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G.O.S.S Chapter 476: Capture

“Who are you?!”

Akahoshi’s brows wrinkled, and he coldly said to Roja.

The surrounding ninjas also looked at Roja in alert, holding their weapons up and ready to attack.

Although Hoshigakure was a small village, not everyone knew each other, so no one found any abnormality at first, but now, everyone could understand that Roja was sneaking in the village.

“It doesn’t matter who I’m, just give me the star… No, forget it, I will take it myself.”

Roja walked forward and opened his mouth. He shook his head, and lazily looked at the ignorant people of this village.

Akahoshi’s eyes flashed with killing intent as he said: “You want to seize the treasure of our village? Don’t even think of it! Kill him!”

Under Akahoshi’s orders, the ninjas directly attacked.

However, Before they could even throw their shuriken and ninjutsu at Roja, a horrifying momentum broke out from him.

Hoashoku Haki was released, and the earth started shaking.

Spider web-like cracks appeared under his feet and spread all over the place, and almost everyone could hold on any longer.

Before Roja’s Haki, even Akahoshi was extremely fragile, he couldn’t resist at all, he directly screamed, and blood flowed out of his mouth.


Roja’s Haki made everyone in the village pass out. Roja directly looked for the star and found it sealed in a room inside the village. He directly took a step and appeared in front of the room.


Roja directly entered and grabbed a dark box which countless runes on it, the seal was trying to resist Roja.

Roja’s hand were unstoppable, and as soon as he pressed on it, the seal burst out like a bean.

Roja directly grabbed the star.


The moment the star was grabbed, it released a strange power that wanted to erode Roja’s hand as it traveled all over his body.

Perceiving the power of the star, Roja’s face was full of disappointment.

“Only at this level?”

The power of the star wasn’t bad, but an ordinary sage can’t be eroded, not to mention someone with six-path powers.

“But, this seems to be part of a diluted six-path Yin force.”

The power of yang represented life and matter, and the power of yin represented destruction and spirit. The star had the power to erode human bodies, and it can strengthen chakra, when Roja perceived it, he could tell it was a diluted six-path yin force.

Even if it’s diluted, it still six-path power, so ordinary people even practicing ten years won’t be able to absorb even one thousand’s of the energy.

When Roja continued to look into it, he reached its core, and as he did, his expression changed.


A strange will suddenly rush out toward Roja, and the chakra seemed controlled by it and trying to gain control of Roja.


Roja already predicted that there might be some will of Kaguya left in the star, but with his power, this kind of will was useless against him.

With his thoughts, Roja’s spirit emerged, and as if a bucket of water putting out a thumb-sized flame, the will was destroyed.

If you want to resurrect Kaguya, you need the Ten tails, and the Infinite Tsukuyomi, which would make all the chakra in this world be absorbed.

When the Moon was destroyed by him before, Roja understood that there was no seal in the moon. Even if she was sealed there, she would already be shattered in the space.

The will of Kaguya is hidden in the Ten-Tails and the chakra of all ninjas in the world.

“Do you even have ten-thousandths of Kaguya’s power?”

When Roja wiped out the little will from the start, he looked at it and shook his head slightly and pinched it in his hand.


The star was directly crushed by Roja, and at the same time, the six-path yin power was directly captured by him. He forcefully fused it in his body.

This power wasn’t much, it was really too little of what Kaguya had, but it was comparable to Roja going to the three holy lands and sucking them dry.

After that, Roja directly looked at the Hoshi village and directly opened a space tunnel before disappeared from there.

A few days later, Akahosgu after getting pressured by Roja, his body was crushed, and he was seriously injured.

After the people of the village regained their consciousness, they discovered Akahoshi’s situation and could only select another temporary Hoshikage.

“How is Akahoshi?”

Sitting in the chair for the Hoshikage, the temporary Hoshikage remained calm, but he couldn’t hide his fear deep in his eyes.

Even after a few days, when he thinks about Roja, he would still feel fear from deep inside his heart.

“This… He is mostly destroyed.”

Standing in front of him was a ninja from the village, his lips twitched before finally squeezing these words.

The Hoshikage took a deep breath and said full of fear: “Who is that person? Did you find out?”

“Not yet…”

The ninja shook his head, but before he could finish, someone directly slammed open the door and directly entered.

“I just got information from the Mist, and I know the identity of that person…”

Hearing this, the Hoshikage and all the others present were stunned and were serious.

If they wanted to regain the star, they would pay any price, but hearing that it was Roja, all of them fell silent. They dispelled any idea of having the star again and could only think of this as a robbery!!