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G.O.S.S Chapter 459: Kimimaro!


Seeing that his attack had no effect on Roja, Kimimaro understood that the person in front of him was strong.

But he was someone from the Kaguya clan, not only was he born a warrior and wasn’t afraid of death, so he once again attacked.

“You’re desperately attacking me, do you want to kill me that much?”

When Roja saw Kimimaro attack him again, he blinked and asked while laughing.

Kimimaro heard Roja’s question and replied: “Well, my goal is to kill people from the Mist and Roja.”

When he heard a seven- or eight-years-old kid wanted to kill him, Roja smiled and looked at him with great interest as he said: “Do you know who is Roja?”

“Oh, I don’t know him.”

Kimimaro attacked Roja again and didn’t listen to him.

When Roja stopped Kimimaro, he couldn’t help smile and say: “You don’t even know him, why would you want to kill him?”

Kimimaro stood in his place with a blank face. He didn’t know why he was doing this, he just heard the command from the clan head and obeyed.

From an early age, he was regarded as a monster and was locked in a cage, he didn’t live like a normal kid at all.

Roja shook his head slightly. No wonder Orochimaru could brainwash this kid with a few words. He was as pure and innocent as a newborn.

Roja suddenly thought about Kimimaro’s blood limit.

That blood limit came from Kaguya herself, and it should be powerful. Even the body of the user is close to the sage’s body.

“Although it’s too weak to be compared to Kaguya, there is a certain connection between the two, perhaps I could see the power of Kaguya through the Kaguya clan.”

Roja perceived the power contained inside Kimimaro and mattered to himself.

For a child like Kimimaro, he could easily be brainwashed.

After learning that the person he wanted to kill was the one in front of him, he felt odd, but he still kept up with Roja’s footsteps.

“I don’t know the meaning of my existence. I only know that only with fights can I prove myself.”

Roja took Kimimaro all the way toward the Mist Village. At this time, the battle has come to an end, and the Kaguya clan members were scattered all over the place.

They weren’t afraid of death as they rushed forward without hesitation toward their death.

The group led by Mei held the advantage and circled around them. The remaining Kaguya clan Members were like a trapped beast, but they still wanted to fight.

When a few ninjas saw Kimimaro, they knew he was a member of the Kaguya clan, so they rushed toward him, but as soon as they saw Roja beside him, they stopped directly and saluted Roja.



Roja coming here made everyone who saw him rush toward him. Roja didn’t care, after glancing at the battle, seeing Mei and Kurenai, he led Kimimaro back to the Mizukage tower.

Although Haku was talented, he was softhearted. On the other hand, Kimimaro was decisive and unafraid of death, which made Roja pick him.

Kimimaro had a self-healing ability comparable with having Sage’s body, what’s more, he had the Kaguya blood limit, which has a huge potential.

In addition to helping Hancock absorb Nature Chakra, Roja decided to take a disciple.

After a while, the fights finally settled down, and the bodies of countless Kaguya clan members were piled up in an open space. Kurenai commanded the Anbu to clean up the mess while Mei returned to the Mizukage tower.

When she entered, she saw Roja with Kimimaro.

When she saw that Kimimaro was one of the Kaguya, she narrowed her eyes.


Mei first greeted Roja then immediately reported to him. Roja listened before finally saying.

“The Kaguya clan doesn’t exist anymore. This is Kimimaro, he is my disciple… Arrange for him to be part of the Anbu.”

Kimimaro was still young, and it’s early for Roja to teach him the sage Mode. And for ordinary chakra control and physical power, Roja didn’t intend to teach him personally.

When Mei heard Roja’s words, she looked strangely at Kimimaro and was slightly horrified. Roja’s… Disciple?!

Roja was strong beyond anyone’s imagination, and this kid was accepted as his disciple. This little kid from the Kaguya clan is really in luck.

When she looked at him, she could tell that he didn’t understand Roja’s status and what kind of power would be his disciple brings him. Mei couldn’t help but mutter.

“What do you want?”

Roja looked at her and smiled. He moved his hand and pinched her cheek and said: “I will let you handle this first. I will go back now.”

After that, Roja didn’t wait for Mei’s reaction as he walked toward the darkness once again and disappeared.

Mei touched her cheek and blushed, and at the same time, she couldn’t help but mutter. Is there a teacher like Roja who just accept a student and throw him at other people to train?

However, since he was already accepted by Roja, his status won’t be shaken no matter what. Mei sighed helplessly and said to Kimimaro: “Follow me.”


The young Kimimaro was well behaved.