.

“How old is he? He already learned to use his blood limit… He is a genius of the Yuuki clan.”

Countless teachers were impressed by Haki’s talent.

In the original story, Haku relied on himself to develop his blood limit techniques while following Zabuza. His strength was above that of Naruto and Sasuke when they were at the same age. Moreover, now he was taught from an early age, the techniques passed down in his clan, making his talent apparent.

“That kid is good, if he grows in the future, he could be the next Mizukage.”

At the top of the Mizukage Tower, Mei saw this and whispered.

“Yuuki… Haku?”

Roja standing in the distance not far from Meo looked at the school, and his eyes flashed with light.

It’s true that I have already changed the world, but it appears that some things changed and others remained unchanged.