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G.O.S.S Chapter 457: Kaguya’s Rebellion!

Roja was thinking about this when suddenly, Kurenai appeared on the roof of the Mizukage tower. She was surprised when she saw Roja, and she immediately bowed.


Roja nodded at her and smiled: “You seem stronger than before.”

Kurenai was embarrassed as she said: “Just a little bit…”

In the last year, Kurenai and Mei got stronger at a rapid pace. Mei finally learned her blood limit selection and her strength soared.

Although Kurenai didn’t jump in strength with the same pace as Mei, her chakra was in the level of a Kage and with her Genjutsu, she was slightly weaker than Mei.

When Roja wasn’t absorbing nature’s chakra from the three lands, he was giving the two of them pointers.

Although he was almost god-like existence in the world, he was still striving for power. He didn’t have any change in his heart because of power, and like always he was indifferent to his enemies and good to the people around him.

“You just saw that child, Haku, what can you say about him?” Mei saw Kurenai and directly rushed toward her and asked.

Kurenai nodded and said: “He has the Ice release blood limit, and it’s already awakened. His only drawback is that his heart is too soft. In the previous battle, he could’ve killed his opponent several times, but he didn’t do it.”

“That’s my conclusion.”

Mei nodded when she heard Kurenai’s words and immediately said: “The ninja school already submitted his application for earlier graduation. With his strength, it’s useless to let him stay in the school, but his heart is too soft, so I will make him join the Anbu.”

Kurenai was a part of the Mist now, and she was the commander of the Anbu. But her position was, in fact, equal to Mei, it’s the same as an elder.

“Anbu? He could only take the test first.”

Kurenai’s eyes sank as she responded. The ninjas in the Anbu are elites of elites. Although Haku was strong, he was young and still not qualified to be part of the Anbu.

Mei nodded and said: “I meant to send him to the Anbu to hone his heart.”

When her voice fell, Mei looked at the side and smiled, she revealed her feminine charm and asked: “Does Roja-sama has any advice?”

“No, you decide.”

Roja yawned and didn’t care much. It’s just that Haku’s appearance reminded him of the original story.

In the past year, his body was perfectly transformed into a Six-path’s body, and he was close to an immortal now.

In addition, his six paths power increased, and he now could form five Truth-seeking ball instead of three. Sen Maboroshi’s space increased by a lot, and he took a step forward toward the eighth stage.

If before the odds when fighting Hagoromo were against him, now they were equally matched.

After all, the Six-path’s body was the foundation toward immortality.

“I have the power to protect myself and my people, but I’m still weak to try getting the Chakra fruit…”

At the thought of Kaguya controlling six spaces, Roja felt the pressure. He had the power to protect himself but gaining that power was still somewhat difficult.

After gaining the perfect Six-path’s body, it’s difficult to improve further. And getting another surge of power was unlikely to happen in a short period.

The difference between Six-path intermediate level and the high-level was apparent to Roja. In fact, taking the step into the high level was extremely difficult.

Madara had the Ten tails and the Rennigan and was still in the intermediate level. Compared to Kaguya, he wasn’t strong.

It can be said that the people in the world won’t be able to reach the high-level Six-path, even for Madara, it was impossible.

For Roja, there wasn’t any limit line in front of him. He only needed to continue absorbing Nature’s chakra step by step, enhancing the power of the Six-path and space.

When Sen Maboroshi enters the eighth stage, he will experience a transformation that would make him directly rush to the High-Level Six-path or even higher.

On a village dozen of miles away from the Mist village lives the Kaguya clan, one of the blood limit clans and one of the strongest clans.

“I will use Kimimaru tonight. I had enough of that woman’s rule.”

The clan head of the Kaguya clan stood in a room and talked to the higher-ups in the clan.

The Kaguya clan was a clan born to fight. They all were fearless.

On the third war, the clan gained a lot of reputation for their killings. Because whenever one appeared, the battle would always end by their hands.

But they had some disadvantages, the love for war was in their bones. They just wanted to fight, and it didn’t matter why.

“These few women and Roja… Kill them all!”

The higher ups of the Kaguya clan yelled in excitement as if every cell in his body was boiling from excitement.

All of them had the same expression, it didn’t matter to them whether they win or lose, all they cared about was fighting.

After the orders were issued, no one objected to it. Instead, they were all excited. Since the end of the third war, they didn’t fight and started living peacefully, which was irritating for them.

At night, dozens of Kaguya clan members gathered in an open space with Kimimaru, who was regarded as the secret weapon of the clan.

“Now we will start our attack on the Mist Village, we will let them know the power of the Kaguya clan.”

The clan head said, and all the other members sneered and started moving.

Kimimaru was still in the same place with a cute expression on his face.

“What are you waiting for Kimimary, let’s go.”

The clan head waved at Kimimary and said.

Kimimaru didn’t know what to do as he asked: “What should I do?”

“Don’t think too much, just kill the people of the Mist, kill Roja…” The clan head showed a cruel smile and said: “You just have to act according to your instinct.”

Kimimaru still didn’t understand, but he still nodded and jumped with the rest of his clan and rushed toward the Mist village.