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G.O.S.S Chapter 473: Villages’ Ninjas

In remote town by the border, a burst of screams came. A huge black monster was raging in town, and nothing could stop it as building collapsed.

In the center of the town, the box of bliss could be seen.

In the square of the town, many ninjas were full of cold sweat looking from side to side, but no one dared to move.

“It ruined the town again, damn…”

“I’m afraid that the monster still didn’t use it’s full strength yet, this time it would be great trouble.”

In the distance, many ninjas could be seen, and they were the ones who monitored this monster, they were from Konoha, Cloud as well as other villages.

These ninjas came from different forces and were hostile toward each other. However, facing a threat in front of them, they didn’t attack each other.

“Damn, if this goes like this, I’m afraid that our village will sooner or later have to face this as well.”

A ninja said full of cold sweat while gritting his teeth. “I’m afraid that only the five great villages could take out this monster using their tailed beasts.”

As he said this, he looked at the distance at the cloud ninjas and Konoha’s ninjas.

If this was the same as usual, then all the ninjas gathered here would start fighting to the death, but with this monster, the ninjas had complicated thought now.

Konoha’s ninjas were also nervous right now.

There were dozen of them, but they still couldn’t take on the monster. There was no power that could defeat this monster.

Satori was raging, and it was throwing people inside the box of bliss whether it was a ninja or a civilian, all were thrown in the box of bliss.

“It has a chakra that is comparable to the tailed beast. It also has the ability to see through people’s thoughts. This monster isn’t something that normal people could deal with… I don’t know if the Mist can deal with this either.”

Under the powerful threat of Satori, the cloud ninjas thought about Roja, the strongest person in the world.

“I’m afraid that it’s hard… the Mist may be powerful, but this monster is said to be the ultimate weapon of the Sage of the six-path, a legendary monster.”

A cloud ninja said with an ugly face.

The sage of the six-path was a legend, and many thought that he is just something made up or a story at best. They weren’t real; after all, the sage of the six paths legends were exaggerated, he was portrayed as the omnipotent god.

“If the Mist can’t deal with this monster, it would really be big trouble.”

Some people took a breath of cold air and looked even more nervous. Even though they had never seen Roja, he was recognized as the god of Shinobi after all.

Just when the ninjas looked at Satori raging in the town, the town was completely destroyed.

From the side, a figure suddenly flashed appearing out of thin air.

Satori, who was raging in town, stood still as soon as this figure appeared here, it’s huge wings opened seemingly being vigilant.

“Who is it?!”

“Found me already?”

Roja stood outside the town looking at Satori from afar, and his eyes flashed with interest. The ability to since fear just from him appearing here was similar to Haki, which was its the ability to read people’s hearts.

It could read the fear in the people.

How about Roja, let alone this Satori, even if the Sage of Six-Path was in front of him, he wouldn’t make Roja feel fear.

At the same time, various ninjas discovered Roja’s existence, and all of the ones who knew Roja shivered.

“It’s him.”

“he came!”

Knowing Roja, all of them were shaking, and horror could be seen in their faces. But these who didn’t know him were all surprised.

“Who is that guy?”

“He doesn’t seem to have any chakra fluctuation… Is he hiding it?”

Many of ninjas were perceptive ninjas, as soon as they noticed him, they tried to perceive his chakra but failed to do so.

In their eyes, Roja stood there, but in their perception, Roja wasn’t detected at all.

This made many ninjas confused but also shocked, and they knew Roja wasn’t a normal ninja, which made them nervous.

After all, Satori was an existence related to the Sage of the Six-Path, even if Roja was also a legendary figure in the world, they weren’t certain that he can deal with Satori.

Under the watchful eyes of these ninjas, Roja finally walked toward the town, in a flash, he suddenly appeared on the left side of Satori and punched.

There wasn’t any trick, and this is just a normal punch.


When Roja’s fist fell, the air seemed to tribulate, with just his physical strength, Roja was more powerful than most ninjas in this world.


When Satori couldn’t read any fear from Roja, it couldn’t escape his blow. Satori flew in the air breaking every building it comes with until finally stopping.

“Damn! Who are you? Why don’t you have any fear at all…”

Satori was stunned as it was sent flying by Roja, it stood up again and tried to feel Roja’s presence, but it failed.