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G.O.S.S Chapter 462: Izanagi!


With a hand on his shoulder, Obtio bit his teeth and directly used Susanoo.

Obito had both eyes, so he can naturally use Susanoo, and since half of his body had the cells of Hashirama, his Susanoo was stronger than other Uchihas.

The powerful chakra seemed to materialize directly.

The appearance of a Susanoo alarmed Konoha.

“That is… Susanoo? Did the Uchiha has someone who could use Mangekyu Sharingan?”

Sarutobi was waving his stuff while fighting with the Kyuubi when he saw the Susanoo and was shocked.

Since Madara, only a few people had the Mangekyu Sharingan, and even amongst them, fewer could use Susanoo.

Sarutobi knew that this was the real power of the Sharingan, but he didn’t expect someone would have that power.

“Mangekyu Sharingan…”

In addition to Sarutobi, Fugaku looked at the Susanoo, and his heart shook from shock.

Magekyu Sharingan controlled the Kyuubi, as the head of the Uchiha clan, he knew this very well. He felt that the situation with the Kyuubi was sudden, and now he was clear on the situation.

Someone secretly planned this.

Moreover, it was an Uchiha who did it.

“Who is it?”

Fugako was suspicious, and his brows were wrinkled, and many names flashed in his mind, but he shook his head as soon as he thought about each name. He couldn’t find any clue.


Obito released his Susanoo, but he wasn’t like Madara with three heads and six arms. A sword was hanging from his waist.

Facing Roja, Obito didn’t hesitate to use his Susanoo. He directly controlled it and attacked Roja with black Shurikens.

“Kamui Shuriken!”

Obito shouted and directly threw the Shuriken at Roja. The Shuriken was full of the power of space as they moved through the air.


Roja held Sen Maboroshi with both hands and was in a swinging posture before directly waving his sword.


Space was torn by Roja’s sword, and a dark crack appeared in the sky, Obito’s shurikens collided with Roja’s attack and made a horrible sound.

Space directly distorted and swallowed the shurikens.

Almost as soon as they disappeared, Obito moved directly, pulled his sword, and waved it at Roja’s head.

“Kamui… Slash!”

Like the shurikens, the slash contained the power of space as well. As long as it touches something, it would distort space and make it vanish directly.

Facing this, Roja still didn’t care, because even without the power of space, his six paths body could forcibly stop the space distortion.

Kamui’s space wasn’t in Naruto’s world.


Roja held his sword in both hands and waved his sword again.

Sen Maboroshi was like a toothpick in front of Susanoo’s sword, but as soon as they collided, it blocked the attack.

The power of space was constantly conflicting with each other, and the sound of thunder was constantly heard. Roja’s attacks focused on cutting the void while Obito’s made space distort.

Space cutting and distortion were different, and it was hard to guess which was better.

But, the gap between Roja and Obito was huge.

Not only does Roja have the power of the Six-path, but he was also a , and with Sen Maboroshi, he had unlimited potential.

However, Obito only had his Sharingan, he didn’t have the body or power of the six-path, how can he compete with Roja?

Almost after a few seconds, Roja’s sword cut through the void and directly destroyed Obito’s attack.


The power of Roja’s sword attack wasn’t reduced, it directly swept at Obito’s Susanoo, and it was directly divided into two.

“This monster…”

At this time, Obito couldn’t believe this. He took a deep breath, and he understood that he won’t be able to confront Roja, at least not until he becomes the Ten-Tails Jinchuriki.

“I should leave!”

Obito directly looked at Roja with jealousy and was ready to retreat.

However, Roja already foresaw this. It wasn’t easy to leave in front of Roja.

Obito had the Kamui, and his speed was double of that in the original.

But, in front of Roja, he wasn’t fast at all.

Roja had the ability to predict the future, he took one step and directly flashed in front of Obito as the sword fell.

Void Thorn!

This time, Obito, who was clam, couldn’t remain that way anymore. He was horrified as he tried to avoid Roja’s strike, but in the end, he failed.


Roja’s sword directly annihilated the Space vortex that Obito made at the same time, he cut his body in two.

Roja didn’t stop, as the void cracked along Obito’s body.

Blood splashed.

The void cracks finally receded, and Obito’s eyes were closed, and he still didn’t fall down.

However, almost when his body fell down, something strange happened as his body disappeared silently.

“Oh… Izanagi!”

Looking at this scene, Roja was surprised at the corner of his mouth raised.

After his body disappeared, it didn’t appear again, because he directly went inside Kamui as soon as he was revived by the Izanagi.

Roja put away Sen Maboroshi and glanced at Konoha that was being attacked by the Kyuubi.

“Indra and Ashura’s chakra… Uchiha Sasuke and Uzumaki Naruto. It seems like this didn’t change…”

After a sigh, Roja took a step and disappeared.