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G.O.S.S Chapter 460: Kyuubi’s Attack!

Mist village, in the deepest part, Roja and Hancock were in a spacious room that only them and the two maids could enter. Roja was standing beside the window, looking at the dark sky.

The sky was full of stars as if it represented other worlds.

Roja’s gaze seemed to cross the void and to look through the planes, and the last stop for it is the world of bleach, where Aizen controlled the Hogyoku. And Yamamoto is the captain commander and the king of Quincy, Yhwach is preparing for his comeback.

After all, Naruto’s world is just a temporary stop in Roja’s journey.

Roja knew the entire plot of Naruto, and although there is someone who could threaten him, his knowledge will help him overcome everything.

He knew everything the other person can do.

But, Bleach’s world is different. Like Yhwach who knew everything, the captain of the 0 squad who controls everything in black, and the soul king…

Once he steps into the world of bleach, he would be directly exposed to these beings, not like Naruto’s world.

In Naruto’s world, there aren’t many variables. It can be said that everything was under control and was developing in the direction he wants.

“What are you thinking about?”

At this time, a figure came from his back and gently wrapped her arms around his neck before speaking.

Without looking back, Roja knew that this was Hancock. His thoughts scattered as he caught Hancock’s white hands and smiled: “I’m thinking about the Future.”

Hancock didn’t move, she let Roja hold her hands and asked: “How is the training?”

“If there isn’t an accident, it will take some time to go higher… According to my calculations, we still have time.”

Roja responded.

The two of them moved back from the window and sat on the bed. Roja laid down lazily and leaned on Hancock.

Hancock grinned.

However, just when they were getting started, Roja opened his eyes suddenly, and his expression changed. He turned his head and looked at one direction.

“What happened?”

Hancock’s attention was fully on Roja, so his movement didn’t escape her eyes. She felt strange at first before looking immediately at the direction Roja was looking at.

In her perception, she could feel a strong chakra coming from far away.

“Is it Konoha?”

Roja’s eyes flashed a little.

Judging from the chakra they felt, it was deep inside the country of fire, and it was felt from here, so I was extraordinary.

After a while, Roja thought about the source of the chakra.

The Kyuubi!

Unsurprisingly, today was Naruto’s birthday, the day when Obito took control of the Kyuubi and attacked Konoha.

“Uchiha Obito…”

Roja’s eyes flashed, most of the Mist village problems before was because of Obito. He remembers it very clearly.

After that incident, Roja planned on finding Obito. As a result, Obito was hiding in the corner of the world.

“Although yous till need to complete the resurrection of the Ten tails, but… this task doesn’t need many people.”

Roja stood up and said to Hancock: “I’m going out.”


Hancock nodded and didn’t ask what Roja was going to do. She was the proud pirate empress in front of others, but with Roja, she was just an obedient wife.


Because of the fight between Roja and Dai, Konoha was built in the north of the old place.

Ninjas were quick to rebuild a village. They actually completed it in about a month.

Under the dark sky, not far from Konoha, a space tunnel appeared, and a masked Uchiha emerged. After landing, he looked at the direction of Konoha with coldness.

This was the place he loved the most, but now, that love turned to hatred.

He wants to destroy the world and rebuild it with Rin, no one can stop him, everything in this world will be controlled by him.

“Konoha… I will make you pay first.”

Obito bit his finger and immediately made a few seals before hitting the ground with his palm.

“Summoning Jutsu!”


A huge smoke screen appeared, and the Kyuubi with Sharingan eyes appeared. He was being controlled by Obito. The Kyuubi directly snarled and moved toward Konoha.

The appearance of the Kyuubi alerted all the ninjas in Konoha.

Many ninjas looked at this and were horrified.

“It’s the Kyuubi!”

“Quickly report to the Hokage!”

Looking at the raging Kyuubi, everyone was stunned as they felt the terrifying chakra from the Kyuubi.

For the ordinary ninjas, Roja and the Kyuubi were something incomprehensible for them.

Wouch! Wouch!

Many ninjas were trying to stop it, but no ninjutsu actually worked.

With one tail sweep, all ninjutsu’s collapsed and a few ninjas were directly sent flying.

“Damn! Why is the Kyuubi…”

Sarutobi seemed older then he was in the original story, he was alarmed by the Kyuubi. He stood on a roof and looked at it raging.

At the same time, he knew that this was bad.

Orochimaru went Rogue to his disappointment, Jiraiya was nowhere to be found, and Tsunade was still mourning. Konoha could only try resisting the Kyuubi without them.

The four violet flames formation was useless in front of the Kyuubi, and there wasn’t enough manpower to make the four red Yang formation.


Sarutobi took a deep breath to calm down and ordered the civilians and children to evacuate.