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G.O.S.S Chapter 461: Kamui doesn’t work!

G.O.S.S Chapter 461: Kamui doesn’t work!

Outside of Konoha, while the Kyuubi was attacking, Obito wasn’t fighting Minato like it should’ve been because almost as soon as the Kyuubi attacked, another person appeared before Obito.

And unlike the original story, Obito didn’t give his Sharingan to Kakashi, he had both eyes now.

“You? Why are you here?”

Under the dark sky, Roja looked at Obito. He looked at his mask indifferently.

“Should I call you Tobi, or… Uchiha Obito?”

Roja’s voice made Obito’s heart tremble.

He didn’t expect Roja to know his identity directly, but he directly calmed down.

“I don’t know who that is and I’m a nobody… Are you here to save Konoha? That shouldn’t be something you would do.”

Roja destroyed Konoha before, and he shouldn’t care about it.

Roja didn’t answer but still stared at Obito’s Sharingan. Roja’s eyes were normal, like everybody else, but Obito felt endless pain from them.

The atmosphere started to change, and the air seemed heavier.

Suddenly Roja opened his mouth and said calmly: “Last year, the Mist chasing after my maid, it was you’re doing right?”

Roja’s words made Obito shake. His face became cold. He finally knew why Roja was here, he came for him.

Since he was an enemy, there is no need to talk anymore.

“Does it matter, it something irrelevant.”

Obito coldly said, his Sharingan was slowly rotating.

At this time, Obito already inherited many techniques from Madara, he also learned about many things that were kept hidden in the world. If the ninja world was a chess board, then he was the player that should arrange the board.

In the original story, Obito wanted to directly abandon Madara’s plan and make the infinite Tsukuyomi himself.

Now, no one would be able to manipulate him, or so he thought.

“You’re saying that it doesn’t matter?”

Roja smiled, and Sen Maboroshi emerged from nowhere and hovered in front of him. The atmosphere suddenly changed and became colder.

“Bankai! Hakka No Togame!”

Cold force emerged from his body and swept all directions.

In an instant, it seemed like winter has come.

Obito’s face changed, and without hesitation, he directly used Kamui, but even while he avoided his attack, he still felt the cold.

In the battle between Roja and Dai, he watched the battle from far away. The power of the Eighth Gate was already shocking, but Roja still suppressed it and even broke the space.

If there is someone Obito was really jealous of in this world, then it would be Roja.

Jealousy aside, Obito had his own pride, Roja could break space, but his Sharingan could control another dimension.


Obito directly ignored Roja’s attack, and his Sharingan transformed directly.



A black vortex appeared directly twisting and tearing on Roja’s body, forcing Roja’s to use his power of space directly.

In the original story, Obito had only one Sharingan which could only teleport him from and to the dimension of Kamui, he didn’t have any kind of attack ability.

But now he also had the power of the other eye that Kakashi had. The power that could be exerted with both eyes is not something like one plus one equals two, it was far stronger than that.

Combination close and far distance, attack, and defense.

Even Roja sighed by the power of his eyes, if he had the choice between the eyes of Shisui, Itachi, Sasuke, and Obito, he would definitively choose Obito’s.


Facing Obito’s attack, Roja directly grasped Sen Maboroshi and waved it. The void was directly torn.

“Kamui was actually cut!”

Although he knew that Roja had the power to destroy space, his heart shook when he saw him destroy his attack.

Roja held his Sen Maboroshi and stepped forward, he flashed and appeared beside Obit and stabbed his sword at him.

Void Thorn!

Did he get a Sharingan with the power of space? He also had the power of space, so what.

Seeing Roja’s attack, Obito felt that his life would end if he receives it directly. He directly used the observation power of his Sharingan and moved aside to avoid it.


Roja’s sword directly stabbed in Obito’s shoulder which was in the Kamui. After hitting him, Obito thought that the attack won’t hit him as he used his Kamui. But unfortunately, Roja’s attack seemed to pierce the void and directly went for Obito’s actual shoulder.

This time, Obito failed to avoid Roja’s attack, his left arm was directly hit by Roja’s attack.

Obito was stunned as he couldn’t believe that Roja’s attack cut through the void and directly went for him inside the Kamui.

His Kamui doesn’t work against Roja!