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G.O.S.S Chapter 474: Destroying the Box of Ultimate Bliss.


Satori jumped up and condensed chakra into a ball of light and shot it toward Roja.

However, it was astonished as it saw Roja slamming the ball of light up with a punch sending it away.


The ball fell on the street in the distance blasting a large pit.

“Is this all you’ve got? It’s a little disappointing.” Roja’s face revealed a trace of disappointment. Satori seemed to feel contempt from Roja and was angered. With a roar, it flapped its wings, and countless feathers shot at Roja.

“Scatter, Senbonzakura Kageyoshi!”

Roja was too lazy to move, so he released the Bankai, Sen Maboroshi appeared out of thin air and dropped to the ground, suddenly huge sword emerged from the ground before turning into Sakura petals flying toward the feathers and stopping them.

The petals moved in the air and Satori was shocked as it tried to escape. However, Roja had no fear in his heart; it couldn’t predict his action, and couldn’t avoid the petals.

Wouch! Wouch! Wouch!

In the blink of an eye, hundreds of thousands of petals swept at Satori and completely shredding him.

Far away, the ninjas from various villages looked at this and felt sluggish. Konoha’s ninjas saw Roja’s power before and were okay, but the ninjas from smaller villages were stunned.

The monster released by the box of bliss was easily killed even though all of them were helpless in front of it.

Such a monster that made all of them helpless was destroyed by Roja just like that?

Is this the strength of the god of Shinobi?

Under the gaze of many ninjas, without nay sound, the petals returned to Roja’s hands forming a flowless sword.


Just as Roja prepared to put away Sen Maboroshi, he suddenly snorted as he felt the box in the center of the town releasing some kind of power.

In the next moment, ten figures came out from the box, and all of them turned into Satori, and all of them roared.

“Bulk production of Monsters? Is this the true ability of the box of the ultimate bliss… It’s really like the enough boring Sage of the six-path.”

Roja looked at this scene, amazed, but he smiled and shook his head.

Bulk production of such monsters was really too much for the people of this world, with enough numbers, that box could rule the world.

But in the face of A Six-path level figure, the box was like a tailed beast and the monsters were like a pet that could be played with.

“Everything in the world, Turn to Ashes, Ryujin Jakka!”

Seeing that the box released ten copies of Satori, Roja directly placed the sword in front of him and directly, golden-red flames emerged from it toward the sky.

Ennetsu… Jigoku!!


Roja’s sword fell, the whole town was like a volcano eruption as several fire pillars rose to the sky and the ten copies were directly swallowed by the fire.

“These ants are average.”

After Roja took out the copies, his eyes fell on the box of ultimate bliss that was wrapped by the flames. The box seemed to be filled with six paths power, even after being burned by the flames it maintained it’s original form.

Roja shook his head and waved the sword.


The void rippled along with this swing.


With this slash, the box was divided into two, and the ground cracked along with the clouds forming a terrifying abyss that was too long to see the end of it.

The box couldn’t resist at all, and it was cut in half.

It directly collapsed and scattered; something strange happened as the flames seemed to be getting devoured.

“This presence…”

Roja looked at the presence in of the box of ultimate bliss, and a strange flash appeared in his eyes.

At this time, Roja continued observing as the flames were being devoured as the presence seemed to expand.


Upon seeing this, Roja snorted and swung his sword again. Cracks appeared in the void as the dark presence was swallowed up by the space crack. A few screams were faintly heard before it was annihilated.

After the box of bliss was destroyed, Roja extinguished the flames and looked at the wrecked town that was full of lava with a thoughtful look.

“The box of ultimate bliss… The Sage of Six-Path isn’t dead, it okay, making this kind of this and that presence reminds me of…”

Roja murmured a little as his eyes flashed.

Judging from the original story, the Sage of Six-path was bent on creating a world full of peace and no war. So, he wouldn’t make the Box of bliss that can destroy the world.

And the presence in the box gave Roja a faint sense of threat. It’s possible that it was part of Kaguya’s seal or will or part of the Ten-Tails.

“Otsutsuki Kaguya… Juubi…”

Roja’s was definitively the world strongest now, and if there is someone who could make him feel the threat, it would only be Kaguya.

Thinking of this, Roja muttered in his heart, as he had many vague memories in his mind. It seems like the Hoshigakure establishment has something to do with the Ten tails.

“Hoshigakure… I will go and have a look.”

After saying this, a space tunnel appeared, and his figure disappeared.


In a faraway place from the town, some ninjas looked at the town while swallowing.

The ninjas of Konoha were still okay since they saw Roja destroy the entire village before, but these ninjas from smaller villages were shocked by Roja’s power.

The town has long since ceased to exist as it turned into a huge pit. The magma in the pit was gradually dying out, but the heat was still there.

Along with that, there was the abyss created by Roja’s slash, making people filled with fear.

Even if you provoke Konoha, you mustn’t provoke Roja.

Numerous ninjas had the same thought passing in their minds.