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G.O.S.S Chapter 469: Konoha’s festival!

“Did he just shatter the moon in this world?”

In the Mist village, Hancock stood by the window and looked at the sky. She could perceive the fight between Roja and the other person and saw it when the moon shattered. Her expression was somewhat unusual.

Isn’t it too much…

On another place, Mei and Kurenai stood at the highest point in the village while looking at the sky, and they vaguely guessed that it was Roja’s doing. When they looked at each other, they saw the helplessness in their eyes.

After half a month in Konoha, the whole place was hustling as if they were preparing some kind of celebration.

In the middle of the street, a group of ninjas leads by one-eyed ninja walked with a friendly smile.

It has been more than three years after the end of the third ninja war.

The Mist sent representatives to Konoha to negotiate some peace treaty. In addition to the people from the Mist, some other people came.

Konoha formed some kind of an alliance with the Most, and this alliance was not on equal terms as the Mist held the advantage. So, when Konoha held the celebration, they invited the Mist.

This time, the Mist sent someone who was second only to the Mizukage, the Anbu commander, Kurenai.


Walking on the streets of Konoha, she felt familiar and strange, and she was filled with emotions.

If she didn’t meet Roja, maybe she would be still someone from Konoha.

Because of Roja, she was now the second person after the Mizukage. She was the first recruited by Roja, and she held an even higher status.

Coming to Konoha, she still had some memories of this place, some people she vaguely remembered and her eyes were complicated looking at this place. No one dared to disrespect her now.

If the ninjas from Konoha had a welcoming attitude, then in the Mist, they looked at her in an awe-inspiring attitude.

Right now, the Mist was recognized as the strongest village in the world, just by Roja’s existence, who was already named as a god with enough power to destroy a large village single-handedly. He was a legend.

“The Mist came from afar, and worked hard, and this old man welcomes you on behalf of Konoha.”

Sarutobi who welcomed the Mist ninja seemed much older.

Looking at Kurenai, his eyes shone, and complicated emotions emerged in them. Kurenai was initially been one of Konoha, but she was now from the Mist, and not only anyone, but she was also the second in command after the Mizukage. His feelings can’t be explained with words.

“The Hokage is very polite.”

Kurenai wasn’t the same innocent young girl anymore.

Even facing Sarutobi, who she admired all her life before, she can easily talk usually.

“Come, let’s enter.”

Sarutobi took a deep breath as he couldn’t explain what he felt with words and smiled at Kurenai into the reception hall.

At this time, in the reception hall, the representatives were taking a rest inside, and when the Mist ninjas entered, the cloud ninjas looked at them seriously.

The head of the cloud ninjas looked at Kurenai and the others with jealousy.

Today’s Mist was only strong because of Roja’s existence.

The overall strength of the Mist ninjas didn’t defer that much from the other four villages, but because of Roja, it became what it is now, which made people jealous of them.

“You are the Blood beauty of the Mist. Nice to meet you.”

Kurenai had a title now, she led the Anbu and created some spicy and bloody events which would end in her victory, which made her name, bloody beauty of the Mist.

In people’s eyes, Kurenai wasn’t in any way inferior to Mei.

“Nice to meet you.”

Kurenai was the Anbu commander of the Mist, and she naturally had some understanding toward the veteran in several villages, but staying calm in front of Sarutobi, not to mention these Ninjas from the cloud, even if it was some Kages, they wouldn’t be able to pull it off.

The atmosphere became stiff.

After all, the Mist and the Konoha were in an alliance, and although they had that alliance, Konoha practically didn’t have any advantage at all.

After the fight between Dai and Roja, although Konoha tried to make things right, it was an opportunity for the Mist to threaten Konoha. Since Konoha was afraid of Roja, they didn’t dare raise any objection.

“You can rest here, and the celebration is almost ready.”

Sarutobi noticed the rigidity in the atmosphere, and his old wrinkled face that witnessed many wars smiled.

Kurenai nodded and walked with the rest of the ninjas and seeing this the Cloud ninjas returned to their position.

After leaving a few Ninjas, Sarutobi walked out of the hall to check on the preparation.

For this celebration, the top of Konoha is gathered here.

An Anbu approached Sarutobi and reported.

“Hokage-sama, the preparations are done.”

“Okay, is there something wrong?”

After Sarutobi nodded, he solemnly asked.

The Anbu hesitated a bit before saying: “The ninjas from our village are here, but the Hyuuga didn’t come.”


Sarutobi’s eyes flashed slightly.

Before this, the Hyuuga reported to him that they wanted to celebrate the third birthday of the Heiress of the clan, so they would be absent today. Although the report was over, the third Hokage still felt some disappointment. In his opponent, the Hyuuga was too much, how can a family affair be more important than the village’s?

However, at this festival, it’s impossible for Sarutobi to go look for trouble with the Hyuuga’s. Finally, he shook his head and said: “If they don’t come, don’t pay attention to it, just do it like usual.”