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G.O.S.S Chapter 480: Temperature and Immortality

The flames of Amaterasu covered Roja, but it had no effect on him.

Unless it was combined with nature Chakra or six-path power, it wouldn’t have any effect on Six-path level figure.

It’s because of this that Roja didn’t think about avoiding it.

“Is this the so-called Immortal Flames?”

Covered with black fire, Roja’s expression was the same. It seemed like he didn’t feel the heat at all.

Does it not work at all?

Looking at this, Itachi didn’t know what to do as the Amaterasu didn’t seem to have any effect on Roja.

“This flame… it seems like…”

Roja glanced at the black flame and didn’t use the Truth-Seeking ball to destroy it; instead, he summoned his own flames from Sen Maboroshi using Ryujin Jakka.


The golden Red Flame emerged, and it directly moved toward the black flames. A terrifying heat wave blasted in every direction, and the world was illuminated with the black and red flames.

Itachi’s eyes were filled with blood, and intense pain hit his body from the heat. He directly stepped back and put his hand on his eye.

His other eye looked at the flames, and he was shocked.

His Amaterasu could erode all other flames but facing the golden-red flames, and it couldn’t do anything.

Everything burned in an instant.

“The temperature isn’t that high, but the property of immortal flames is good!”

Roja stood in the middle of the flames, watching the flames clashing around the sword, it couldn’t swallow which made it a little interested.

He wasn’t very interested in Tsukuyomi. He was only interested in the Amaterasu.

Although the sword couldn’t swallow Amaterasu, the latter couldn’t erode it as well
, and it could only wrap around it.


Roja’s gaze passed through the flames and looked at where Itachi stood.

“Oh, reverse Summoning?”

Roja shook his head and ignored the escaping Itachi. Instead, he controlled the sword and compressed the flames, eventually making a golden fireball and forced the flames of Amaterasu to do the same.

Ryujin Jakka’s flames didn’t have immortal quality. So when he didn’t have Reiatsu, the flames would disappear unlike Amaterasu which could continue burning even when it’s user is out of chakra.

The development of the flames was different from the start.

Roja extinguished his flames then reached out his finger inside the black flames.


The flames directly expanded in Roja’s palm and started struggling again. Roja condensed Six-path power inside his palm and repressed the flames again.

The black flames were once compressed into a ball in Roja’s palm. At this time, Roja carefully observed the black flames and used his Haki at the same time and started analyzing it.

No matter whether it was Ryujin Jakka or even his initial flames, they didn’t have any immortal property. If he can integrate it with the Ryujin Jakka, it would improve his power.

There was only the last step before Sen Maboroshi reaches the eighth stage. At that time he can try to even fuse the immortality with Zanka No Tachi, Yamamoto’s Bankai.

However, if ever use it in Naruto’s world, all the water will evaporate eventually leaving this world dry and maybe even destroy it.

“The composition of this flame is really complicated.”

Roja said after observing the Black flames. Although he didn’t have the Sharingan, he could use his Haki to the same level.

In Roja’s perception, the black flames were dissected as he observed how it was composed only to find it really complicated and coming under the principles of the world.

“Is the immortality of the flames fall under the principle system? No, it doesn’t seem so…”

Roja’s brows were slightly wrinkled as he continued to observe for a while and found that I can’t be completely resolved and imitated. He shook his head and threw the black flames into Sen Maboroshi’s space.

There was no upper limit to temperature when the flames burned to the extreme the principles of temperature can be touched. Although Amaterasu was also a flame, it didn’t go to the path of temperature but to the path of immortality.

Involving the principles, Roja felt this was like a huge sea for him to discover.

It’s like wanting to play a game and actually breaking the game into codes and try to understand it.

“I should master the sword and fire before going to understand the Immortal principle.”

Roja muttered in his heat while looking at Sen Maboroshi in his hand.

Sen Maboroshi was full of expectation to enter the eighth stage, and he was eager to use Zanka No Tachi from when he was in the world of pirates.

And now, he was looking forward to it as well as Roja.

“It’s almost time to go to the Ryuchi Cave.”

Roja took a deep breath and slowly suppressed the excitement in his heart. He reached his hand, and a space tunnel appeared in front of him before disappearing along with it.