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G.O.S.S Chapter 458: Encountering Orochimaru!

The sound of battle could be heard inside the Mist village.

The sudden attack of the Kaguya clan was unexpected. This made the Mist village fall into a slight confusion state for a while.

Fortunately, Mei response was very fast. When she discovered the rebellion of the Kaguya clan, she immediately ordered the Anbu to suppress them.

The fights were still continuing, while two figures were standing outside the Mist village.

One of them seemed really sinister. He had black hair which was fluttering in the wind and snake-like Pupils. With just a glance you, anyone would feel chill in his heart. He was Orochimaru.

Standing in front of Orochimaru was one of the Anbu from the Mist. She was Kurenai, the first person to perceive Orochimaru’s arrival.

“I didn’t expect in such a short while, the little girl who followed Roja would become the Anbu commander in the Mist village…”

Orochimaru looked at Kurenai in front of him with shining eyes which looked evil but different from before.

Orochimaru’s perception was powerful, so he could tell that Kurenai’s chakra level was not inferior to his.

“What are you doing in the Mist? was this rebellion your plan?”

Kurenai followed Roja for a long time and served as the Anbu commander for some time now, she didn’t fear Orochimaru. She already stopped a few rebels before. She just looked at Orochimaru calmly.

Orochimaru spread his hands and smiled before saying: “Don’t misunderstand, I don’t like weak people who can’t adapt to the change, I had nothing to do with this, I was just passing by.”

“Do you think I’d believe you?”

Kurenai looked coldly at Orochimaru. The Kaguya clan suddenly rebelled, and Orochimaru happened to appear nearby. She really didn’t believe that there is no connection between the two. Instead, she snorted and her temperament changed while looking at Orochimaru dangerously.

“If you don’t believe me, what can you do to me?”

He was jealous of Roja, not Kurenai. Although her chakra wasn’t inferior to him, and she was definitively a strong opponent, but he was Orochimaru, how can he lose in front of a junior?

When she heard his words, Kurenai’s eyes turned colder, and chakra started to stir up preparing for battle.

Just as Kurenai was about to start the fight, one hand came from behind her and touched her shoulder.

At the same time, a sound was heard.

“I believe that you just happened to be here.”

Roja appeared from the darkness behind Kurenai. He only said this to Orochimaru while looking calmly at him.

When Orochimaru saw Roja, his pupil shrunk, seeing Roja look at him for two seconds, he decided to withdraw.

“Sorry for the disturbance.”

“No problem.”

Roja didn’t care. He was indifferent as he glanced at Mei, who was leading the Anbu and shook his head.

The people of the Kaguya clan were good, but their sudden change was abnormal, except for Kimimaru who seemed normal. This rebellion didn’t happen in the original story and was inexplicable.

Now, the Mist village was still in control, and it was irrational to rebel.

If this was the case, then let this clan disappear the same way as the original story.

Roja’s attitude against blood limit clans was dull. He seemed like he controlled the Mist village, but actually, he was just looking for a place to live in. Even if there were no ninjas in the village, he would live there with ordinary people.

Kurenai bowed her head toward Roja, then she looked at him for a long time before looked at the direction of the village and said.


“Go on, don’t stay here.”

Roja looked at Kurenai casually.

Kurenai nodded and jumped directly to join the fight.

Seeing that She left, Orochimaru who wanted to leave, felt his life threatened when he stood before Roja.

And almost when he was about to leave, a small figure appeared from outside the village. When the figure saw Roja and Orochimaru, he hesitated for a bit before choosing to rush at Roja.

It was Kimimaru.

At this time, Kimimaru was only seven years old, he held a bone sword in his hand as he rushed at Roja. The Kaguya clan’s weapon is their bones, and these bones were harder than steel.

Kimimaru directly rushed at Roja with his bone sword and stabbed at Roja.

Roja looked at Kimimaru, and his eyes flashed curiously as he pinched his fingers together against the bone swords.

Kimimaru felt an incredible amount of force pressing on his sword before it directly shattered.

“Ten finger Drilling bullets!”

Kimimaru almost instinctively stopped advancing as he moved backward while his fingers were pointing at Roja. Ten bullets rushed out of his fingers toward Roja.

Roja didn’t even look at them, as he directly waved his hand, and the attack returned toward Kimimaru.

“This child…”

Orochimaru looked at this and stopped his actions, he was about to leave, but his eyes changed when he saw Kimimaru and couldn’t help praising him.

At such a young age, he can make such a quick judgement in battle. Although it didn’t matter when he was facing Roja, he was a natural warrior. Although he had his own thoughts, he immediately thought of Roja and dismissed any thoughts he had and left directly disappearing in the darkness.