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G.O.S.S Chapter 481: Eighth Stage!!

Ryuchi cave!

Originally this place was extremely complex, but due to the fight between Roja and the Snake Sage, it was completely destroyed. Roja didn’t restore it to its former shape, and he just opened a huge cave.

Although the Ryuchi cave changed, the accumulation of Nature chakra wasn’t’ affected. The holy lands were located separately, and they formed a triangle shape.

Roja explored them and wanted to know why they are so special, but in the end, he didn’t find anything.

Roja right now was sitting cross-legged inside the Ryuchi cave. The special thing was that he was floating in the air instead of sitting on the ground as if he wasn’t affected by Gravity.

All of the accumulated nature chakras was floating nonstop toward Roja as if he was the center of a whirlpool.

This time, Roja completely gave up absorbing nature’s chakra so that Sen Maboroshi could absorb it all alone.


Sen Mabroshi which hovered in front of Roja hummed from time to time and few rays of light escaped from it.

With the absorption of nature chakra, the blade which was crystal now was covered with a golden luster spreading all over it.


Roja looked at the golden blade, and the power was surging from it with excitement and joy. It was the same joy he felt when he finally got Ryujin Jakka.

With Sen Maboroshi’s power, Roja climbed to the top of One piece’s world. Now in Naruto’s world, he is already at the peak, now finally, Sen Maboroshi reached the eighth stage.


Roja took a deep breath and suppressed his excitement before regaining his calmness. Without hesitation, he upgraded Sen Maboroshi, and suddenly the energy contained within exploded out.


Suddenly the entire cave glowed with golden light, and as if a sun descended inside the cave, it was impossible to open your eyes to look.

A strange and powerful force came out from the sword. Roja could hear glass shattering, which meant that Sen Maboroshi finally stepped out of the seventh stage into the eighth.

Gradually, the golden light faded, and in the center, Sen Maboroshi was hovering in the air.


In the next moment, a cracking sound came, and the Surface of Sen Maboroshi suddenly expanded rapidly. Eventually, it completely broke the shell around it, leaving it completely with the same look of an ordinary sword.

The shell fell to the ground and completely disappeared without a sound as it touched the ground. It turned into spiritual force and directly fused with the ordinary sword.

With this fusion, the sword suddenly seemed to exude a horrifying force giving a sense of horror to whoever looks at it.

The sixth stage gave Sen Mabroshi the state of nature, the seven gave it the state of Dream, and the eight right now gave it the state of… Shinigami!

The power of the Shinigami!

“The eighth stage…”

Roja looked at Sen Maboroshi, which just reached the eighth stage and suppressed his emotions. He reached out his hand and grabbed it.

When it reached a new stage, he would get an additional ability while also getting a few enhancements of his strength.

But now, when it reached the eighth stage, it brought about an all-rounded improvement. Roja’s Reiatsu once again soared, and now his six-path mode and Shinigami mode reached some balance.

Now his Rokujigan mode won’t mostly depend on his six-path mode.


Roja took a deep breath and suddenly entered his RokuJigan mode. A kimono appeared and was instantly covered with some demonic black markings.

In this state, Roja could tell that he can control this mode easier than when he was in the seventh stage.

“Now, the power that is scattered is being restored again.”

Roja looked at his hand, and it turned black. Then he smiled again while looking at Sen Maboroshi.

“The power of the six paths is now fused with Sen Maboroshi, and now every attack with the sword will have some of the six-path power within… I still don’t know when I will reach the next state!”

His current state was the same as Ichigo when he used Final Getsuga Tensho. The hair color change and black clothes, he still the magatama on his Kimino but his power now was more based on the Shinigami’s powers.

He didn’t know what kind of strength he had in this state, but as he felt his body, he could tell that he had almost endless power and was enough to destroy the world.


After perceiving his power, Roja directly focused on Sen Maboroshi, but suddenly, Sen Maboroshi in his hand made a sound which made Roja surprised.

Sen Maboroshi talked to him.

And what it said is… He doesn’t need to choose what new Zanpakuto ability to get after it reached the eighth stage and with the help of Nature chakra, Sen Maboroshi could release almost all abilities.

Sen Maboroshi Kahen!

These words emerged inside Roja’s head as Sen Maboroshi reached the eighth stage, and now it seemed that the name Thousand Illusion was worthy of this sword.