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G.O.S.S Chapter 465: The Otsutsuki Clan on the moon!

Listening to Roja’s teaching, Kimimaro was sometimes thinking and sometimes confused. He resisted asking a question before Roja finished talking. After seeing that Roja stopped talking, he whispered some questions to Roja.

Roja answered Kimimaro’s questions.

After hearing the answers, Kimimaro seemed to understand everything, and he nodded at Roja and said: “No problem, Sensei!”

“Then, you can go to practice.”

Roja’s serious and calm expression, turned into a gentle one as he smiled at Kimimaro and immediately turned around and moved.

Roja took a look at Kurenai teaching Haku, then he moved from his place into a high place while overlooking the entire village.

Standing there, Roja thought about the past two years, his six-path power is already at the peak of the initial stage, and anytime it could break through into the mid-stage.

His Sen Maboroshi was at Seventh stage +8, he was getting closer to the eighth stage. His space was getting closer to the space controlled by Kamui.

If he can surpass the size of the Kamui dimension, he won’t need to use space power like Void Thorn anymore, he can use his space to suppress Obito completely.

When Roja was still there, the sky started to dim, and a bright red moon suddenly hangs in the sky.

Suddenly Roja’s brows wrinkled as he felt strange.

“This chakra…”

How far was the moon from earth, Roja wasn’t clear about this, but even with such a long distance, he could feel the chakra coming from the moon, it’s obvious that this chakra was strong and comparable to the power of Hagoromo.

This made Roja a little bit surprised. In his Memory, he recalled that Hagoromo’s brother was on the moon. In the original story, his descendants tried to destroy the world but were stopped by Naruto…

The question is, shouldn’t this happen after the fourth war? Which should take place after ten years or so, but now the strong chakra was felt from the moon.

“Is it because of my presence in this world? The moon…”

Roja’s eyes flashed, as he thought: “I don’t know how much the concentration of nature chakra is there in the moon, but it should be strong, or else how could they survive there?”

Roja looked at the moon in the sky, and his eyes were shining with a strange light.

On the moon, in an extremely vast area, the ground collapsed, and cracks appeared everywhere, blood and corpses filled the place as if a war was taking place.

After Hagoromu and Humura defeated Kaguya and sealed her, Humura lived on the moon and his descendants were tasked to guard the seal.

His descendants were very much like the Hyuuga. His descendants were also divided in two, ones who felt that everything should be destroyed from the will of their ancestor, and the others believed that their ancestor’s will isn’t that extreme.

As a result, the grudge between the two gradually deepened.

“You guys… You have Misunderstood the will of our ancestors…”

On the battlefield, a man full of blood wearing a kimono held a hole in his chest as he faced another group of people and spoke.

Even if he was a descendant of Humura, he would die with such severe injury.

“Misunderstand? It is you and your family who can’t understand.”

On person in front of the man said.

“The world created by the Six-path Sage failed, the demonic statue of the outer path that sealed the body of the Ten-Tails was stolen. In the past few years, a horrible guy appeared in the world, he even confronted the sage of the six-path.”

“There is no need for a world with ninjas, if your family wants to protect the world of ninjas, then I will destroy you both.”

This guy was Toneri Otsutsuki’s father.

“To destroy the ninja world… You won’t hesitate to pay such a price…”

The guy spurted blood and rushed over, trying to perish with his enemy.

Toneri’s father sneered, and with a thought, his Tenseigan suddenly glowed with golden light and instantly, a golden light shot out and made a gully several kilometers long.

Under this attack, the dying man couldn’t resist and disappeared from the world.

“Remove his eyes and merge them with the Tenseigan.”

After this, the guys behind him rushed and did what they were ordered.

Using the Byakugan with the Tenseigan can make their eyes more perfect. At this time, he wanted to make the moon fall on the ground and directly destroy the world.

“Even if there is a guy who could fight with the Six-path Sage, he won’t be able to stop us.”

A few days later, Toneri’s father didn’t leave it to his son to destroy the ninja’s world, he controlled the moon with his eyes and made it move toward the earth marking the end of the world.