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G.O.S.S Chapter 466: Tenseigan!

At night inside the Mist Village.

Countless stars were shining in the black sky with a big, somewhat weird moon which seemed attractive.

At this moment, Roja stood in the depth of the village looking at the sky from the window, and his eyes flashed strangely.

“Is it really time to start? Aren’t they afraid that they would destroy Kaguya’s seal directly releasing her?”

A few days ago, he discovered the chakra fluctuation in the moon, but he didn’t directly go there. He didn’t expect that the original plot changed so much. There were still ten years before the fourth war, and these guys can’t hold back anymore and want to destroy the world already.

Roja shook his head.

He also thought that Kaguya wasn’t sealed in the flesh and chakra only, but also her soul and will. Although she was sealed on the moon, if he wanted to resurrect her, other than destroying the moon, he also needed to resurrect the ten tails and launch Infinite Tsukiyomi so that she can be resurrected completely.

“But in any case, making the moon fall on the world is a but too much… I never had the chance to fight with a six path figure before, but they don’t know anything about Kaguya. Since they did this, it means that this is directed at me.”

Roja murmured, when he said this, his eyes turned cold and looked at the moon with a sneer.

“If that’s the case, then let me know how the Otsutsuki clan could survive in the moon.”

The moment he said this, his figure flickered and came out of the house. At the same time, he stepped toward the sky and disappeared instantly. When he appeared again, he was hundreds of meters in the air.

Wouch! Wouch!

Roja didn’t use the space power; he simply used moonwalk and rushed toward the sky.

From where he stood, he could see the entire ninja world, and above him was the starry sky.

At this altitude, Roja could clearly see the moon moving toward the ground, and he could clearly see the moon’s surface.

Most importantly, he could perceive the chakra fluctuation on the moon, which wasn’t inferior to the level of six paths.


In the original story, even Naruto couldn’t resist the power of the Tenseigan.

Roja didn’t stop as he continued to fly toward the moon.

Since he arrived at the outer space, the moonwalk can no longer work as there is no air to step on. But he opened the six path mode, and the Truth-Seeking balls hovered around him. He used them to moved forward toward the moon.

As he came closer, other than the chakra from people, he could also feel the power of the nature chakra.

Moreover, since Kaguya and the Ten-Tails were sealed there, nature’s chakra was several times denser than on the ground, but still not as dense as the three holy lands.

“The concentration of nature’s chakra is really a surprise.”

Roja smiled, but he didn’t stop as he continued forward to the moon and after a while, he finally came to the atmosphere around the moon, he already knew the position of the Otsutsuki clan, so he didn’t pause. He directly stepped down and suddenly disappeared and turned into after images and moved toward them.

In an empty square, a tenseigan was shining while dozens of people were looking at the otsutsuki family. Those looking were the survivors of the previous war.

Every one of them didn’t have eyes, but they still looked at the tenseigan with awe and admiration.

Toneri’s father stood in front of them calmly only when he looked at his son would he show a little bit of gentleness.

“Father, Grandfather… Why do you have to destroy the world of ninjas?”

The young Toneri stood beside his father and said.

His father’s gentle look immediately disappeared as a cold one took its place: “The world created by the six path sage for peace has failed. The ninjas never stopped fighting for so many years.”

“This failed world isn’t worth existing anymore, so we must follow the will of our ancestor, Hamura, and destroy this failed world and build another one.”

Toneri stood there with a cute and ignorant face as he whispered: “Destroy the world… Is it very difficult…”

“It’s not difficult.”

His father smiled and sighed with pride. He said: “As long as there is the treasure of our family, the Tenseigan can easily destroy the world, and no one can stop us.”

“Is that so?”

Almost at the moment when his voice fell, another one was heard, a voice full of ridicule and disdain.


Toneri’s father’s face changed. The look on all the people presents changed.

Although they didn’t have eyes, they had a powerful perception. They instantly found the source of the sound and turned to face it.

In that direction, Roja wore his six-path kimono and held the scepter in his hand. Eight Truth-seeking balls hovered around him.


“How did you come here!”

The people present exposed their anger, and each of them let their chakra loose.

The chakra was no less than a kage’s chakra, and even a few of them reached the standards of a super kage.

“Are these the people living in the moon, the descendants of Hamura Otsutsuki?”

Roja looked around and smiled. His face turned cold, and his Reiatsu came out and crashed in all direction.


The ground under his feet shattered, and dust flew in the air as the entire moon trembled.

Many of the people here couldn’t bear the pressure from the Reiatsu, and chakra Roja released and trembled to the ground.

If they had eyes, you would see the fear and panic in them.

Who is it?!

Who was this?!

His power is unbelievable!