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G.O.S.S Chapter 475: Hoshigakure!

Inside the Mizukage’s office in the Mist village.


Mei looked at Roja while sitting in her place and put her hand on her chin, thinking about this and looking inside her memories.

After a while, she said to Roja: “A long time ago, we fought with them trying to get the ‘Star’ and Konoha fought them as well, but later after knowing the side effect of that Star, we gave up on it.”

“While that thing can make Ninjas obtain a strong chakra in a short time, but the side effect is very serious, no ninja who practiced this can live a long life.”

Mei was still impressed by Hoshigakure because she was a ninja when her village tried to take the Star.

Roja didn’t reveal any expression after hearing Mei’s words. Although he had vague memories about Hoshigakure, he still remembered it. That Star could be seen as a treasure, but the five great villages didn’t want it after knowing about its side effect.

Otherwise, it would be impossible for Hoshigakure to still exist until today.

After knowing the village’s location, Roja set off directly. He left many imprints in the world, and he selected the closest one to Hoshigakure and quickly made his way there.

Among the five great villages, the Mist was currently the most prosperous village, and the least was the sand village. The area it covered was half that of Konoha.

The so-called Hoshigakure was even smaller, it was less than one-third of the sand village, the leader claimed to be the Hishikage and on the same position as the five Kages, but that was a joke.

Roja walked a few steps behind the crowd on the road.

“How come the third Hoshikage was assassinated and died so suddenly…”

“Damn! Who could’ve killed the Hoshikage?”

Many ninjas and civilians were angry.

The third Hoshikage knew of the side effect of the Star and ordered everyone to stop using it, but many were against this and tried to pursue him and in the end failed, which led to him getting assassinated.

“The third Hoshikage died… It seems like this happened many years in advance.”

Roja stood behind the crowd and listened to the angry talks while looking thoughtfully at the people who stood at the forefront of the crowd.

Roja didn’t care about the Hoshikage dying, even if the village was to be destroyed, it wasn’t even worthy of him knitting his eyebrow. What Roja cared about was the change in the original plot.

“Everyone quiet down.”

Amidst countless angry people, the person standing in the forefront said, and his voice spread all over the field. With a little bit of oppression, the crowd was silenced.

The one that talked was Akahoshi, he swept his gaze across the audience and said: “The third Hoshikage was assassinated. I understand everyone’s emotion, but anger now is useless.”

“The reason why the Hoshikage was assassinated is that he wasn’t strong enough. In the eyes of these big countries, were but a small village that can be destroyed anytime. We must become stronger. We need to become the sixth great village in the world.”

After saying this, Akahoshi took a deep breath and said: “I know it’s hard, but it’s not impossible because we have the ‘Star’.”

“I recommend restarting the practice using the star and continue to grow stronger.”

After Akahoshi’s word, everyone stayed silent. People’s had different reactions.

Akahoshi secretly assassinated the third Hoshikage, and he was still not able to control the situation, even now, he was only in a temporary position before a new Hoshikage get selected. And only by the consent of most of the village would he be able to be the fourth Hoshikage.

“The third Hoshikage banned the use of the star… How can he just say we can restart using the star just after the third passed away? It’s against his legacy.”

“No! The reason he died because he wasn’t strong, I think we should listen to Akahoshi and start using the star again.”

Standing next to Roja, a person was excitedly talking and directing people around him: “With the power of the stars, we can become the sixth great village and even stronger, we won’t need to bow again and we can become the gods in this world.”

He spread his hand and looked angry, his eyes swept the people next to him and landed on Roja, a stranger to him and said: “You say no?”


The man was anxious as he said: “You’re not a ninja, you won’t know how ninja practice. Only with the power of the star can we have the ability to improve our strength.

He barely managed to practice with the star for a few days before the third ban. As a result, he couldn’t advance in his chakra level for many years.

This guy was obviously supporting the idea, and he was trying to convince Roja to support that as well.

Akahoshi looked at this scene happen amongst the crowd, and his eyes flashed. He clenched his fist and was dreaming about how the village would be strongest in the world and join the five great villages.

The supporters and the opposers were still talking, but it seems like the supporters gained the upper hand.

Akahoshi seen this and directly said: “Everyone, quiet down. Since our opinion isn’t unified, then we can vote to decide this…”

At this time, only one-third of the people opposed the idea and seeing this, Akahoshi smiled in confidence seeing this.

But just as they were ready to start the vote, a voice was suddenly heard.

“It doesn’t have to be so troublesome, just give me the star.”

Many people turned their heads while looking blankly at the origin of the voice. Roja stood in his place, plainly while everyone looked at him.

“This guy…”

The civilians next to Roja and the former supporter who wanted to convince Roja were all looking at him blankly.