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G.O.S.S Chapter 467: Space Connection!

On the moon, the disturbance was felt!

“It’s you?!”

Toneri’s father stayed in his place while facing Roja, he clearly recognized Roja.

Although he didn’t have eyes like the rest of the people here, his perception was top notch. Roja didn’t reveal his chakra before, so he could detect nothing, but when Roja did, he immediately recognized him. He was a six-path level who participated in the war.

In the entire world of ninjas, Roja was the only taboo for him.

“Destroy the world, did you ask me first?”

Roja stood in the field as if he was a king looking at his world while faintly saying. He stepped forward, and an immense spiritual pressure once again emerged and pressed on everyone from every direction.

At this time, they felt Roja’s threat. The huge Tenseigan suddenly exploded due to the lack of control and a vast strange force shrouded toward Roja.


At this moment, Roja felt a strong suction force covering his body, and hurriedly, he pulled his chakra and six-path power inside his body.

Just at that instant, almost 30% of his chakra was sucked out.

“Without the blood of my family, you dare approach the Tenseigan.”

The moment this was noticed by the people, they sneered at Roja.

But, without waiting for them to be happy, a strange power appeared out of thin air and directly absorbed the Tenseigan.

Sen Maboroshi’s space isolation.

“Is this the power of the Tenseigan?”

Roja’s gaze finally fell on the huge Tenseigan, and his eyes flashed slightly.

With the Space Isolation, he was like Obito using Kamui, his body was here, but it was as if he was in another space.

When the people saw Roja no longer affected, all of them were shocked and Toneri’s father’s, the leader of the group, face changed. He no longer hesitated.


With the leader giving the command, all the people present took a deep breath and started surrounding Roja.

“Eight Trigrams Vacuum Palm!”

“Eight Trigram Mountain Crusher!”

The style used by them was the same as the Hyuuga of the leaves, but it was obviously much stronger.


In the atmosphere, many fist and palms were formed by chakra and headed toward Roja to kill him.

What was astonishing was that Roja didn’t move, but the attacks either missed him or stopped in front of him before collapsing.

“Everything in the world, turn to Ashes, Ryujin Jakka!”

Roja reached out his hand and grabbed Sen Maboroshi. Suddenly golden flames emerged out and, in an instant, exploded in all directions. The people here were directly swallowed by the fire.

The flames directly burned the weak people, but the strong ones used some defensive technique, but in the end, they still couldn’t block the fire.

In a short while, more than a dozen of them were burned, leaving only their leader and his son who stood beside the Tenseigan.

The huge Tenseigan released a soft light that covered Toneri and his father and prevented the flames from doing anything to them.


The leader kept seeing his people getting wiped out by Roja, and his face finally showed sorrow and anger. He directly controlled the huge Tenseigan and launched an attack toward Roja.


the Tenseigan released a terrifying, powerful ray of light that seemed to smash the void as it blasted the flames.

The golden light was extremely fast as the moment it was released it was in front of Roja with the void trembling whenever it went.

However, facing this attack, Roja stood in his place without any change in expression. The light finally encountered an invisible barrier in front of him. With sizzling sound, the light kept trying to enter the barrier.

This barrier was Roja’s space using Sen Maboroshi.

“Space Ability…”

The leader was surprised, but he didn’t hesitate, he controlled the Tenseigan and released a strange power.


Inexplicably, the space in front of Roja started to twist. Sen Maboroshi’s space was forcefully connected to the distorted space, and the golden ray instantly smashed the void and moved toward Roja.

Roja’s brows picked up, and his eyes flashed. He shook his wrist, and suddenly, Sen Maboroshi sent a wave that demolished the light.

“Space connection?”

Just at that moment, the tenseigan ability was released connecting the space outside with Sen Maboroshi’s space. With this, the ray of light could break through the barrier of the space.

“This ability is worth learning…”

Roja’s eyes shone as his space Architecture ability focused on his own development. He had to do in-depth research and explore the power of space.

Like the Flying Thunder God or the Kamui, the Spatial connection of the Tenseigan, it was a great research material for Roja.

“Scatter, Senbonzakura Kageyoshi!”

Roja took a breath and released Senbonzakura Kageyoshi along with Ryujin Jakka which wasn’t using in a long time.