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G.O.S.S Chapter 464: Teaching Haki!

After two years, Kimimaro and Haku received special training in the Anbu, their strength increased rapidly. At this time, they already have the strength of a Jonin.

If their chakra control increases, they would easily reach the level of Special Jonin. When the original story period starts, they would at least be at that level.

Kimimaro and Haku’s talents surprised Kurenai. She wasn’t a genius in Konoha, and if it wasn’t for Roja, she wouldn’t even be compared to Kimimaro and Haku now.

“What do you think?”

Kurenai looked at Roja and asked.

In the Mist village, she could contact Roja any time she wanted, in addition to Hancock, only she and Mei had that privilege, and she was happy just walking outside with Roja.

“Not bad.”

Roja replied casually, but he didn’t decide what to do yet. Even when they are at this level, he still didn’t praise them.

However, Roja’s sentence was already good, because Haku and Kimimaro both felt flattered by it. Haku had Roja as his role model, and Kimimaro only obeyed Roja without any question asked.

Noticing their attitude, Roja smiled and thought for a bit, then he said to Kimimaro: “Come here, attack me with the best thing you can do.”


Kimimaro quickly responded without hesitation. He was clear about the power gap between him and Roja, and he knew that Roja was testing him. So he quickly rushed toward him and attacked.

The power of his Blood limit was a purely physical attack.


Roja stretched his hand and grabbed Kimimaro’s fist and blocked it.

“Your physical strength isn’t bad…”

Roja showed a thoughtful look.

In the past two years, other than visiting the three Holy lands, he was studying the Kaguya blood limit.

It’s a pity because Kimimaro’s bones were far from being the same as Kaguya. Maybe if Kmimiaru had the body of the Sage or higher, he would find something interesting.

Although he couldn’t know the strength of his bones, he studied his body thoroughly and found that his physical strength was far from other people and his resilience was also extraordinary, it was comparable to the body of the Sage.

The only problem was that he had that disease the same as in the original story.

However, Roja was already a six-path existence, that disease won’t be a problem for him.

From that punch, Roja judged Kimimaro’s power and condition. After thinking a little, he said: “Your physical strength is barely enough for me to teach you.”

After saying this, Roja looked at Haku and said: “Your strength is also enough for Kurenai to teach you the perception technique.”

Roja intended to teach Kimimaru Busoshoku Haki, and made Kurenai teach Haku the kenbushoku Haki.

Kimimaro was the disciple he recognized, and Haku left a good impression on him.


Kurenai looked at Roja in surprise, since Roja mentioned the perception, she knew exactly what he meant, and she was surprised because Roja never allowed her to pass it to anyone, but now she could teach this to Haku.

“It’s ok.”

Roja nodded at Kurenai.

Kurenai saw this and directly looked at Haku, she couldn’t help think about how lucky this little guy was.

Of course, the luckiest one was Kimimaro. When she first learned that he was Roja’s disciple, she was shocked and envied him.

“Come with me.”

Roja looked at Kimimaro and said.

Kimimaro directly followed Roja without saying anything. As they reached a tree in the distance, Roja stopped.

Roja raised his head and took a leaf from the tree and said: “What do you think about this leaf?”

Kimimaro looked at it and didn’t understand what Roja meant, but he still replied.


Roja held the leaf and smiled at Kimimaro before saying: “Take out your bone sword.”

Kimimaro nodded and extended his palm, suddenly a bone came out from his hand as he held it.

Roja pinched the leaf and looked at the bone sword in Kimimaro’s hand.


A common leaf fell on the bone, but on the way, it was suddenly covered in black and cut the bone from the middle.

Kimimaro’s eyes suddenly widened.

Roja’s strength was clear if he used a finger, he could break the bone sword, but the problem is that he used an ordinary leaf to do so.

It’s incredible that a normal leaf in Roja’s hand could be stronger than his bone sword.

“Do you understand?”

After Roja cut the bone sword, he asked Kimimaro with a smile.

Kimimaro was still shocked and shook his head. He didn’t feel any chakra at all. He couldn’t understand how that leaf could cut his bone sword.

Roja smiled slightly and threw away that leaf. He said: “Since you don’t understand, then listen, this is a way to get stronger using…”