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G.O.S.S Chapter 468: Destroy!


Roja’s thoughts moved, and Sen Maboroshi turned into hundreds of millions of red cherry blossom petals which flew toward the Tenseigan.

The leader was in horror along with his people, and he didn’t hesitate to use the Tenseigan to the limit releasing a radiance like a sun.


The cherry blossom fell on the light and released an even more blinding light, which made people wake up from their sleep and look at the sky with horror.

“This… What’s going on?!”

“Is that the moon? How can it be so big and why is it shining like that…”

Every village and every corner of the world saw this scene and were horrified as the moob was so big and was shining like the sun.

Somewhere in the world.

“This is…”

Obito wearing his mask looked at the moob with horror, and his eyes shrunk “It’s his power.”

“Is this… The descendants of Hamura?”

Black Zetsu stood in a corner and whispered with a sinister voice and strange light in his eyes: “The six path sage couldn’t stop him and feared for his descendants, I can only hope that this weakens him up.”

Roja’s existence has always been a black dot in his heart. He felt that his plan would be disturbed by Roja, and he will fail.

Although he was Kaguya’s third son, he didn’t have any power and the power he could use was far less than Roja’s.

Only with the resurrection the Ten tails and making Madara or Obito its Jinchuriki can he fight Roja.

On the moon, Roja’s figure retreated a few kilometers away. The power of his Bankai and Shikai was far stronger than the time he was in One piece’s world.

In the center of the light, only the huge Tenseigan remained, as for the leader he already retreated, and cold sweat covered his body.

Under his control, the Huge Tenseigan was releasing a tremendous amount of force to resist the terrifying heat released by Roja.

Under this heat, the Tenseigan could resist, but the people couldn’t, and the power of the eye was used to protect them, which made the consumption of chakra huge.

The huge eye was made of many eyes which charge it with power, but clearly, the consumption is far larger than the supply.

It can’t keep on like this.

The leader took a deep breath and knew that they would die if this continues. He clenched his teeth and made his move.


The power of the Tenseigan was surging wildly, almost reaching the limit it could handle, and it even showed signs of collapse, and countless white eyes started appearing.

Under this outbreak, the Tenseigan was surging with terrifying power. The Tenseigan could easily make the moon fall on the earth, so you could tell ho much power was now used.

“Golden Wheal Reincarnation Explosion!”

The power of the Tenseigan reached its limit, and the leader’s face was full of blue veins as he tried very hard to control such power as he roared.


In an instant, a golden light sword came out from the Tenseigan and rushed at Roja.


Roja already foresaw this. He grabbed the air and Sen Maboroshi reformed in his hand. He didn’t use another double release. He only poured his Reiatsu into the sword.

“Explosive Rush!”

With a wave of his sword, sturdy golden-red sword energy rushed toward the sky and slammed into the golden wheal.

On earth, countless people were watching this without any power to do anything.

In their eyes, they could only see golden energy rushing toward one direction only to be met with a red one.


The two lights collided and emitted a ray of light, making everything shine white, and many could only close their eyes.

A shock wave fell on the earth, making people scream as they felt suffocated.

When they opened their eyes and looked at the sky again, they felt disbelief.

“This… No!”

“How is this possible! The moon actually…”

Under the gaze of countless people in the world, the huge moon on the sky was like a mirror a breaking down and turned into pieces hanging in the sky.

At this time, The moon shattered and turned into small pieces.

In Roja’s hand, Sen Maboroshi returned to its original state.

He was still suspended in the air as he looked in front of him.

The great Tenseigan ceased to exist. Under Roja’s attack, the Huge Tenseigan broke and turned into many white eyes and scattered in the space.

The Leader relied on the power of the Tenseigan to barely save his life, but he appeared really miserable, and blood covered his burned body.


The leader gritted his teeth, and his eyes were full of madness and unwillingness. The ancestor’s Will wasn’t completed. How can they fail now?

At this moment, the morning sun rose.

“Ah! Ah!”

The leader roared in madness as the white eyes that were scattered moved toward his body and started absorbing energy from the sun.

Is this… Solar energy?

Looking at this scene, Roja’s face was a bit weird. Although there is such a thing in the original story, he still secretly shook his head. “The absorption of these eyes is strong, not only chakra, and it can absorb many kinds of energy as the Solar energy.”

The leader’s voice was getting lower and lower, and it gradually stopped as white light shone. He turned into a monster composed of eyeballs.

“Six flashes!”

For this monster, Roja lost interest and directly used his strongest attack and finished him off.


A roar sounded in the sky, and then nothing remained, whether it was the leader of the pieces of the shattered moon.

“The moon… Completely disappeared.”

“Is this a dream?!”

“What on earth happened!”

Is the world of ninja, all the people didn’t understand what happened, they were confused and thought that this was a dream?

But, from this day on, this world didn’t have a moon anymore.