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G.O.S.S Chapter 463: 2 Years Later.

In a dark and damp underground, a space vortex emerged, and Obito’s figure appeared from it and fell to the ground.

“God… Damn it!”

Obito gasped fiercely while clenching his teeth, and one of his hand was on his eye. After a long time, he let go of his hand, and only one eye remained.

To escape, he had to use the forbidden Jutsu, Izanagi at the cost of one of his eyes.

“Your plan to destroy Konoha seemed to have costed you dearly!”

The Black and White Zetsu emerged from the ground as he said to Obito while laughing a little.

Obito snorted, although he was very angry, he wasn’t angry at While Zetsu, with his character, he even ridiculed Madara before.

Black Zetsu said with a hoarse voice: “Controlling the Kyuubi doesn’t benefit your plan, you were willing to go alone and paid the price…”

As he said this, his eyes flashed without Obito noticing.

Other’s may not know about Roja’s fight with Hagoromo, but he was Kaguya’s third son who was always hiding in the dark. In order to resurrect Kaguya, he manipulated the world behind the scene.

Hagoromo was monitoring the world, and when Black Zetsu discovered this, he was shocked. And when Roja fought with him, he felt unbelievable.

He knew everything that happened in the last thousand years, but he didn’t know anyone like Roja.

“That guy… He is definitively isn’t from this world.”

Black Zetsu was extremely jealous of Roja. Without the power of the Ten-Tails, he could fight Hagoromo, and what’s more, he didn’t have any information about him. There is no doubt that he wasn’t from this world.

Black Zetsu manipulated everything, even Hashirama, and Madara, but Roja came from another world and was completely out of his control.

Black Zetsu inherited Kaguya’s will. He knew that Kaguya wanted to take all chakra before someone from the distant world comes and take it.

Roja seemed to be one of Kaguya’s enemies.

“He appeared without any expectation, and his power is much stronger than what I expected.”

Obito took a deep breath and calmed down.

White Zetsu said: “Your strength is greatly reduced by the loss of that eye, this would make it difficult for us to complete our plan.

“Not too bad.”

After Black Zetsu’s eyes flashed, he said with a hoarse voice: “More than half of your body is made with Hashirama’s cells, it could slowly reduce the side effect.”


Hearing this, Obito was excited, he knew that if he lost one of his eyes, his power would drop.

Not only the speed of his Kamui, but he also won’t be able to use Susanoo anymore, which means he would lose half of his power if not more.

Now that he heard this, he was naturally happy.

“The process is a bit of a hassle, but it can still be done, you need to collect some things first, you need to go back to Konoha and look for…”

Black Zetsu whispered calmly as he described how to restore his eye.

Obito listened, and his face constantly changed before he nodded.

After thinking for a while, Obito asked.

“What is the situation with Nagato?”

“All are in control… We can’t confront the five Villages, and we can fight Roja even more, I’m afraid we need to wait for a while.”

Two years later, in the Mist village.

In the back mountain beside the Mist village, usually, ninjas occasionally come here and confront each other.

Wouch! Wouch!

In an open space behind the mountain, a dozen ninjas of the Mist were training in pairs.

The most shocking scene was the fight between two kids.

“Ten Finger Drilling Bullets.”

“Ice release: Ice wall!”

Kimimaru attacked, and Haku without hesitation directly made an Ice wall in front of him.

Wouch! Wouch! Wouch!

Kimimaru’s attack hit the wall and made a hole in it, but when it penetrated it, it lost strength and was directly swept by Haku.

“Thousand flying water needles of death!”

Haku wasn’t willing to show any weakness, he directly attacked after blocking Kimimaru’s attack. Numerous needles condensed in the air and moved toward Kimimaru.


Kimimaru jumped and avoided the Needles, only a few hit him, and it only made him a little stiff without penetrating his body.

Kimimaru stopped slightly before continuing moving forward toward Haku and waved his hands.


The dazzling battle continued between the two.

Both of them were having a good fight.

Just when they consumed most of their chakra and physical strength, a burst of applause sounded from the distance as two figures walked toward them.

Among the two was the commander of the Anbu, Kurenai, she looked at Haku and Kimimaru with appreciation in her face.

And with her was Roja.

“Captain! Roja-sama!”

The Anbu seeing Roja and Kurenai directly saluted while being nervous and excited at the same time, especially when they saw Roja.

In the Mist village, Kurenai and Mei had the highest positions, but many people knew that Roja was the leader behind the scene.

Moreover, Roja represented their glory, so when they saw him, they were always excited.