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G.O.S.S Chapter 479: Amaterasu

“Sneaking into the territory of the Country of Water, isn’t it reasonable and normal to send people to track you?”

Roja looked at Itachi and his partner in a relaxed manner.

Itachi’s expression was already distorted to the limit. His Sharingan was spinning rapidly, and he couldn’t calm down.

He didn’t see Roja before, although he visited Konoha a few time, and even destroyed it once, he didn’t see him before. Still, this didn’t prevent him from recognizing Roja.

He was mentioning the Mizukage and then his name, which made it obvious that he was above the Mizukage. And he couldn’t even see any chakra from Roja with his Sharingan which was unfathomable. This was without a doubt the God of Shinobi who once destroyed Konoha.

Recalling the time when he returned to Konoha only to see it destroyed, Itachi’s heart grew heavier.

He encountered many strong ninjas, and even the people in the Akatsuki are strong, but no one was stronger than Roja.

Just when Roja was looking at Itachi, Itachi’s partner quietly took a sword and poured lightning chakra inside, then he directly moved toward Roja and slashed.

The lightning was similar to the application of the Chidori.

But, Roja already knew this would happen. Still, he didn’t even take a step, and he just raised his hand and the sword.


His fingers stopped the sword and directly wiped out the lightning chakra in it — the guy who attacked trembled.

He could only feel an unstoppable force traveling through his body before he let go of the sword.

With a finger, Roja defeated this guy from the Akatsuki, but he was a little amazed because the sword actually didn’t break.

“Oh? It turned out to be a Kusanagi Sword.”

After Roja snorted, he glanced at the sword, and his eyes flashed with light. It seems like the plot was changing too much because these swords were with Orochimaru except for the one with Sasuke.

Compared to Roja’s amazement, Itachi and his partner looked at Roja with disbelief.

He actually used all his power in that strike, as he felt that against someone like Roja, they couldn’t find useless. But it was unexpectedly defeated using one finger.

“Fire Release: Phoenix Sage Fire Technique!”

Itachi attacked directly.

Facing these ordinary fire attacks, Roja waved his hand casually, and the fire shot back at Itachi.

Wouch! Wouch!

Itachi directly avoided them.

At the same time, his partner calmed down and jumped in the air before retrieving the Kusanagi sword and attacked Roja again.

“This sword is really wasted on you.”

Roja shook his head and made Sen Maboroshi come out.


The moment he held the sword, the air suddenly seemed to stagnate. The sword had the power to split the sky.

Roja waved the sword lightly at Itachi’s partner, which seemed like it didn’t contain any power at all. Suddenly the air shook.

Suddenly, the void cracked open, and Itachi’s partner suddenly stagnated in the air, while the clouds split in half.

Suddenly blood appeared on the ninja’s body, and he was directly split in half as he fell down.


When he was slashed, a saw the clouds separated from the middle, and he felt desperate before finally, his consciousness flew away.

Itachi was taken aback, and it’s not that he didn’t want to save him, he couldn’t.

After all, Itachi even at this time was somewhat calm, after discovering he couldn’t save his partner, he closed his eyes decisively. When he opened them again, his eyes changed.

Mangekyu Sharingan!!


Itachi’s Mangekyu Sharingan’s abilities, Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu. And between the two, Itachi chose Amaterasu against Roja.


Almost when Roja’s sword comes to a halt after the swing, the black flames suddenly appeared.

Amaterasu was said to be the flames that can’t be extinguished, and it would burn for seven days and seven nights. If Roja didn’t have the body of the Six-path, maybe he would be hurt if he let it hit him, but now, it can’t do anything at all.